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Joanna Schroeder is the type of working mom who opens her car door and junk spills out all over the ground. She serves as Executive Editor of The Good Men Project and is a freelance writer whose work has appeared on sites like xoJane, hlntv.com, and The Huffington Post. Joanna loves playing with her sons, skateboarding with her husband, and hanging out with friends. Her dream is to someday finish her almost-done novel and get some sleep. Follow her shenanigans on Twitter.

These BuzzFeed Videos of Guys Doing “Lady Stuff” Are Funny, But Also Weird

guy getting waxed BuzzFeed

Joanna Schroeder wants to talk to you guys about “lady stuff” and why it’s funny (and sometimes not) when guys do it.

Russell Brand Slams Celebrity News Outlets for Being Jerks About Renee Zellweger, and It’s Flawless

Russell Brand Renee Zellweger

Russell Brand tears apart the media’s scrutiny of Renee Zellweger’s face.

100 Words on Love is Back, and We Want Your Love

heart's blood

An open call: Tell me what you love.

Michael Sheen, a ‘Master of Sex’, On Being a Very Fancy British Person

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen explains how the queen will fully shove you away when she’s done with you.

7 Things I’m Not Afraid to Tell My Sons About Love, Sex, and Their Bodies


Joanna Schroeder is tired of the expectations put upon boys and men, and encourages her boys to forge their own paths.

Guys, Have You Told Your Best Friend You Love Him? These Guys Did

guys say i love you

Watching these best guy friends say they love each other is awkward at first, and then pretty awesome and empowering.

Key & Peele Show How We’ve Totally Messed Up Our Relationships With Text Messaging

key and peele text messages

Key and Peele totally misread each other’s text messages. Will this end with bloodshed? (Probably not, seeing as they’re comedians)

What’s Even Better Than a Great Dad? A Great Baby-Wearing Dad!

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.57.09 PM

Prepare to explode every myth you know about dads… because these fathers are out on the town with their babies held close.

Deliciously Pretentious Baby Announcement, Wes Anderson-Style

baby announcement wes anderson

It’s “The Pretentious Presentation of the Uterine Inhabitant” video and it’s great.

Why Do People Think This Behind-the-Scenes Peek at the Filming of a Sex Scene is Awkward?!

stretch sex scene

Is it weird that I think this is not only NOT awkward, but sort of hot and really, really fun? (NSFW!)

The Sexual Abuse of Boys Is Not About “Getting Lucky” and We Need to Stop Promoting This Myth


When we frame sexual abuse as a “sexual relationship” or call a male survivor of sexual abuse “lucky”, we harm survivors of any gender.

5 Ways to Be Less Racist

Boston Herald

Recent news stories that show us exactly what NOT to do if we’re trying to be less racist.

How Gratitude Helped Me Find My Way to Monogamy


Joanna Schroeder never thought she’d get married.

Dear Fox News: This Feminist Thinks a Lot Better of Men Than You Apparently Do

Fox News let men be men

Joanna Schroeder is sick of people degrading and dehumanizing men by saying things like “let men be men”.

What Happens When You Do the Ice Bucket Challenge With Diet Coke and Mentos?

charlie capon ice bucket challenge

Pretty much nothing.

‘If Guy BFFs Acted Like Girl BFFs’ – Are Guys Missing Out on Friendship?!

guy bffs

Joanna Schroeder was a little bummed out after watching BuzzFeed’s funny new gender-swapping video about how BFFs behave.