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Before You Decide to Pick Up a Drunk Girl at a Party, Take a Listen to This

Will Evans performs Manifest Destiny

Will Evans performs “Manifest Destiny.”

The Food That Gets Thrown Away Every Day Could Help Solve the World’s Problems

food waste

Guess what the #1 product is in our landfills today? Food.

Comment of the Day: ‘In dating, women get the advantage early, men get it later.’

double standards objectifciation

This conversation was between Freddie, Danny, Silke, and Trey on the comment thread of the post “7 Double Standards That Hurt Men (And Women)”. The double standard they are talking about is pictured above.

How to Build a Suspension Bridge Between Two Mountains in Switzerland (Now That’s What We Call Manpower)

How to Build a Suspension Bridge

The building of the Carasc Bridge.

Sunday Ridiculousness: Guys Wax Each Other’s Chests on a Dare

men wax each other

“Today we are waxing each other’s chests, because apparently I don’t know what a bad idea is anymore.”

Bad Cops Watch Out

bad cops

Get ready for your close up!

5 Tips to Making a Kickass First Impression

how to make a good first impression

Not everyone is born knowing how to make a great first impression… but these five tips from Aaron Marino can help turn you into a natural.

But Where Do Men Go From Here?

But where do men go now

“Men need to strive for authenticity, not femininity.” Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project

Questions You Shouldn’t Your Ask Trans Friends – Answered!

questions for trans people

Don’t be rude to people, instead just watch this video.

Fashion Tips: 5 Shirt Tricks Guys Should Know

shirt tricks

Sometimes we all need a video tutorial for an assist with our wardrobes.

Good Men Project Sports Wants YOU: Calls For Submissions


We’re looking for a few good…contributors to GMPSports features like Why We Run, From the Frontlines…of Sports, Sports Ink, and Sports Explained.

Finding My Voice: A LIVE Good Men Project Storytelling Event in New York City

Finding My Voice Main Image

June 4th, 2015 at the West End Lounge, New York, NY. Tickets on sale now.

Real-Life Best Friends Recreate 100 Year Old Bromance Photos

100 year old bromance

This video is not only hilarious, it really gets you thinking about how and why we police the way guys touch each other.

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Comment of the Day: “Don’t Cry on My Watch”


This comment is by El Bearsidente on the post Heart-Wrenching Photo of Doctor Crying Goes Viral. Here’s Why.

Why Florida Has A Sex Offender Colony

sex offenders colony

The law in the USA takes away the right of registered sex offenders to choose where to live.