Building Self-Esteem as a Primary Parent

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About Jay Palter

Jay Palter is a social media consultant and strategist specializing in developing personal brands online. An avid blogger and web content curator, he maintains several blogs (including, homemadedad.caand Newish in Edmonton). As an active father and "primary parent" to 3 kids, Jay is committed to expanding the domestic roles and responsibilities of dads—starting with his own role in his own family. You can find him on Twitter at @jaypalter, Google+ and Pinterest.


  1. [...] today, the Good Men Project decided to republish one of my posts about the challenges I felt some days about being a dad doing work that moms usually do. I always [...]

  2. [...] This is the kind of claim that demands data, and Slaughter has none. She doesn’t make room for women who don’t want children at all, or acknowledge that a great many men hate the pressure put on them to be breadwinners only and fear the ridicule that comes from suggesting they might want to do more parenting. [...]

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