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What’s the Best Advice Your Father Ever Gave You? Let’s Ask Dad.

Instead of outright advice, sometimes dads model the behavior that we need the most. The Good Men Project video series “Let’s Ask Dad” seeks to glean all the best advice from these dads and from theirs.

Eight Responses to the Phrase ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’

Do you ever ask yourself that maybe the land we stand on today belonged to someone else?

Comment of the Day: ‘I need to look at how I talk to my husband’

It is easy to pass our frustrations and fears onto others and takes work to break that way of thinking.

This is the Most Important Picture Dads and Men Need to See Regarding the Gun Debate in America

Sometimes a picture tells us everything we need to understand about a moment of cultural crisis. Read this mother’s reaction to what her daughter learned at school—something our children haven’t had to learn in generations past.

Why Do Men Love Their Guns? (Question of the Day)

As the debate rages on about what gun laws we should amend or add, we’re asking this simple question: what’s so great about guns?

How Has the Word ‘Love’ Changed Now That You’re a Father? Let’s Ask Dad

In our “Let’s Ask Dad” video series, these men consider the new meanings of love—and all its incarnations and depths— now that they’re fathers.

Either These Guys are Giants or This Parisian Elevator is Silly Small

Europeans really must be thinner.

Men on TV: Which Ones Represent You, if Any? (Call for Submissions)

Are you more of a Walter White or a Rick Grimes? What does our fascination with male leads who dabble in darkness say about the changing role of men today? Anything?

Comment of the Day: ‘People hang onto privilege because they don’t love themselves’

We don’t live in Blackland or Whiteland.

Are Your Children More Like You or More Like Their Mom? Let’s Ask Dad

Genetics, behavior, and personality—which traits do we get from mom over dad, and vice versa? The Good Men Project video series “Let’s Ask Dad” climbs the family trait tree.

Sometimes You Have to Take a Stand, Sometimes You Have to Sit

The house is a rockin’ with chants of #NoBillNoBreak and #NoFlyNoBuy as Dems take their seats – on the floor.

Foot Acupressure Points for Foot Massage

This infographic shows the acupressure points on the human foot, check it out!

The Funniest, Most Creative Breakdance Battle We’ve Ever Seen

B-boys Will be B-Boys

Comment of the Day: ‘I wish I could take away your pain’

Sometimes, we don’t know the right words to say.

What Side of History Should Good Men Be On Regarding Gun Laws?

We’re at a defining point in American history right now regarding gun violence, gun laws, and gun sense. Which side is winning? And when will the American people win?

Who Needs Guns Anyway? And Where Do We Draw the Line on Assault Weapons?

Other than law enforcement, who needs high capacity magazines and semi-automatic or automatic weapons?