Four Key Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

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The brain is the seat of our emotions, perceptions, and actions. A healthy lifestyle for our brain is easy to achieve.

Legalized Bribery in America: Radio Show on January 31, 2015 with John J. Higgins

Legalized Bribery photo by stevendepolo

Please join Barb Adams and John J. Higgins as they discuss Practical Solutions for America on how to end “legalized bribery” in America this Saturday, January 31, at 11pm Eastern and 8pm Pacific

Discrimination is Bad for Your Health—and Your Kids Too

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Racial discrimination can lead to health problems in adults – and biological impacts that could last across generations.

Let’s Talk Super Bowl with our #GMPSports Team at #GoodMenChat

#GoodMenChat with #GMPSports Team

Calling all football fans! Grab your snacks, get your game face on and join us on Wednesday, January 28th 9pm for #GoodMenChat

Philly Pizza Shop Offers Pay-It-Forward Pizza Program To Help The Homeless


A pizza shop in Philadelphia lets customers pre-purchase a slice of pizza that will be given to a person who cannot afford to buy their own.

Lips are the Most Exposed Erogenous Zone


…which makes kissing feel very good