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The Power of Mentoring Boys #GMPChat With Shawn Dove

@DoveSoars #GMPChat

What is the value of a mentor in a young man’s life? Join the conversation about mentoring with Shawn Dove on #GMPChat

Too Dang Funny: Grandson Explains Modern Dating Rituals To His Gramps

Explaining things to my grandfather ethan cole

It’s not just the raunchy conversation between the generations that makes these videos awesome, it’s the genuine love between grandfather and grandson.

Finding the Truly Heroic Among Us Mere Mortals

mere mortals by Stephen Sheffield

“The men whom I have met during the Project have each inspired me to grow in a different way. They are my heroes. What we need as men isn’t more silent suffering; it’s the willingness to tell and listen to the truth of our lives.” ~ Tom Matlack

Funny Dad Videobombs Daughter’s Epic ‘Let It Go’ Performance

dad photobombs Let It Go

I get the feeling this dad has seen ‘Frozen’ more than a few times…

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield Presented with World Peace Tartan


Astronaut Chris Hadfield was awarded the World Peace Tartan for the message he delivered from the International Space Station.

How Has Masculinity Changed In The 21st Century?

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 5.28.38 PM

GMP Executive Editor Joanna Schroeder sits down with the folks at Take Part Live, joined by Charlie Capen from How To Be A Dad.

Champions of Care Nominations Called for by Karla Martinez (Sponsored)

Karla Martinez

Johnson & Johnson has launched a nationwide program called Champions of Care to shine a spotlight on people who go above and beyond to do extraordinary things in caring for others.

“Is ‘male gaze’ a biological instinct or a ‘modern’ marketing tool?”

boy looking girl

This comment by Lisa on the post Dealing With My Own Male Gaze

Join Us Tonight For A Tweet Chat For #FeministMen


Join us tonight on Twitter for a chat about how feminists and male allies can work together to help end sexual violence.

“I never understood the use of the ‘N’ word among Black People.”

N Word

This Comment by Alda on the post Why The ‘N’ Word Is Cool To Black People (And No One Else)

If Women Can’t Serve Lunch at a UN Summit on Nuclear Security, What Does That Say About Men?

Netherlands Nuclear Summit

With so much changing so quickly in the world, why on earth are women still seems as “distractions” to some of the most important conversations of our time?

High-Five Etiquette (Video)

tripp and tyler high five

All the things you never realized you knew about the etiquette of the high five. From the awesome and funny Tripp and Tyler.

The “Still Not Asking For It” Photo, And STFU’s Response

Still Not Asking for It FB

Bravo, Indeed.

“Can Women rape men? Most people think that they can’t.”

Male Abuse

This comment by Archy on the post Male Rape Survivors and Victim Blaming

The Good Men Project Anthology is Free With Membership. Here Are 7 Reasons to Try It.


We’re having a conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. Care to join us? Join the 3 million people who visit our website every month.

Made Man Interviews: Reno 911′s Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon

Our favorite celebrity interviewer, Paul F Thompkins, sits down with Thomas Lennon for another Made Man interview.