About Chris Wiewiora

Chris Wiewiora earned his MFA in Creative Writing and Environment from Iowa State University. His nonfiction about relationships has also been published on the Billfold, Nerve, the Rumpus, and many other magazines. Read more at www.chriswiewiora.com.

A Father’s Day Memory: Powsin Spring

Sometimes the simplest memories can be the most powerful. Chris Wiewiora shares a story from his childhood in Warsaw, Poland.

Down on One Knee: A Love Story for Lauren, One Year Later

I just couldn’t imagine being with anyone else other than Lauren and I wanted only her, always.


Nothing says “sorry” like a fist.


As I stand under an apricot tree, a golden set of stairs appears.


Chris Wiewiora is constantly aware of being compared to ‘the old Chris’—his new girlfriend’s previous boyfriend.

The Power of Love Notes

Whenever I think of love notes I think about the one stuck to my parents’ bathroom mirror.


What do you do when you know your friend has cheated on his girlfriend?

How to (Not) Become a Male Pornstar

Ever watched porn and thought, ‘I could do this, easy’?

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

I want to reminiscence, but I don’t believe we remember things the same as each other.

Suburban Sonnet

It’s morning in the suburbs.

Top Ten Reasons a Literary Snob Won’t Go Out with You

Being a snob means being discerning and exclusive. Try not to take it too hard.


Chris Wiewiora describes his distance from a high school stabbing.

Two Abortions, Herpes, and 69: Some Things That Made Me Not Go on a Second Date

“I was too much of a coward to say I was sorry.”

#44: Shifting

“He could’ve done some damage in high school football, but he was the assistant manager counting my drawer.”

Grand (re)Opening

Chris Wiewiora explains how reuniting with an ex is a testament to hope and human strength.

Sleeping Over

Chris Wiewiora remembers the first morning he woke up next to a woman.