Why Donald Trump Supporters Think Blacks Are Lazy

The mis-perception of Blacks held by Mr. Trump’s supporters and others is the result of an indoctrination of the public by the American media.

A Closer Look at the Case that Normalized Stop-and-Frisk

The American epidemic known as stop-and-frisk was birthed from the case Terry v. Ohio, which when examined carefully was problematic.

Vasectomy as Male Choice

How can we shame women for getting abortions when men aren’t participating in preventing unwanted pregnancies?

Why Donald Trump is Avoiding Philadelphia

Philadelphia isn’t known for being kind to Republicans and the City has shown little-to-no brotherly love towards Mr. Donald Trump.

America Weakens Fourth Amendment but Affirms Second

By conceding on the Fourth Amendment but remaining stubborn on the Second, the government is suggesting that constitutional rights are separate but unequal.

Why Dads Need to Discover Their Reset Button

In order to be fully present with young children, author Han-Son Lee of DaddiLife suggests dads find their own centering trigger. — Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.’ — Bill Keane. Too often, we can get caught up in the administration of life: the […]

Orlando: The Last Mass Terror Attack? Don’t Bet On It

As many men and women struggle to deal with what happened on Sunday morning, our collective responses—not reactions—deserve closer examination.

Philadelphia Mayor Among Attendees at Orlando Shooting Vigil

At a vigil for the victims of the Orlando mass shooting, the Mayor of Philadelphia looked profoundly sad while the City Council President appeared exasperated.

The Question America Doesn’t Ask Itself After Tragedies Like Orlando

What’s our message?: After the Orlando shooting, America must define and distribute widely its message in order to combat self-radicalization.