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‘On Learning America’s English’

Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fulfilled Pages Matam’s curriculum for learning English.

Come Hang out in Lenny’s Garage, err… Museum?

A 12,000 square foot garage. A staggering collection of 58 rare classic cars. Meet Lenny Shiller.

The Ultimate Equation: Insanity, Frisbee and Water Jet Packs, Baby!

The unparalleled sickness of this catch is why we exist.

‘How to Find a Heaven You Don’t Deserve’

Tales from the grim side of the street from a man whose nightmare began at 13.

‘The Perfect Panic Attack’

In the midst of a panic attack, it’s ironic that every primal, basic piece of you is screaming at you to survive.

One Question That Reveals a Narcissist

Where is your self, the stuff that makes you who you are, in your body? Answering this question can identify if you are a narcissist.

Interesting Ways to Make Instant Coffee Insanely Delicious

Sweet, merciful coffee, you are a seductive vixen with many lives. Let me love you, dammit.

Dog Breaks Record For Most Balls Caught with Paws

Man’s best friend dogs man in a you-gotta-see-it sporty, sweet display.

How to Keep the Guy Who’s Perfect for You

In less than 10 sentences, Bob Marley nails it with this powerful quote.

Funny Road Rage Video Shows Us What’s Happening Inside Angry Men

Sometimes humor is the best way to explode stereotypes.

Survivors Of Dad Jokes

These kids share the horrors of facing terrible jokes by their very own fathers.

Adam Savage Gleefully Discovers The Duck Army Meme

He knows a quack when he sees one.

Dear Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg seeks pardon for a 25-year old brutal beating he delivered. Alex Dang sets his record straight.

‘No One Knows How Beautiful a Consummation of Bellies can be”

Christopher Stanly – “Fat Love”

17 Incredible Moments When Dad Saved the Day

Dads are hard rocking superheroes.

“Deodorant” Do You Long for the Days of Broken Backs?

Will Giles asks does 21st century marketing make us nostalgic for broken backs, for the moans from refugees huddled in the bottom of boats?