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Mustache-a-day: LaVar Burton

From Roots to Star Trek to Reading Rainbow, Lavar’s mustache has brushed through many worlds.

Inequality Within India’s Third Gender Community

People who identify as “third gender” in India have achieved legal recognition, but many face inequality within their own Hijra communities.

Mustache-a-day: Carlos Santana

View image | gettyimages.com Pioneer of fusion rock and Latin American music cultivates over 40 years of mustache. ––– Carlos may have had been blessed by a Havana moon which cast the permanent hairy shadow of succes on Carlos’ upper lip. Photo Credit: Getty Images 

Prison: Breaking The Cycle

More former prisoners are reoffending than ever before. We reveal the latest efforts to break the cycle in the first episode of our new Economist Films series.

Mustache-a-day: Adam Garone

How can we have Movemeber’s mustache-a-day without Adam Garone!?

Mustache-a-day: Ray Santiago

Ash Vs The Evil Dead star sports a character defining mustache.

Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank

It’s not everyday you see your favorite disney character riding down the street on his magic carpet…

Seoul Man Finds His Center: Outrageous Acts of Science

Watch as Nam Seok Byun balances teapots, timbers, tablets, and more.

Mustache-a-day: Django Reinhardt

Jazz ‘stache!

Mustache-a-day: Sam Elliott

The significance of an actor’s cookie duster.

Things You’ll Never Hear Reporters Say To Male Athletes

How do male athletes respond to the same questions female athletes are regularly asked?

Mustache-a-day: Rollie Fingers

The classically iconic Mo of a baseball legend.

Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple.

Comment of the Day: ‘Hey Good Men Project, how about some articles on these topics.’

This comment was by Michael Michalchik, on Facebook, in reply to the post “The Good Men Project: A Space for Nurturing Ideas.”

Mustache-a-day: Frida Kahlo

Gender fluidity deconstructs false gender roles.

Should We End High School Football?

What price are high school football players really paying? The Young Turks discuss. ___ A football program in Maine cancelled their entire season due to a high number of injuries. To put in perspective, the team went from 26 to 11 players. The Young Turks Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, and Mark Sovel (The […]