A Time Lapse Video That Will Make You Want to Be a SAHD

Hat tip to our Twitter friend who found this for us:





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  1. Amazed that SAHDs need PR. Surely if you are one, you just get on and do it without the need for the world to go “Woohoo aren’t you amazing?!” Precious few women get that sort of PR.

  2. Tom Brechlin says:

    So we have this really cool video of a dad spending time with his son. It’s not meant to be advertizing so as to prompt men to become dads. It’s not meant to depict a “Day” in the life of a dad and son, it’s simply a cool video of a dad and his son having a good time together. So I’m not understanding the negative comments…..

    Nonetheless, he needs to work on the “high 5” …. AND it would be really cool if he did a similar video every year.

  3. TruthHurtsSir says:

    I kept waiting for the part that would make me want to be a SAHD, or even a dad period. It never came. Looks like a nightmare to me. Just being honest.

  4. But you could just do this on your days off work or even after work.

  5. wait… he was playing with the kid for an hour and a half… but kids need to be watched about 16 hours a day.

    this is impressive? that’s sad.

    not that this isn’t an adorable video, but if a dad taking care of his child for less than two hours is impressive to people, there’s a loooooong way to go.

  6. Awesome. I did these once when my kid was not quite crawling yet, it’s super cool!


  7. Loved it! definitely a great video, it shows that men can actually take great care of children, here in my country many people still have the idea that women should do this, while men provide money, even though this mentality is changing and now more parents work, or women support their families, I bet this (like the video) is hard to find. So, great for them, and the kid looks really and truly happy spending that time with his super cool dad!

  8. I love I love I love these guys…awww, Baba Jayden has to watch this, it will totally change and Blow his mind about the entire SAHD concept…and when mama comes home, diaper is changed, baby is well-eaten and the mess is cleaned up…Hat Tip indeed!!!


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