Does Size Matter? We Hope Not

EDIT: It has been brought to our attention that this map, which has been all over the internet recently, is either highly flawed or entirely fictitious. Since some of the data appears to have come from a company hawking penis extenders, and some appears to be coming from this dubious web page, we encourage you not to draw any conclusions from the map.

The only thing we’re left wondering is “Why does this page continue to get viewed so much?”

Click the map to get a full-size version of the world, colored according to the average penis size of every country.

Finally, we’ve found something that Finland isn’t good at.

The five most well-endowed nations are:

The United States ranks somewhere in the lower-middle of the world penis-size rankings. The average American man has a penis length of 5.1 inches. South Korea is the most poorly endowed nation, coming in at 3.9 inches. Cambodia, Thailand, India, and Burma round out the bottom five.


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About Ryan O'Hanlon

Ryan O'Hanlon is the managing editor of the Good Men Project. He used to play soccer and go to college. He's still trying to get over it. You can follow him on Twitter @rwohan.


  1. YES. Size does matter to women. For years – centuries – women have pretended “it’s quality – not quantity.” Here’s the truth. Women like both, but size can make a difference.

  2. Mrs Patrick Campbell says:

    We are certainly grateful that our husband – a handsome, well built Latino of 40 – has a solid 9 inches by 6 inches on the tape measure with humungous very low hanging man-balls!

  3. Indian king says:

    WOW. Im from Canada and I am Indian, and Im packing at 8.1 inches and Im 17…. there must be a correlation between poverty and dick size Im guessing…

  4. Hello there everyone I’m am a new Student,eurpe girl.Im nevertheless looking for the weblog like I as well as lastly locate the particular answer to be able to numerous questions inside this website yet right now there numerous regarding comments, who addresses inside an additional topic I carry out not realize exactly why . give thanks to you for the content material overseer and keep on doing works just like that .

  5. Anonymous Male says:

    Let’s assume for the moment that the map information is completely accurate. What difference does this information really make? Is this actually very useful information?

    I doubt there would be a sudden surge in the tourism industry to Sudan or Congo. I would expect that Ecuadorian, Colombian, and Venezuelan rivalry might increase a bit, but that’s already pretty high in many cases. I could see if you are casting for porn films you could plan international recruitment more knowledgeably. Aside from that, I’m not sure how this map is much of a mindblower. Even _IF_ it’s true.

  6. Fascinating… and I’m Colombian, so this is awesome

    and it’s funny, I’ve got the smallest hands and feet, but a good penis size…

    height and hand/foot size got nothing to do with penis size…

    check this out:

    Can you tell the size of somebody’s penis by the size of their hands or feet?

  7. Black Iris says:

    Why does the map get so much attention? Maybe for the same reason your sponsor are advertising a free male enhancement coupon – at a website that asks if you’re having trouble satisfying your partner.

  8. im white , only 14 , with 8 1/3rd inches

    • What country are you from? Yeah, there is also the fact that many Americans are from various countries. So the question would be, what country/nationality do your parents come from? Also, what about genetic dominant and recessive genes? Like baldness, is cock size inherited more from one’s Mom or Dad or is it an even blend? I think it’s from the Dad’s side: Mine is quite large but my Dad’s brother’s son’s (my cousin’s) is HUGE (I know this from hands on experience!). His cousin on his Mom’s side was a big guy and I feel certain his was very large. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a few more ways to tell a dude’s dick size w/o seeing it and I’ve confirmed it later (wink wink). My vote is a blend of both parents. Dude, over 8 at 14 yrs old?!! DAMN. How tall is your family and how tall are you now? When did you start puberty? There needs to be a study. I volunteer to help!

  9. The real scientific method of measuring size is as follows:

    Length x width / angle

    That will prove your overall number.

