What Great Sex Means To Good Men

Woman and man kissing

Jordan Gray says that men are not the selfish, sex-crazed people that they’re often made out to be. —– Over the past six years I have talked privately with over a thousand men about the most personal details of their sex lives. I have seen their tears, heard the worries, and encouraged their abilities as […]

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10 Things You Can do to Feel Less Overwhelmed


Danny Baker is very familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed, but he has found these specific actions help to conquer that.

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4 Words All Dads of Daughters Need to Hear

4 Words All Dads of Daughters Need to Hear

Jeff Bogle has a message for every dad of a newborn daughter, a crucial piece of advice that can be summed up in four simple words…

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Finding and Harnessing Your Inner Caveman

caveman, hunting, gathering

There is a gratitude one learns as a hunter toward the meal before him.

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The Long Road to Healing

long road to healing T i q s ©:Flickr

Will the Catholic Church seize the opportunity to create a safer world for kids?

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Labor Day – A Break From the Grind or Burgers on the Grill?

labor day

In 1894 the first Monday in September was declared a national holiday. 120 years later, the meaning of Labor Day, and the future of the American Laborer, have changed dramatically.

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Anticipation of the Knife


Masculinity is often tied to pain management. Here, Michael Walsh ponders whether one kind of pain can be used to manage another.

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Explainer: Why Chilli Burns, and Milk Helps Soothe the Pain

on fire

Chilli might make it seem as though your face is on fire – so why is milk so soothing?

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5000km Walk Without Haircut or Shave

5000km walk

Watch Christoph Rehage change on his long walk and see the changes. By the end, he might need a shave.

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My Hands Are Cold, But My Heart is On Fire

Dixie Ice Challenge

Challenge accepted! Dixie Gillaspie takes Chris Anderson up on the challenge to spend 60 seconds enduring an ice bath and talking about something that really matters.

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Bacon Flavored Lube Could Change Your Sex Life!


Maybe you need some new flavor in the bedroom, or a little more sizzle? Something to get your love life smokin’?

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Learn to Love Less

ice cream

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

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3 Reasons We Teach Our Kids To Hate


We all acknowledge that kids aren’t born hating other people. So why do we teach them that it’s only natural?

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Food As Sport: The Legend Of Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, Hot Dog Eating Champion

800px-JoeyChestnutPoutine-300x222 (1)

We live in an era of extremes. Take Joey Chestnut, for example.

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A Quick Guide To The College Football Playoff


The 2014 college football season will be different than ever before. This year, college football will end with a 4-team playoff. Here’s what you need to know to hold your own in a conversation about the new playoff.

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We Need To Be Brave And Stand Up To Evil

tianaman square

In the aftermath of the Rotherham Child Exploitation scandal, too much focus has been put on the ethnicity and religion of the criminals. Andrew Lawes believes fear is the real issue. He wants to help you be brave.

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