This is Fun: AskMen Honors 99 Awesome Women – Are Your Favorites on the List?

laverne cox 99 awesome women

Instead of their standard 99 Most Desirable Women, AskMen collected a list of 99 awesome women.

I’m An MRA-Bashing Feminist — But Because I’m a Man, Trolls Leave Me Alone


No one has ever threatened violence against me, or said I was too ugly to rape. Why? Male privilege.

So Many Barriers to Success- Men Returning Home from Incarceration

#GoodMenChat with @KhaCumberbatch

Khalil Cumberbatch is our guest on #GoodMenChat 9pm Est. Tonight’s topic is Coming Home: How we (dis)engage with men reutrning from incarceration.

For Anti-Sex Work Writers, Sex Sells


Put a picture of sex workers on your article, tell everyone how disgusting it is, and watch the punters click.

When it Comes to Health Care, Young Gay Men are Falling Through the Cracks

gay men and health

Health-care providers need to view the health of young gay men within a broader context of personal health and not solely defined by HIV.

Republican Fear and Loathing of Iran has International Consequences


The US is just one actor in an important global non-proliferation regime that works towards preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.