The Story of Dr. John Kitchin, aka Slomo


Matt Kohn found inspiration in the story of Slomo — a doctor who stopped being an asshole and now spends the majority of his time rollerblading along the Pacific.

Texas Man Who Overpaid Child Support Is Released From Prison


Clifford Hall received a suspended sentence and is currently on probation after a clerical error put him way behind on child support payments.

World War I: In the Beginning


The start of the “war to end all wars”—a century on.

Setting Yourself on Fire … Really?


A Boy dies participating in the fire challenge, are we now ready to admit it’s not a game?

Lack of Trust and Tit-For-Tat Escalation Brings Ukraine to the Brink of All-Out War with Russia


As the world argues over what to do about Flight MH17 and fighting in east Ukraine grows ever more intense, there is little sign that either side can act to defuse the crisis.

What is Happening to the Mental Health of Young People Caught up in Gaza Conflict?


It’s clear that young people are getting caught in the crossfire of the latest round of fighting between Israel and Palestine and the conflict is taking a huge toll on them. And the effects of the war are not just physical.

Is This Teenager About to Cure Colon Cancer?

Kevin Stonewall Colon Cancer

Never doubt the power of a teenage guy who loves to do good for the world. Kevin Stonewall may just put an end to colon cancer.

Thank You for Your Service: How One Company Sues Soldiers Worldwide

usa discounters

Court records show USA Discounters pursues debts for years, regardless of whether a service member has retired, or where he or she might live.