Being Sad and Owning It

We feel sad for a reason, why do we try and fight off the feeling when we could embrace the meaning?

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The Legacy of Dad’s Minestrone Soup


With him forever, my dad’s minestrone soup holds the secrets to who he is. It is indelible, much like his fingerprints, or heartbeat, but a mystery I cannot unravel.

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The Secret Circle of the Man Retreat Taps Into the Power to Heal


The men formed a circle and then the man leading our group asked me, “Are you ready?”

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Is the Unemployed Black Man Unqualified or Shunned?


Singer Zaje Explores the Dilemma of Unemployed Black Men in America

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The Best Gift a Man Can Give: Taste Lithuania


One man discovers the mysteries of his soul can be drawn out through the food of his ancestors.

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Word Origins Put You in the Catbird Seat


We use phrases everyday that most people don’t really understand. Take a few minutes to learn the interesting history behind these common terms.

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Wine Experts Answer The Questions You’re Too Afraid To Ask

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 7.58.12 PM

Wine is a complicated subject and no one wants to looks stupid, so we went to the New York Autumn Wine Festival to clear up some nagging questions we had.

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All Alone in the Forest Yet Not Alone at All

man walking in forest

A man’s morning run brings up reminders and questions about the nature of humanity and why we try to hide it.

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Anti-Meditation, The Art Of Focus

The art of focus isn’t in trying to remove the outside world from your mind, but to incorporate the world into it.

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Immigrant Christmas

immigrant christmas snake bloomstead

My earliest Christmas memories were formed in this large old room surrounded by old men wearing wide ties and their stoic grey haired wives.

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How to Find Hope in Your Darkest Hour


One man, extending a lifeline to a friend learns sometimes it’s not the end after all.

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A Flea Market Operated by Ghosts


About the ground-floor hallway and the windowsill of the first-floor landing of my apartment building.

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Our Scars Tell Our Stories

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.46.52 PM

Justin Ricklefs doesn’t do to well with blood, but here’s how he handled a situation that was bound to scar.

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storm lake

When faced with a storm, some of us confront the rain with a roar.

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Changing the World: One Vasectomy at a Time

father and son

World Vasectomy Day allows men to celebrate their families and their role in family planning. And yes, this is changing the world.

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Hail and Farewell


We buried him in his blue jeans. A folded American flag and a leather cowboy hat rested on his chest. On his feet were snakeskin boots.

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