20 Strangers Kiss for the First Time


In this video by Tatia PIlieva, twenty strangers kiss for the first time, and it’s sweeter than you would imagine.

There’s something very sweet about this video. I think it’s the very obvious vulnerability of the people involved. The black and white videography and lighting help too. Who knew strangers kissing could be so romantic?

Editor’s note: Turns out this beautiful video was part of an ad campaign – some of the people in it are musicians and actors. But we don’t think that diminishes the reality that this was their first kiss, and they had just met. These truly are first kisses. 

If you`re in the mood for more amazing visuals check out the music of birds on a wire.

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  1. troyanthony says:

    (sorry kissing strange people is how you get mono been there done that no thank you)

  2. A feel good video.. Someone may just have found their The One. Better to be kissing & loving just for the heck of it than to experiment with arms.

  3. Cute post to scrape and re-share but this video was produced with actors to promote a clothing line. Some online news sites shared that early last week.


  4. It was an ad. They are all actors. Vice magazine did another in which actual people off the street did the same thing. Unlike here, where the actors are all similar ages and conventionally attractive, the Vice film did not shy away from age or choose to reinforce a certain body image.

  5. why im i not in this film? XP lol This is very Cute Romantic.

  6. there is nothing better than a hot kisses it gives more desire

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think this is kool n u could meet yr forever someone. It made me smile xx xx

  9. No words, kissing heart beats. Beautiful. Ap


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