7 Things Men Don’t Know About the Delivery Room


Nothing prepares you for what you’ll experience. — One of the happiest days of my life was finding out that my wife was pregnant. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be a father. The realization that I would be a special part of another human being’s life was mind blowing. I always pictured […]

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Loving Your Parents


The psychology of love, your parents, and how they intertwine.

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The Death Penalty in SE Asia


Is there a trend towards abolition?

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An ‘Infallible’ FIFA Prevails in Power Struggle Over World Cup Move


The big beasts of European club football have missed a chance to make a Champions League style land grab from the sport’s governing body.

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Because I’m not boldest of men…


One reader commented about why he used to worry about not kissing the girl.

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Bravery and the Political Class: Why Expectations Are Low for Our Current Crop of UK Politicians


Is there a lack of bravery in UK politicians? Peter Kirby-Harris discusses. _____ It is widely understood that David Cameron is an excellent debater. Both his experience at the Oxford Union during his undergraduate days and being Prime Minister for the past five years should give him the edge over his rivals in upcoming leadership […]

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4 Must-Try Tips To Fix Your Bad Relationships STAT


Talk is cheap! It’s time to put action behind those changes you long to make.

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What Being a Tough Guy Dad Looks Like


Marilyn loved that her husband was a tough guy — but she wondered what he would think of their baby girl when she arrived. She found out.

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#56: Teen Alzheimer’s Inventor

Kenneth Shinozuka

An innovative 15-year-old has invented a device to help millions of Alzheimer’s patients.

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3 Shortcuts to Become a Social Media Catastrophe

become a social media catastrophe

TweetAgramKatErestBook… you don’t want to do that crap anymore. You want to be the anti-viral of the webs. Here you go. 3 #shortcuts to become a social media catastrophe…

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This Is My Normal

This Is My Normal by David K

After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Jenny Kanevsky learned to stand up for herself, eliminate stress, and do what she loves—to find her new normal.

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Why We Run #14: The Journey


I run for what I was. And what I am.

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For Mindful Men: No, Sex Won’t Heal Your Broken Heart


How do you heal a broken heart? Most of us have experienced this pain, but there are some important no-no’s (and mindful suggestions) to keep in mind.

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4 Big Assumptions We Make About Our Kids

4 Big Assumptions by alex yosifov

Mike Berry talks about how our busyness affects our children and what we can do to be more engaged.

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Oh How Fast Our Children Grow

GMP-MeasuringWall by Judy Clement Wall

From birth to college—Judy Clement Wall captures her son’s journey into manhood on the measuring wall.

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A Dad’s Secret to Parenting Them After They’re Grown


One night Todd answered the phone and heard sobbing. He knew his parenting days were not over. Here are his insights.

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