The Power of Reframing


We can always choose the frame through which we see, hear and experience everything.

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What is the Worth of a Superhero?


Net worth, that is.

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My Life In Pictures

fifty1271963762 (1)

Steve Jaeger shares a comical documentation of his life.

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Batteries Not Included


Geoff Cochran remembers the day his fourth child ate a battery. Oh, and there was a blizzard.

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11+ Men Rocking Skirts


Not just kilts. Man skirts are a thing. And they’re here to stay!

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The Man in the Green Puffy Coat


Two men in puffy green coats passed each other but rarely spoke. Gary Almeter remembers the other one.

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Watch Black Men From Age 5 To 50 Respond To The Word “Police”


Some of the answers might surprise you. Some of them, sadly, will not.

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How Can a Man Ride a Horse? A Tale of the Scrotum


When a man rides a horse, how come his testicles don’t get squished? The answer, at last, to an age-old question.

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Digging Out


An archeologist shovels through the Boston snow and his memories while preparing for a dig in Sudan.

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Bury Your Haters With a Smile: Why Success is Always the Best Revenge


Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Paul Hudson on how to keep the haters at bay with positivity.

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Verve of Anarchy: When Delusion’s Attack


I know who you are now. What you did. I never knew what you were dealing with until today.

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Love is Greek To Me


We don’t always understand love, even if it’s all around us.

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What You’re Like With Your Best Friend Vs. Everyone Else [video]


Do you say things to your best friend that you wouldn’t dream of saying to someone else?

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The Alchemy of Martial Arts


Martial arts as spirit, an alchemy of one

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His Daughter Wanted Labyrinth Dolls, So He Made Them!


One inventive dad used pieces of barbies and stuff around the house to make custom dolls for his 7-year-old daughter.

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