How Hanging Out With the Elderly Helped Me Overcome My Millennial Crisis

couple 1-Mario Mancuso-Flickr

Nothing is permanent, no matter how much prestige is associated with it. As long as we’re alive, there will always be the struggle of “What’s next?” or “Why me?”

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The Power Of, And Alternatives To, Forgiveness


Ned Breslin with a deeply personal story about the ways in which he’s learning to heal from past trauma.

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Fighting Spirit: When Tables Turn On the Bully


This is the world we’re giving you, kids. A world in which one or more people will video what’s happening instead of helping.

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The Game I Played Growing Up in Philly

2-curb ball-daniel lobo-flickr

Reminiscing on the good ol’ days reminded me to always find time to play.

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Of Lice and Men: Bravely Answering the Call

john bryson men and lice photo author

John Bryson learn what happens after you get the phone call about that those little critters.

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What Can You Say Today That Someone Might Remember 35 Years From Now?

words photo by yevy

The words were simple: “I’m sorry to hear about your father.” But for a young girl, they had an impact that spanned decades.

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The Power of Influence

power of a good man by metropilot:Flickr

TweetTruly good people live their lives as though every moment could have a far reaching influence on someone else. ––– Angels in Guatemala: Excerpt from Rest In Places: My Father’s Post – Life Journey Around The World I climb uphill from underneath the ledge on Lake Atitlan where I’ve been photographing my son Asher jumping […]

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Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield Presented with World Peace Tartan


Astronaut Chris Hadfield was awarded the World Peace Tartan for the message he delivered from the International Space Station.

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Equality in My Home


We do not differentiate between my two boys based on their sexual preferences. Though I am very vocal about many things, my husband and I have made the conscious decision to begin our advocacy for equality by living it.

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The Subway’s No.1 Charmer

Victor Vasquez

Inside the cramped and crazed subways of New York, a colorful conductor on the 1 train brightens commutes with off-script announcements.

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Power of My Palsy

Andrew Morrison-Gurza

Andrew Morrison-Gurza talks about what it means to be a token of inspiration to a Person with a Disability .

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Beside Myself: Why April Fools is Important

fools pic

David Sewell McCann will happily lose some sleep if it means teaching his children that “Life is Fun.”

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No More: Your Voice Can End the Silence


1 in 6 men in the United States has had an unwanted or abusive sexual experience in childhood.

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How to Open a Wine Bottle with Your Shoe [Video]

One man, one bottle, one shoe.

JJ Vincent found evidence that this party trick really works. Here are video tutorials to help you become a legend among your friends.

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Comparison Fail: Enslaved American Child vs. Enslaved Thai Child

fail fin

A recent photo-gone-viral (and the comments it generated) shows we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to understanding slavery and the needs of children.

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So, What Do You Do?


Andy Smithson wonders what would happen if we got honest when we answer the question, “What do you do?

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