Heroic Men in 2012

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Deanna Ogle hails from the greater Detroit area and her work has appeared in The Good Men Project, The Printed Blog, and Provoketive Magazine. She is studying journalism and religious studies, and writes at her personal blog Soul like a Spider. Loves: carnations, iced espresso, and watching movies with her husband. Find her at Twitter, Google and Facebook.


  1. Tom Matlack says:

    Thank Deanna. Great list!

  2. adolfo soriano says:

    Nice stories. However, in the first one, Bailey Leonard came home to see his brother play basketball for the University of Illinois, not the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers. A few months later he was drafted by the Blazers.

  3. Joanna Schroeder says:


  4. Wicked awesome list…though I think Frank Ocean’s coming out was possibly a bigger risk than Anderson Cooper’s. I mean, Cooper was kind of in a glass closet anyway whereas Frank Ocean’s coming out was like totally out of left field.

    But hey, it’s all subjective anyway at that point. :D Great list.

  5. Thanks for this list. As men, this list should inspire us to make these types of actions the norm rather than the exception.

  6. Thank you Deanna!

    Being often discouraged about mankind and our “dark sides”, I really need this kind of info to remind myself we are able to great deeds as well.
    Hope is not lost. :)

  7. So much for the historic, heroic achievement of Oscar Pistorius. Another sports inspiration ends in ignominy and travesty.


  8. Theodore Varga is a Hungarian-American.


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