Puncture Weed, Yard Work, Obsession, and Sunscreen


This weed is my obsession. There are some things in life I can’t control. This one I can. I can try.

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If You Can’t Ride With the Big Dogs…Don’t

dog on bike

Steve Jaeger, with a quick rant about bicyclists who don’t follow the rules of the road.

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You Reap What You Sew


Steve O’Neill can’t let some things go. That’s why he learned to sew.

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The Summer of Nothing…And Everything

george lange labor day

Labor Day is like sealing an envelope full of peach pits. That chapter is gone except for the memories.

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What’s In a Name? Everything…


Al DeLuise revisits the process of naming his children, and the importance of names.

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Grocery Cart Kids

mixed photos from phone 057

Take your kids to the grocery store, and keep the video games at home.

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A Few Seconds to Change Your Day


When was the last time you gave someone a hug? A real grab ‘em and hold ‘em hug?

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Hugh Jackman Deadlifts Almost 400lbs—And Makes It Look Easy

hugh jackman

Just a day in the life of an ordinary wolverine.

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Why You Might Need Your Clutter


“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” -A. Einstein

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Understand the Split and Divide in Society

Under Stand the split

A stroll with Shane in talking about the split and divide in Tottenham, London.

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Interesting Things

interesting things shannonkringen:Flickr

Are they simple, are they thoughts, or are these interesting things simply thoughtful?

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The Hook-Up Culture Isn’t New — It Is The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Culture

hooking up wwii Lisa Jacobs

Take a closer look…there are surprising similarities between yesteryear’s dating landscape and today’s hook-up culture.

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Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously


A choice in a rainstorm made Vlad Dolezal realize life should be more fun for all of us.

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Of Axes and Friends

Appalachian Mountain Club

Avery Jenkins, with a story about the fierce friendship between him and a fellow crew member as they were clearing the Appalachian Trail.

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Stand For Peace & Justice: A Look At What’s It’s Like In The Middle Of #Ferguson

ferguson still shot

A community celebrates a life, grieves a death, and demands answers.

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Spread The Message

Spread the word

Three minutes that will change the way you think. Then you will want to spread the message.

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