See the Origin of the Monster in this ‘Victor Frankenstein’ Trailer

Vic Frank 1 resize

See how the man became a monster in this first trailer and some of the terrible things he creates The story of Frankenstein is a well known one. There have been a few books written about this creature and a few contemporary film versions have been made. But none of these films have been directed […]

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Mass Shootings and Our COLLECTIVE ‘Mental Illness’

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What’s really behind mass shootings?

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How to Use Men’s Love of Fixing Things to Find Peace in Your Relationship

How to Use by Robert Couse-Baker

Theresa Byrne says, use your man’s annoying ‘fix it’ instinct to rewire your relationship for lasting happiness.

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Boys, Boundaries, And Blue Balloons


Brent Almond reflects on a moment and the totality of ‘fatherhood’.

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When Can We Talk About Guns?


Michael Carley asks if there’s ever going to be a good time to talk about gun control, because there seem to be more distractions and excuses than conversations.

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In Relationships, You Are What You Judge


Sonika Tinker wants you to take a look in the mirror and ask a very simple question.

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Old School Dad Inspires Daughter to Seize the Hammer


Risa Dale was never called princess by her dad. Instead, he handed her some tools and she destroyed a house.

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What The Most Compassionate People All Have In Common

Heart and love

Jordan Gray says that all of the most compassionate people have this one thing in common (and it isn’t what you think it is).

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The GMP Dads Workshop: What Happens When Your Wife Loves Your Baby More Than You?


Moms may be wired to abandon dads for our babies. It can be lonely, depressing and dark. Here are the four things that I did that made it so I never had to feel that horrible feeling of being replaced by my own child.

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How I Cured My Road Rage


Hectic, crazy-making chaotic drivers cram every highway, obliterating the open road. One man refuses to die for lack of trying to quell his road

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One Thing You Absolutely Must Do Before You Die


If I never make a check mark by those places on my bucket list I want to visit, I’ll feel bad and forget the hundred other amazing places I have been. So will you.

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10 Tips For Seducing a Man Away From His Smartphone


It’s possible to seduce your man out of complacency. Here’s how to start.

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Why We Need to Ease Up on Ourselves

bullying man in the mirror

Theresa Byrne believes the path to personal improvement is through self-compassion, not self-bullying.

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Invisible Darkness


Laura Foley captures the pain of being a mother unable to help an adult son in this stark poem.

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How 5 Brief Minutes Totally Changed My Life


Five minutes equals making the deal happen. And altering the course of your life.

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