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This is What It Feels Like to Be Rejected

being rejected by women

Ugh. Yeah. It’s pretty much like this.

Climb a Rock Face Barehanded. No Ropes. Your Safety Net? A Parachute.

rock face

There’s a fine line between fun and terrifying indeed.

How to Use Your National Anthem for Your Protest!


Strange ways that people fight the power

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Straight Guys Break Social Norms and Talk About Which Guys They Think Are Hot

straight guys hot guys

Are we busting stereotypes about masculinity here?

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Call for Submissions: Remember That Time…Holidays

remember when

We want your stories! You don’t have to have a novel in your head, just a memory or two to share.

Yes, There’s a Path Between Those Two Rock Walls That Goes Almost Straight Down. Ski It, Cody Townsend, Ski It

rock wall

Do we know why it’s men who most often are the daredevils, the extreme sports enthusiasts, the ones who live life on the edge?

The Myth Of Human Nature

human  nature

We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are, or…as we are conditioned to see it.

WOW: You Have to See This Time-Lapse Video of #MillionsMarchNYC

millions march nyc time lapse

This is what America looks like. This is how America changes. This is how we grow.

LOVE: Father and Daughter Dance-Battle to A Tribe Called Quest

daddy daughter ATCQ dance battle

These are the moments a child carries with them for life.

We Know You Are Not Supposed to Laugh at Slapstick, Guy Falls Down Humor. But this is Funny.

fall down

Please tell us you laughed at this. “Nice recovery” indeed.

Is Family About Love and Acceptance…

redefining family

…Or about who is inside or outside the home?

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