A Dad Decides It is Time to Tell His Teen Daughter the Truth


“Do as I say, not as I did” could be the mantra of many parents who experimented in their youth. This dad decided the days for hypocrisies had come to an end.

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5 Tips for Teens to Quiet Negative Self-Talk About Your Body

5 Tips for Teens by Wellcast

Teens tear themselves apart over how they look. Wellcast offers five sensible tips to lose the self-criticism and build self-esteem.

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15 Ways ‘Fight Club’ Helped To Define This Generation More Than We Recognize


Ilia Jones breaks the first rule and talks about ‘Fight Club’ and it’s connection to Generation-Y.

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Russell Brand Slams Celebrity News Outlets for Being Jerks About Renee Zellweger, and It’s Flawless

Russell Brand Renee Zellweger

Russell Brand tears apart the media’s scrutiny of Renee Zellweger’s face.

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Gamergate and the Basement Generation

xbox controller gamergate

Matt Rozsa doesn’t see the passion of the basement generation as necessarily a bad thing, but it needs to be used for good, not oppression.

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Five Lessons I Learned From a Grandfather I Never Knew

My grandfather, Donald Winston.

This is a story about finding an old photo of a family member you never knew, and what happens you start to trace their life.

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Is Joss Whedon’s ‘Avengers’ Sequel a Warning About Technology Overtaking Our Lives?

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.20.26 PM

Alex Yarde speculates that the ‘Avengers’ sequel, Dawning Of The Age Of Ultron, may be the director’s commentary on the future development of Artificial Intelligence.

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3 Ways to Tell If a Mistake Really Matters

3 Ways to Tell by spablab

Some mistakes are game-changers and some aren’t. Thomas Fiffer offers three questions to help understand the difference.

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‘I Could Never Give Up’


If you think you could never do something … stop saying it. You just might surprise yourself.

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3 Ways To Open Your Woman Sexually


Jordan Gray says that in order to open your woman sexually, you must first open her emotionally.

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The Biggest Problem with Long Distance- And How to Overcome It

Long Distance

Where Tim Mousseau failed at long distance, his brother and sister-in-law succeeded. The difference all came down to one simple trick.

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4 Creative Ways Guys Can Make Money


Gallup says we spend 47 hours of our week working. That time could be spent at a miserable job or doing something you love.

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11 Things Dads Who Suffer Miscarriages Need to Know


When a miscarriage happens, dads often step to the sidelines. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and this is for dads who have had one of life’s most difficult disappointments.

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Anatomy of a Kindergartener


What makes your kindergartener tick?

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Parents Behaving Badly, Part II – The Questions We Should Be Asking Ourselves

father son youth sports GMP

Hank Zona tells parents what questions they should ask of themselves to navigate the world of youth sports.

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#RapeCultureIsWhen. . . Putting An End To Rape Culture

Rape Culture - GMP

Rape is not just a feminist issue. It’s everyone’s issue. Zerlina Maxwell, on ending rape culture. #RapeCultureIsWhen

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