He Lost Both Arms at Age 17. Decades Later, Robotics Gives Them Back

Les Baugh the Bionic Man

Les Baugh lost both his arms as a teenager, but engineers at Johns Hopkins University have invented a new set of arms for him that are controlled by signals from his brain.

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Remembering Bridget


Stephen Parrish had an imaginary childhood companion. One he never completely let go.

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Cancel My Reservation Please … I’m Facing Eviction

eviction notice

A story of how one man finds himself on the brink of losing his home after many self-induced mistakes.

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Boris Karloff as the Monster

boris karloff copy

Remember when you were eight and staying up late on Saturday nights?

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Downtown Brooklyn: A Skyline Full of Cranes


New skyscrapers are constantly changing the Brooklyn skyline. But Charlie Scaturro wonders: Were humans really intended to live that high in the sky?

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To Me, 20 Years Ago


If James Rigdon could have told himself these things 20 years ago, his life might be different now.

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Parenting: It’s Just Another Day at the Beach


Eric Stary is determined to get his family to the beach, even if he must first travel through the seven circles of parenting hell.

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The Most Beautiful Work I’ve Ever Done

Not my swimmer...but he could be...

“Let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.”

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Frankenstein At The Foot Of Paul’s and My Bunk Bed

frankenstein at the foot copy

Even as a young boy, Sean Croghan had compassion for anyone, the scariest of monsters included.

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A Letter to My Grandchildren Concerning Marijuana and Other Drugs


Jed Diamond shares the real drug problem

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Dad Now and Dad Then

Ryan A. Bell recognizes that expectations for dads have changed, and he takes a look at why.

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A (Typical) Roller Coaster Night with My 3-Year-Old


Some moments are special. Some moments are lessons. Some are a combination of the two.

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Start Your Grill Using Potato Chips and 9 Other Life Changing Life Hacks

Potato Chip Life Hack

You’ve gotta love The King of Random—Grant Thompson.

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A Gentlemen’s Guide to the Colored Gem Trifecta


Do you have someone you’re gift-shopping for? Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

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Why We Need to Quit Worrying About Fate


Is fate in charge, or are we? John Picciuto says it doesn’t matter.

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To the Couple at the Bar…


James Rigdon remembers you, and he’d like to say what he couldn’t that night.

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