6 Habits for Healthy Dads

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Derek Markham is a writer, father, and social media butterfly who builds websites and teaches small business owners how to integrate new media into their marketing and PR efforts.


  1. I just wish I had time to actually do these things.

  2. I am blessed to be married to a man who does all of these things and takes them seriously. He even stepped in when my oldest daughter was 18mos. and took on that role for her.

    We have been married 20 years now and he has been a wonderful dad and husband. Thanks for posting this article and sharing tips for healthy “dadhood” which translates into a healthy family.

    Loved this article…

    AZ Mom of Many Hats

  3. Derek,

    Good advice for new dads. I actually combine the personal fitness with my “me” time. Since I don’t always get much time away from the family, I usually think of this as decompression time. Getting in a workout helps to clear the mind. Dads–new or seasoned–hold in a lot of stress, and I’m no exception. So that’s why I believe exercising helps to break through to a calmer me.

    I agree that whatever type of diet you can stick to and will help keep you healthy, whether you want to build muscle or lose some fat, will be the right one for you.

    Also, not forgetting about mom, she really needs attention as well. Very important.


  4. Not sure how I found this article months after it was written, but it’s one of the best articles I’ve read online, ever. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve gone from paleo, to vegetarian to vegan. Paleo was awesome, eating like a caveman, but the evidence for it was mainly anecdotal. So I transitioned to veg then vegan, and haven’t given up on variety in the process, it’s been awesome for energy too. As a dad, the playground is my gym. Great stuff! Now I’ve got to get back in the habit of date nights.

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