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Comment of the Day: ‘There are a lot of shame issues about sex’

Can we talk about this, please?

Memorial Day 2016

We remember.

What Does Memorial Day Make You Think Of?

A series of short personal reflections on the multiple meanings of Memorial Day.

Man Teaches Wolf Cub How to Howl

We would like to be this guy teaching a baby wolf to howl.

What Do Women Know That Men Don’t Know? (Call for Submissions)

What Do Women Know That Men Don’t Know? (Call for Submissions)

Comment of the Day: ‘There is a section of society who wish to make manly and masculine derogatory words’

Does the media play a role?

Call for Submissions: Social Change and the Conversation About Men

Are you a #ChangeMaker? We want to hear your story.

What Does It Mean to Be a Man in the 21st Century? Collected Stories

Our e-book, free with a Gold Premium Membership, curates and collects some of our finest articles designed to change the conversation about men.

Working at a Wastewater Treatment Facility is as Gross as You’d Think it Would be

Let’s just take a minute to thank all the men and women who work at these sewage plants for literally putting up with all they do, every single day.

Exclusive Good Men Project T-Shirts! But Hurry—Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight

The Good Men Project presents the Good Merch Project, unveiling its collection of t-shirts and swag.

Comment of the Day: ‘I’m a big fan of equality’

To be fair, women should pay too.

We’re Changing the Future of Our World….Be a Part of Our History.

Ever wonder how The Good Men Project got started, and how to join our community of #changemakers?

Tesla Model S – Dad Pranks His Son with Summon

Dad pranked his son with a hidden Go Pro on the dash.

Comment of the Day: ‘There’s bad and then there’s apocalyptic’

Who do you choose when you don’t like the choices?

What Will the Future Hold for Intimate Relationships? (Call for Submissions)

What will sex, love, and relationships look like for men and women in the future (near or far)?

These Mountain Bikers Need to Stop Riding so Close to the Edge of This Cliff

They don’t even break a sweat riding alongside the 400 foot cliff on Gold Bar Rim in Moab.