Your Dirty Little Secret: When You Think You Married The Wrong Person

dirty little secret

When you’re keeping your pain to yourself, it’s hard to see the potential for change. Steve Horsman shines the light where you might see darkness.

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What’s Your Favourite Cheesy-But-Awesome 80s Movie?


As you’ve already guessed because the poster is right there at the top of this post, my pick is The Legend of Billie Jean.

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Step Lightly Upon This World

step lightly

It’s something we’ve forgotten in hundreds of years of striving to achieve more, to produce more, to build bigger and better things.

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How Do You Like Your Rattlesnake—Fried or Sauteed?

First Rattlesnake feature

Capt. William E. Simpson encounters his first Pacific Rattlesnake of the season.

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What If They Gave a War and Nobody Came?


Warren Blumenfeld asserts that it’s the leaders of Israel and Palestine who perpetuate the conflict, while the majority of the general populace desires true and lasting peace.

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Why Is This So Funny? Two Guys Act Out a Conversation Between Two 60 Year-Old Sisters

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.37.48 PM

I don’t know what it is about this, but I just died laughing.

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LGBTQ Youth Over-Represented Across Juvenile Justice System, Experts Say


Because youth of color are also overrepresented in the juvenile justice system, many of the LGBTQ youth in the system are also youth of color, which can often make them invisible to juvenile justice workers

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Netherlands Launches War Crimes Investigation Over MH17 Being Shot Down


A Dutch public prosecutor is already in Ukraine to scope out the pro-Russia separatists suspected of mistakenly shooting the plane down under the impression that it was a Ukrainian military transport plane.

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War is a Land Grab and it Always Has Been

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 5.35.14 PM.jpg

Scott Pelley, on CBS Evening News, talks of the struggles of today and how to get to peace.

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Men, Are You Dressing All Wrong?

men fashion buzzfeed

This fun little video from BuzzFeed actually contains some solid, stands-the-test-of-time advice for guys.

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Would You Vote for an Admitted Heterosexual? [Video]


A bunch of guys were asked if they would vote for a heterosexual president. I really hope this is a joke.

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‘The Greatest’ Deals a Knockout Blow to Racial Stereotypes

The Greatest by NTCNATO

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was formidable in the ring—but even more so in the talk show guest chair.

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My Ex-Girlfriend is a $%&*# – Moving From Blame to Gratitude


Bob Schwenkler on not allowing a break-up to break you apart.

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Why Choose Polyamory

poly-robert ashworth

Polyamory isn’t right for everyone, but Vlad Dolezal lays out his case for keeping an open mind.

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Are You ‘Guardrailing’ Your Partner?

Are You Guardrailing by Lee Cannon

Protecting your “bad driver” partner is one thing. Absorbing the full brunt of each crash is another.

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The Kind of Men We Want to Be

men-want-to-be-Maeka Alexis

Anthony Carter realized that the problems in our society can’t be fixed by looking for a scapegoat.

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