Wimp: A Show in the Making About What Makes a Man

WIMP from Raisa Breslava on Vimeo.

Twitter follower @JamieCatto to sent us this lead about a show in the making in London. It is destined to be a one-man, very physical performance that “explores and celebrates all sides of a man, especially the more taboo characters that live within us all. Appropriateness is over-rated.”

Actor and dancer Vincent Manna will allow director Raisa Breslava to explore the depths of Vincent’s psyche and aim to bring back jewels of insight. The team’s hope is that this exploration will give permission to men and women of all ages and life experiences to find acceptance of the deeper, darker shadow sides of themselves.

Find out more on their IndieGoGo page.

Wimp Vincent Manna

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  1. Thanks for sharing these efforts. We need more visual, movement, artistic renderings of what it means to be a man. In my writing, I’ve described WIMP as standing for Where Is My Power? A question, we all have to explore. Hope they do well and the show is a big success.

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