The Healthy Man’s Heart Disease

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  1. I have the same disease, spent my 20′s with daily angina, while being told by assorted DRs & nurses that I looked too healthy and it had to be all in my head……cardiologist that denied test results that didn’t fit his expectations….nurse that told me I’d become a cardiac cripple if I didn’t man up. of 5 siblings one died at 30, I was told at 30 I was to far gone for any effective surgical intervention arteries were 90/100/90 at 30… experts were shocked I was alive… other 3 all have had multiple surgeries……Thankfully I have only daughters and girls are somewhat protected from the worst effects…..their #’s are low / mid 200′s compared to my 600′s.

    • By the way over the last 10 years Lipitor 80 / Niaspan 1500 / Zetia 10 .. managed to lower my #’s to the 150 – 170 range…. There are side effects at those drug dosage levels …. leg/muscle pain / terrible niacin flush…..I wake up feeling as if I was sprayed with light fluid and set on fire. / intestinal distress.

      • Niaspan is the only pill I really just hate taking. It causes sever flushing for me. Doctors didn’t explain to me the side effects when I was younger and I remember just screaming to my mom asking if my body was on fire. Very traumatic experience for me.

        • one hell of a med….I understand the why of using it…..just at times it seems like self abuse….especially when you get into one of those runs where you wake up itchy or burnning every night for weeks in a row. I’ve made it to 50 with the drugs….better than G’pa who kicked at 33. Thankfully my kids seem clear of the worst of it . one is normal and the other is in the 240-260 range

          • Up again most of the night itching and burning from that lovely niaspan……really nice stuff.
            Really like the fact that the best/effective drug combo tend to combine into a FDA “Black Box” warning…..otherwise known as this combo really might kill you.

  2. God Bless you Christian and thanks for talking about something so personal. Heart diease runs in my family. My grandfather, uncle and father all passed away from it. Unfortunely, they were all also very old school guys that didn’t take care of themselves like they should have on top of it. All three drank, ate and worked too much. We recently found out my older brother is having heart issues. He is a young and thought to be very fit guy. It was a shock even with the family history only because of how he takes care of himself. I know that there is a hospital in Houston that specializes in how genetics plays a role in heart disease. So we’ve been looking into a lot of hospitials so he can get the best care he can.

    All I can say is that for men that especially have genetics of heart diease running in your family, no matter how healthy you appear on the outside, you still need to get checked out. It could save your life. You just never know.

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