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Death Match: Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play ‘Mortal Kombat X’ with Conan O’Brien

Gronk Conan Marshawn play mortal combat

It was a bit too much for these Superbowl superstars.

“I am a much better man because of dancing.”


After he overcame his lifelong fear of it, one reader found that dancing gave him a new and amazing way to connect.

Do We Choose to Forgive?


How do we decide to forgive or not forgive?

Dear Kitten: A Cat’s Advice About The Super Bowl

Cat and Superbowl

When you stock up on Super Bowl goodies, don’t forget your cat’s favorites. Here’s why.

Keeping Up with the Conversation

no readng and flying

You can keep up with The Good Men Project even when you’re on the go.

Could You Catch an Arrow in The Air and Shoot it Back at Your Enemy? This Man Can.


Throw a beer tab and shoot an arrow through it? No problem. Welcome to 21st century archery.

They seem to think any relationship is better than no relationship.


What do you do when your family is convinced you need a mate?

An Amazing Relationship [Music Video]


When George Michael sings Amazing, who is he singing about?

Your Embarassing Inner Monologue When a Cute Girl Likes Your Instagram Photo

a little carried away

Not trying to judge you, bro, but you may be getting a little carried away. (Video)

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Busy day? We’ve got recommendations from our Twitter followers.

To Be a Dad

Dads and Toyota bold new camry

Check out the video honoring dads everywhere. Honor your dad. Presented by The Bold New Camry by Toyota #OneBoldChoice

I Would Love to Hug Them, But I Can’t


If you don’t learn to express love from your parents, is it harder to express love to others later in life?

A Guy Picks Up a Bottle of Water, and It Turns to Ice in His Hands. Magic? Or Science?

supercooled water

For some reason, people seem to think the fact that he is in North Carolina is pertinent. It’s not.

Is There an Attack on Recess? Michael Kasdan Discusses on HLNtv

Michael Kasdan on HLN

What are the implications of a world where children are tested and structured and not allowed time to play?

11 Ways to Join the Conversation


You’ve been reading The Good Men Project. Now you want to know how to join in. Here’s your cheat sheet.

If You Are Skiing and There’s Something in Your Way—Just Jump Over It

Candide Thovex One of Those Days

Candide Thovex in ‘One of Those Days 2′