MH17, Iraq, Gaza and the Deadly Verbal Dance Around Killing People


Global leaders speak the same language when distancing themselves from the killing of civilians in military operations.

A Mother of Black Boys Reflects on the Day She Heard Darrin Manning’s Story


Andrea Lawful-Trainer pleads with Philadelphians to not let Darrin Manning’s suffering be in vain.

A Question About the Darrin Manning Case That Still Hasn’t Been Answered

Darrin Manning

Why hasn’t the racial makeup of the grand jury convened for Darrin Manning’s case been disclosed?

This Obsession With Parenting is Out of Control


The debates we have about parenting are marked by judgmentalism and paranoia. Enough.

LGBTQ Youth Over-Represented Across Juvenile Justice System, Experts Say


Because youth of color are also overrepresented in the juvenile justice system, many of the LGBTQ youth in the system are also youth of color, which can often make them invisible to juvenile justice workers

Netherlands Launches War Crimes Investigation Over MH17 Being Shot Down


A Dutch public prosecutor is already in Ukraine to scope out the pro-Russia separatists suspected of mistakenly shooting the plane down under the impression that it was a Ukrainian military transport plane.

War is a Land Grab and it Always Has Been

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 5.35.14 PM.jpg

Scott Pelley, on CBS Evening News, talks of the struggles of today and how to get to peace.

Nice Going, SCOTUS: Emboldened Religious Organizations Now Asking For Permission To Discriminate Against LGBTQ Employees and Students


The United States, where church and state are supposedly separate, is codifying discrimination on the part of Christian-owned and run entities, and thus far, we haven’t seen any high-profile denials of requests for religious exemptions.

John Oliver Tackles One of the Biggest Issues Facing Men Today: Prison

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.57.10 AM

The US prison system is consuming men at a frightening rate. John Oliver explains the problem with humor and empathy.

Why I Have a Problem with Videos of Blacks Being Brutalized

Police Brut 3

Jeff Jones asserts that sharing videos of blacks being brutalized by police damages the public perception of his race.