Struggling for a Parent’s Affection


Leave it up to cinematographer Frank Buono and he’ll transport you into the window of a young boy’s life in ten minutes.

Why I Write – Telling Men’s Stories, Even Though I’m a Woman

writing in the sand

Being a sexually driven woman, who advocates for men who are feeling lost, stuck, or alone in their relationships, requires a courageous vulnerability.

When There are no More Holocaust Survivors


None of us know life without living, breathing Holocaust survivors.

Beer in Portland is Fighting Homelessness


What if charity were a celebration instead of a solitary and sober act? Pints of beer in Portland, Oregon are changing the world.

Russian-Backed Insurgents put Ukraine Advance on Hold—and Wait for the West’s Next Move

russia go home-ap

There’s still a risk the West could get drawn into a hot war, but Obama is right to rule out military intervention.

Why I Write – Because I Can Finally Do What I Love

father showing kid the stars

With the youngest of his four children grown and gone, Richard Greenberg is finally free to remember why he loves to write, and what he wants to say.

‘Your Country Needs You’: Why did so Many Volunteer in 1914?


Some went willingly, some went reluctantly, some signed up their horses. The volunteer soldiers of World War I.

New York City Will Pay $10 Million to Settle Wrongful Conviction Case


Revelations about the prosecution of Jabbar Collins, who served 15 years for a murder he did not commit, helped to bring down longtime Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Facebook Rolls Out Gender-Neutral Family Options

Facebook offers family members new gender/gender-neutral options.

First there were new options for individuals. Now Facebook is offering new identity options for family members.

Dear Fox News: This Feminist Thinks a Lot Better of Men Than You Apparently Do

Fox News let men be men

Joanna Schroeder is sick of people degrading and dehumanizing men by saying things like “let men be men”.