Alex Zanardi’s Drive Refuses to Quit


He lost his legs, but not his attitude.

Halloween Hack: Scary Shrunken Faces


Carving a face into an apple and leaving it in the sun makes it look scary as sh*t. (Photo)

Never Doubt That You Can Change the World

cup of tea

On the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Peace perhaps it’s time we stopped looking to our leaders for peace, when really, peace is up to us.

Dog Saves Suicidal Veteran

dog saves vet

After watching this dog save a suicidal veteran, Louise Thayer shares her experience with PTSD, veterans, and service animals.

Cable Snips and Fake Mexican Burglaries: How the WWI Information Battle was won


Intelligence gathering tactics developed in the Great War came to redefine how military operations played out and can even teach us about how we communicate today.

The Fight Against Islamic State is a Battle for Young Minds


Radicalisation is a psychological process that exploits people looking for answers.

The MacArthur Foundation Doesn’t Care Who You Love

Kyle Abraham, 2013 MacArthur Genius Grant Award Winner

The MacArthur Foundation has a long history of recognizing queer geniuses.   The MacArthur Foundation awarded nearly two dozen genius grants this week, and there are three fabulous queers among the recipients. Is “genius” too strong of a word for Mary Bonauto, Samuel Hunter and Alison Bechdel? No, we don’t think it is. After all, we have Bonauto to thank for […]

The 7 Deadly Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship – The GMP Show

Thomas Fiffer

Would you know the signs of a dysfunctional relationship? Thomas Fiffer joined Dr. Vibe for The GMP Show to discuss one of his best articles on The Good Men Project.