How Men’s Rights Activists Get Feminism Wrong


Hugo Schwyzer explains how a handful of men are angry for all the wrong reasons.

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The Solution to MRA Problems? More Feminism


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Amanda Marcotte dissects the gripes of men’s rights activists—and explains exactly how wrong they are.

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Michael Guglielmo: Family Man, Ex-Con, Savior


After 17 years in prison for eight counts of attempted murder of a police officer, Michael Guglielmo became the country’s most successful bone-marrow recruiter in an effort to save his dying son.

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10 Moments in Good Sportsmanship


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From Paolo Di Cano to Pat Tillman, who are the best sports?

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The Essential YouTube Sports Library: The Artistry of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

The Artistry of Michael Jordan is a 10-minute tribute to the man and his endless fakes, mid-air adjustments, and finishes.

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My Hemorrhoids Make Dating Pretty Awkward


You are about to read the most entertaining story you’ve ever read about hemorrhoids.

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I Need Some Time to Not Watch Sports


Bethlehem Shoals, a basketball obsessive, explains why he watched the Oscars instead of last night’s Knicks-Heat matchup.

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Why Does It Matter How Many Partners She’s Had?

Hugo Woman's Number

Hugo Schwyzer explains why guys are so preoccupied with getting women’s sex stats—and why they should let it go.

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Real Birth Control for Men Is Closer Than Ever

bc guys

Men simply don’t have an effective, reversible form of birth control comparable to the female pill. What’s taking so long?

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Comic Rob Delaney on Porn, Sobriety, Twitter, and Feminism


Delaney talks sobriety, why he’s a feminist, honesty, and the finer points of his social network of choice.

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The Cure for Baldness Is Almost Here

bald 9 up

Unfortunately, it’s coming too late to benefit Jonathan Lesser, who is one of what might be the last generation of bald men.

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Disgraced Ref Tim Donaghy Tells Us How to Be a Good Man

Tim Donaghy

Tom Matlack and Tim Donaghy discuss the former NBA referee’s gambling problems, legal transgressions, and his efforts to leave his past behind.

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Why Don’t Men Settle Down?

Hugo Why Don't Guys Settle Down

It’s not that they aren’t interested in monogamous relationships, Hugo Schwyzer argues. It’s that they’re waiting around, in vain, for a sign that she’s “the one.”

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Is Being a Cat Guy Manly? Mark Moll Says Yes

Biker Cat Guy

L.A. ad wiz Mark Moll is a football-watching, beer-drinking, pickup-hoops-playing guy’s guy who also happens to be a devoted cat owner. Now more than ever, men are proud to call themselves Cat Guys.

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My Exemplary, Everyday Marriage

Tom Forrister Marriage

When Tom Forrister transitioned from female to male, his same-sex marriage became a federally-recognized, “traditional” marriage. The one constant was the bond he shared with his wife.

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Men and the Sexualization of Young Girls

HUGO SCHWYZER princess problem

Encouraging princess culture—however innocently—contributes to the sexualization of girls. Men can be part of the solution to the “princess problem.”

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