True Detective: How I Came to be a Failed Husband, Then Moved Past It. 


A TV series scene sparks Derek Dupuis to think about his past, and reconsider what he once called failures.

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I Had to Get This Off My Chest, and How I’m Late for Work


Steve O’Neill gets plagued by self-doubt and hit by brilliant ideas…at the worst possible time.

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The Boy in the Courtroom


A lesson on jurisprudence, kindness, civility, addiction and other simple subjects.

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How Do You Like Your Rattlesnake—Fried or Sauteed?

First Rattlesnake feature

Capt. William E. Simpson encounters his first Pacific Rattlesnake of the season.

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What Makes Batman, Batman?


Could you be Batman?

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The Best Way to Start Your Day (ever)

best way Nelson Pavlovsky

Unconventional – yes. Ridiculous – maybe. Crazy enough to work – absolutely.

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The Seven Habits of Highly Neurotic Authors

The computer: My best friend, my worst enemy

Everyone has bad habits. When Andrew J. Peters became a published author, he picked up a few more.

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Essential Items for Roadside Heroes

flat tire Kurt Norsdtrom

You never know car trouble will happen. Keeping these items handy may help you-or someone else-out of a jam.

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How A DJ Spun His Life onto a Global Stage

DJ Reezey Spins 2

B.O.L.D member Rashaun “DJ Reezey®” Williams reflects on his journey as a performer, and acknowledges the people who helped him succeed.

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The Cure for Your Distraction Syndrome

distraction-Geoff Stearns

Like all of us, Leo Babauta gets distracted. But he’s working to change that. Here’s how.

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Does a Man Walk a Woman to Her Car, Even When She Says No?


Many women have learned not to depend on a man. So when she says she doesn’t need you to walk her to her car, at nighttime, on a dark street, do you walk her anyway?

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A Story You’ll Never Forget


Bob Marrow’s grandmother saved a girl’s unwanted child, only to learn of its tragic death.

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An American Artist in Thailand’s Largest Slum


Phil America spent weeks living in a typical tiny house in a Klong Toey Slum, learning about a culture that most of us don’t know exists.

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Building on a Bedrock of Failure (video)


You’ll shake your head in awe at the moves of legendary skateboarder Rodney Mullen. How did he get so good? By learning from failure, even when it hurt like hell.

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9 Ways Dads Can Contribute to Raising Strong, Confident Girls


Protect and provide for your daughter in a way that will help her reach her highest potential.

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This Guy’s Top 10 “Gotta Sing Along” Songs


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, some songs just sort of make you want to sing along. Give in. Resistance is futile. Just let it go (#10).

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