The State of Your Sock Drawer

sock drawer

What does your sock drawer say about your life? Dillan DiGiovanni asks you to take a look.

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The Heroic Sufferer


Dr. Alun Whithey looks at how two men from the 18th Century expressed their suffering.

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Dear Readers: While You Were Sleeping…

sleeping clock

The Good Men Project posts 24 hours a day, EST. Here are some things you might have missed while you were sleeping.

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Our Tree


Homes and families may change, but memories and traditions live on in this personal story from Tommy Maloney.

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Things That Happen When Men Get Into Knitting


You might not turn into Christopher Walken, but plenty of other unexpected things can happen.

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Dressing for Flu Season [unbelievably bad comics]

flu season

Take a hint from these parents for the best way to dress for flu season…

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Goodness Concealed in the Ordinary

concleaed love

The story of how an adoptee became the center-piece of our everyday life.

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Machiavellian Compassion

machiavellian compassion

What measure knows the weight of compassion for a man?

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Man Makes Magical Waves


Or is he made from wave magic?

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Suit Up: Advice For Men From A Woman Working In Fashion


Put on a suit once in awhile, listen intently, open doors and don’t talk about your ex. Dawn Estenor doesn’t think it’s too much to ask of modern gentlemen.

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Working Over the Holidays? You’re Not Alone

work on christmas

Christmas used to constitute a well-earned, end-of-year break. But increasingly, work is taking over.

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Thanksgiving, 1975


1975. That was the year I made a decision and learned a secret that would change my life.

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Living the Dream on His Own Terms


The ‘Little House on the Prius’ that’s got Australia talking….

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We are Social Creatures

social creature feature

So let’s go with the flow

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Amish Christmas Tree


James Schwartz was raised Amish and offers two memories from childhood Christmases.

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How My Husband (and Chinese Takeout) Saved Christmas Eve

chinese takeout

Heather Gray remembers a Christmas Eve that could have been a disaster and turned out to be amazing.

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