They Canceled Perry Mason


What’s a guy to do when the powers that be drastically alter his daily schedule?

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A Tale of I40


The miles slowly added up as the interstate winded off in the rearview mirror and stretched across creosote bushes, yellow weeds and rocky peaks.

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America the Great…Have You Gone Soft On Us?


Timothy Meanwell Feels Americans Are Becoming Overly Sensitive

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What If All Our Heroes Were Ideas?


Let’s replace our heroes with ideas.

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My Stained Glass Shirt


Sean Swaby finds out that stains can also bring us many good things.

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What it Means When You Say I’m Hot ‘For A Mom’

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 6.24.19 PM

Attractiveness is relative. But to look at the choices a woman makes with her body and assign a tangible value to her worth and sexuality is appalling and concerning.

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The Guy On My Couch

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 1.49.58 PM

My brother after the military.

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The Reason Ice Cream Made Me Cry


Al Deluise isn’t lactose intolerant and didn’t drop his cone. The reason he’s crying over ice cream is actually a bit complicated.

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That Guy Who Dances

There is something about that guy who dances.

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Who Will You Choose to Be…A Victim or A Hero?


Michael Feeley on his story of growth.

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A lesson in perception, from an unexpected source.

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A Man Can Go Home Again

on the road again

Hitting the road and changing towns is nothing new for a lot of men. Four times in the same city, though, is worth pondering.

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The Art Of Conversation

Conversation is about stories, and treating those stories as the precious gifts they are.

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A Father’s Influence is Like the Great Wave off Kanagawa

great wave copy

A son’s artistic tribute to his father’s influence.

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Getting Real With Life Doesn’t Equal ‘Reality TV’

reality is not reality tv

If you believe that watching ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is going to help your life, then it’s time to wake up.

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Which is Better the Card or the Gum?

odd rods

Sean Croghan’s early confrontation with the things boys thought were cool.

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