Panic Over Ebola Echoes the 19th-century Fear of Cholera


The history of epidemics has a lot to tell us about the acute feelings outbreaks still spark today.

Katharine Hepburn Knows Nothing About Bootstraps or White Privilege

white privilege

Ignoring white privilege is enemy number one residing in the hearts of white liberals everywhere. Billy Flood explains.

Climate Change Poses a Greater Threat to Humanity Than Ebola and ISIS Combined


While many of us are distracted by the rise of ISIS and the spread of Ebola, climate change is actively destabilizing the planet. It might seem invisible to us, but this is a very real problem.

Why Losing Weight is Hard – But Not Impossible


The obesity epidemic has hit us hard. A lack of understanding and negative attitudes are making it hard to tackle.

Men’s Experience of Workplace Bullying

Men Are Bullied Too

Sue O’Donnell shares her research on workplace bullying and how we should not assume that men do not want or will not ask for help.

Police Turning Schools Into War Zones: Teddy Bears, Machine Guns, and MRAPs for Kids


Schools need military-grade equipment and weapons?

#GMPChat: WorkPlace Bullying, The Office is the New Schoolyard

WorkPlace Bullying

Join us on Wednesday, October 15th at 9pm Est for a #GMPChat about Workplace Bullying and its effects on employee morale and company culture.

Nobel Rewards Economist Who Told Us how to Tame the Big Firms Which Run Our Lives

Jean Tirole

Jean Tirole’s groundbreaking work brought game theory into how governments manage the big power companies.