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Psst…Did You Miss These?


Highlights from The Good Men Project. Maybe you missed them, maybe not, but we think they’re worth a look.

Sunday Afternoon Reading List


We’ve got a shortlist of stories for your Sunday afternoon. Or morning. Or evening.

Listen To President Obama Relate to a Young Man About Growing Up Without a Dad

Obama and Noah McQueen

It’s always moving to hear two men relate, man-to-man, on something emotional. Even more so when one is the President of the United States.

The Beast Destroying Our Neighborhoods


What is this beast gobbling community resources?

Stoicism isn’t something that is turned off and on with a switch.


What are the long-term effects of discouraging caring relationships among boys?

Stories You Need to See


Men as objects, superheroes, artists, parents, lovers, friends. There’s something here for everyone.

If You Could Stop Just One Person From Picking Up a Gun… Sing Sing Inmates Are Trying

prevent gun violence Sing Sing

It’s not “Scared Straight” – it’s straight talk, man to man, about how you go from feeling the power of a gun to being the worst thing that ever happened to an innocent family.

How Hard is it to Find Happiness? [video]


Victor is here with a ‘little’ help to show us where happiness is.

Hope For the Future: Pint-Sized Percussionists Nail Zeppelin on the Xylophone

Led Zeppelin Xylophone

Prepare for the awesome.

Yes, America is Ready For More LGBT Families in Commercials! #TurnTheTide

TurnTheTide gay men commercial

This cute Tide commercial featuring a gay couple was pulled in the USA.

Sh*t People Say to Native Americans

Shit People Say to Natives

Hope none of you are saying this dehumanizing and offensive stuff to Native people.

One Song Packed With Man Emotion – [music video]


A man in the middle of loss finds love and pours all of his heart into singing about salvation.

A Blueprint for Redefining and Understanding Love


Unconditional love does not mean being a doormat.

Keep it Human [Music Video]

keep it human

Kaoz gives us all a reason not to give up!

Billy Was Innocent [music]


Who has lost faith and trust due to a past relationship?

How You Can Be Part of The Good Men Project


Make your voice heard! Be part of the conversation about what it means to be a man in the 21st century.