Meet the Gay Dads Suing Georgia to Marry


With dozens and dozens of couples filing suit against various states over the last few months, it was only a matter of time before the Peach State joined in.

How Going to the Bathroom Produced a Policy Recommendation for Climate Change Adaptation

urinals-Rupert Ganzer-flickr

As the world warms, lawmakers need to enact meaningful water conservation policies.

Dear 18 Year Old Self, How to Avoid Hitchhiking on the Interstate

letter to 18 year old self

Pete Gilbert has some advice for his younger self on choosing cars and living life unscripted.

Study of Motion Sheds New Light on Autism and the Brain


People with autism are better at picking out objects or features in static images. It’s a clue to how they may be using their brains differently.

#BostonStrong: How This Year’s Marathon Proves That The US Will Not Be Undone By Terrorism

ap-boston-marathon-bombing-photo-shoot-Michael Dwyer

While additional security measures reduce the likelihood of terrorists carrying out another attack, it is the runners and participants who attended this year’s marathon that will most actively combat the terrorists’ cause.

Ukraine isn’t the Czech Crisis of 1938, but There are Lessons to Learn from History


Nowadays, the threat of military retaliation has lost credibility, and diplomatic arm wrestling can only rely on the threat of economic warfare.

Life In Prison For Mother Who Murdered Toddler Son She Thought Was Gay

jessica dutro photo

A mother who murdered her toddler son because she suspected he was gay received a sentence of life in prison.

Twin 7-Year-Old Boys Fight off Carjacker Who Stole Car While They Were in it (Video)


Two 7-year-old boys in Texas are being praised by law enforcement for their quick thinking after being caught in the middle of a carjacking.

The Easter Bunny Tale: Fun Fiction or Harmful Myth?

easter bunny-George Larcher-flickr

This Easter perhaps consider gently giving your children a basketful of honesty about who really supplies the Easter eggs.

The Upside Down Wonderland of Racism

alice in wonderland-Jacqueline-flickr

We must as a nation get beyond this false and counterproductive notion of “colorblindness/race-blindness” and confront head-on our past history and current realities of racism and white privilege.