Why You Might Need Your Clutter


“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” -A. Einstein

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Understand the Split and Divide in Society

Under Stand the split

A stroll with Shane in talking about the split and divide in Tottenham, London.

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Interesting Things

interesting things shannonkringen:Flickr

Are they simple, are they thoughts, or are these interesting things simply thoughtful?

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The Hook-Up Culture Isn’t New — It Is The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Culture

hooking up wwii Lisa Jacobs

Take a closer look…there are surprising similarities between yesteryear’s dating landscape and today’s hook-up culture.

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Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously


A choice in a rainstorm made Vlad Dolezal realize life should be more fun for all of us.

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Of Axes and Friends

Appalachian Mountain Club

Avery Jenkins, with a story about the fierce friendship between him and a fellow crew member as they were clearing the Appalachian Trail.

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Stand For Peace & Justice: A Look At What’s It’s Like In The Middle Of #Ferguson

ferguson still shot

A community celebrates a life, grieves a death, and demands answers.

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Spread The Message

Spread the word

Three minutes that will change the way you think. Then you will want to spread the message.

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The Penis Window


There’s something Jim Mitchem doesn’t understand about men’s underwear.

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The “Real” Man Challenge I Hope All Fathers Take

Real Father Challenge

One father’s answer to the “challenge craze.” It doesn’t involve cinnamon or buckets of ice water. Could YOU meet this one?

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Thank you, Brother Nature

This is only part of the picture...

In the midst of a lot of heavy news, sometimes you just need to smile.

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Where Have All the Good Toys Gone?

How many of these guys can you name?

I can tell you. A lot of them ended up in the World’s Longest Yard Sale, and almost in my truck.

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12 Things You Never Knew Existed but Want to See

trojan squirrel 588350

A Trojan squirrel, some faces, a furry knight…you never know what you’ll find along this road.

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Navigating the World’s Longest Yard Sale

Angry Pirate Coconut

What do angry coconuts, gummy heads, and 690 miles have in common? They’re part of something to add to your Bucket List.

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11 Bizarre Things You Might See at The World’s Longest Yard Sale

worlds longest yard sale

What can you find along 690 miles of yard sales? Pretty much anything.

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Just Let Yourself Be Wild, Man

Just Let Yourself be Wild Yogendra174:Flickr

I am a firm believer that letting yourself be wild is the biggest step we can take toward diverse social tolerance.

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