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Comment of the Day: “Being assertive means you stand your ground, but recognize and respect the boundaries of others.”

This comment was on the post “When Is It OK for a Man to Be Aggressive?”

Grandparents Discuss Netflix and Chill

Oh grandparents, thank you for providing inadvertent comedy. We love you so.

‘Brown Boy, White Boy’

White boy doesn’t want to infiltrate the safe space. Brown boy doesn’t want to prevent honest dialogue as biracial boy sits by, no idea what he is to anybody.

Comment of the Day: ‘Just because a marriage ends in divorce doesn’t mean it wasn’t a successful one.’

This comment was by mgm531 on the post “Is ‘Tradition’ What’s Wrong With Marriage?

Angola for Life

A look into the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

The Shockingly Low Odds of Making it in the NFL

The few NCAA players who make it to the NFL, can expect short-lived glory.

Education as Privilege and the Changing Roles of Boys in the Classroom

When teachers meet students where they are at—when they say “I will stay with you until you get it”—that is leadership. Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project.  —– Publisher’s note: Every Friday, we hold an hour-long conference call for Premium Members and any ongoing contributors to The Good Men Project. On each call, we talk […]

Our Tribute to a Baseball Legend and Legendary Philosopher

“Yogi Berra always satisfied my need for WTF quotes before WTF was an acronym.”

Magician’s Trick Gets Ruined by Observant Little Kid

One kiddo pops this magician’s bubble as he reveals the secret to one of the oldest tricks.

A Moment Of Sweet Love Between An Elderly Couple

A moment of tender love captured between an elderly couple reuniting.  ____

‘What’s a Little Brain Damage? It’s All Part of Being a Man, Right?’

Brain damage. Death. Unlucky? Or just part of being a man? Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project.

How To Care For Your Bald Head – with Justin Brown and Bec Susan Gil

For the best looking grape, sharpen your razor!

A Man Without a Plan: 8,000 km Motorbiking Across the Balkans

“What I remember most: The overwhelming sense of freedom.”

Watch This Little Baby Prank Her Dad in the Cutest Way

What could be cuter than this tiny baby who already knows how to punk her papa!?

When ‘Married Sex’ Is Not at All What You Think It Is

An interview with author Jesse Kornbluth.

A Very Honest Salesman Shows You His F150 Truck

This truck has been in the family for a while, and it is time to sell it. Kristen can not drive it…so, it must go. Please watch the video to learn more about the ride.