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GMP Senior Editor Mark Greene writes and speaks on Men's Issues at the intersection of society, politics, relationships and parenting for the Good Men Project, the New York Times, The Shriver Report, Salon, HLN, The Huffington Post, and Mamamia. You can follow him on Twitter @megaSAHD and Google.
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VIDEO: You Won’t Believe the Artist Who Created These Pictures


These artworks are not what you think they are. How these artworks are created and who makes them will amaze you.

AMAZING VIDEO: Rapper Prince Ea’s Video Will Make You Weep (With Joy)


Activist/Rapper Prince Ea Channels the Power and Eloquence of Martin Luther King.

48 Hour Push: Dad Bloggers Raising $35K for Fellow Dad Blogger with Cancer


Originally their goal was to raise $5,000, now they are close to $35,000 for Oren and his family.

GMP TV: Three Minutes on Protecting Our Kids From Shame


Take a few minutes to see how the culture of shame impacts your life.

Why Men’s Friendships Can Feel So EMPTY


Men’s avoidance of emotional risk when making friends can often result in friendships that are impersonal and inauthentic.

The Perfect Little Video One Dad Can’t Stop Watching: A Child Discovers Rain


The miraculous moment of a child’s discovery is caught perfectly in this little video.

Linklater’s ‘Boyhood': Exploring the Stoicism of American Childhood


Director Richard Linklater has completed one of the most important films ever made about the American family.

Why Father’s Rights is a Win for Women’s Rights


Mark Greene believes that freeing women from the domestic sphere while supporting men to enter that sphere is a win/win.

This Video of a Dad and His Daughter Will Bring You to Joyful Tears


This is an unrestrained expression of love, courage and pride.

The Father of a Thousand Faces


In which Mark Greene puts himself under the parental microscope, and finds more than one Mark Greene.

Are You A Stay at Home Dad? Perhaps You Can Relate to these Animated Action Figures.

Play Group Pariah Number 3 in Man Talk

One dad feels frozen out of the mom’s park play group. Vague parenting paranoia ensues. Big animation fun from the GMP.

Thoughts on ARCADE FIRE’S NEW VIDEO: We Exist-A Musical Tribute to the X-Dress Nation


An evocative and emotional expression of the hidden cross dressing world of men.

77: The Number of Countries in Which It is a Crime to Be Gay


Share this graphic on your Facebook page and spread the word that 77 countries make being gay a crime.

VIDEO: Hill Holliday Makes a “Men Are Stupid” Ad for LG


LG just paid a boatload of money for an ad that portrays men and boys as unable to understand a refrigerator.

VIDEO: Surprising Way Transgendered Persons Are Improving Traffic Safety in India


Transgendered persons (hijras) are playing an unusual role in auto safety in india

Gender Studies Class… Man Talk Stop-Action Cartoon #2


The kinds of conversations that occur at the GMP can be so surreal as to be hilarious.