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7 Lies That Take the Joy Out of Sex

7 Lies by Infrogmation

Want great sex? Let Paul Nelson debunk some myths for you.

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How to Stop People Pleasing in 2 Minutes Flat

How to Stop by Dr Les

This clever two-minute video shows you how to reverse your people pleasing and start making yourself a priority.

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Do Good Men Get Laid? Science Explains Who’s Having the Most Sex and Why

good guys sex

Bad boys have a reputation for great sex lives… but science has uncovered something surprising about who is actually getting the most (and best) sex.

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Sneaky Homophobes Are Undermining Gay Rights Progress


Matthew Rozsa explains how bigotry and lack of honor go hand-in-hand.

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Youth Take Climate Change Fight to the Courts


Many young people feel they have too much at stake to wait for our leaders to get their act together and take meaningful action on climate change. It’s being termed the Children’s Climate Crusade.

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Why I Vote for Yoga Pants

Why I Vote by Eli Christman

Carly Puch has had it with women being told what they should and shouldn’t wear.

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Post-Toy Fair Wrap Up: New Diamond Select Items Coming This Summer!


Alex Yarde previews Diamond Select Toys MUST HAVES this summer for pre-order!

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Dating by the Book: Asking What They Read on Tinder

Dating by the Book by Joe Wolf

Danica Barnett turns the page on Tinder by using books to find a match. Should we call this ‘booking up’?

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Kids in Prisons; Real Rehabilitation Behind the Wall


A Young Former Offender Speaks on How to Help Rehabilitate Kids in Jails

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50 Shades And The Workplace


Rossina Gil thinks that many unsafe workplaces force employees into an awful dilemma: keep your job or engage in a toxic relationship.

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It’s 50 Years Later, Why is Everything Malcolm X Says Here Still So True?

Malcolm X

This speech given by Malcolm X fifty years ago on the subject of racism and police brutality… Why does it feel like he could stand up right now and give this same speech?

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10 Compliments Guys Really Want to Hear


Men like heartfelt compliments, too.

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DOJ Just Concluded Ferguson Police Discriminate Based Upon Race… What Now?

AP Photo, Mike Reidel

Yes, the Ferguson Police Department has been operating based upon racial bias. But will America start listening to the voices of people being discriminated against?

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7 Keys to an Apology to Help Her Forgive You


Tor Constantino shares a personal screw-up that nearly cost him the love of his life—if not for a genuine apology that saved it.

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Is “The Dream” Still Alive?

Is The Dream Still Alive

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men if Martin Luther King’s “Dream” is still alive?

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