  10. I’m a gal who likes sex with men. I would want to know other things about the world’s men that I think are more important, at least when it comes to sex. In these countries:

    How many know what a clitoris is, besides something to be cut off?
    How many are willing to go down on a woman?
    How many are willing to use a condom?
    How many are willing to take requests from a woman?
    How many care about a woman’s orgasm in the first place?
    How many think men and women should have equal sexual rights?

    If you’re just a walking life-support system for your penis, I’m not interested, no matter how big it is.

  11. the biggest penis certainly isnt in asia!

  12. Oh please ive been w/ caucasian men who would
    put a brother to shame.Its all good tho.Peace

  13. How does this post in any way, shape, or form, advance the goals of the “Good Men Project”? Is the point of this project to encourage men around the world to line-up, whip it out, and start jousting?

  14. alejandro says:

    i think that evey nation has its big ones and small ones. you cant judge it that way. i think its up to which ever female sleeps with certain man. im ecuadorian ,tall and skinny and im only 8 inches, my little brother who is shorter than me is 7 inches. but he be having more girls than me, and we live in the bronx. and i hear stories from my female friends that black guys have it too big and some other black guys have it not too big, and i think every race is like that. i think is up to that female if she sees that you are satisfying her or not , regarldless of the size. unless your lower than 3 inches or 4 , thats another story. my girl is black, and you would expect for her just to love some mandingo 13 inch monster, but shes cool with my 8 inch. and by the way she makes more money than me.

  15. muhammed wolnikowski says:

    Alls I knows is, with me in the study, they should be grading on a curve for the U.S. literally!

  16. what crap is this… and India amongst the bottom 4… well may be but according to my experiences with Indian men i haven’t met anyone below 6in… and trust me i have slept with many… 😛 the biggest indian dick i have seen is 13in… but this guy refused to fuk me coz he thot it will tear me apart… so i had to just sit nd play with it for sometime… hahahaha
    but yes i think american men have bigger size, also the french men… always dissapointed by brits.. middle eastern men hav thicker bt not big… so i really doubt this map… nd i am not a whore… 😛

  17. It’s not the size but how you use it. lol

  18. Too stupid, and I am a Chinese, I understand that China, a large north-south span, very different, thing, also vary widely. . How could the whole of Asia, are red. .

  19. Sandra Dusseldorf says:

    Okay, now go to the target map, & look at the sources for the African averages. Again, there are no sources or references listed for the averages of the vast majority of the African nations on the map either. Then click on the link on the map finder, you’ll see that the data for Congo’s average, 7.1 inches, is listed as “self-reported”. That means it’s from a penis survey. That’s probably why the average is so inflated, and Congo has the (alleged) largest avg penis size on the map. lol Same goes for Ghana (6.7 inches). It’s totally ridiculous. And there’s no way that most African or Asian nations have scientific studies, considering that they’re mostly undeveloped & developing nations. Actual scientifically based penis size studies are expensive to conduct. These countries have more serious issues to deal with than average penis size. lol Also compare the relatively modest average penis sizes (the hallmark of true scientific studies) of the 15 nations included in the Andromedical Study to the highly inflated averages of the nations on that fraudulent penis size map. That’s because the vast majority of the data on that penis size map came from unscientific penis surveys. That’s why most of the averages are highly inflated. lol For example, France was the only nation in the Andromedical Study to reach or surpass 6 inches. The relative modest averages of the Andromedical Study are EXACTLY what makes it so credible. So you can throw that fraudulent penis size map in the garbage where it belongs.

  20. Sandra Dusseldorf says:

    LOL That’s true. No doctor or scientist is going to create a racist penis size map which fails to support the vast majority of its data with legitimate references or sources; mixes alleged scientific data with non-scientific data from penis surveys in which men self-report their penis size, & list obvious fraudulent data. Click on the link provided on the map finder yourself, & you’ll see that the majority of the data is listed as self-reported. That means its from a penis survey, not scientifically valid in the least. lol Not only is the Japanese average a fraud on that map. The moron lists a 1953 study (Kenley Report) as the source for the data for the Chinese average lol You see, if he was an actual doctor or scientist, he’d know that such a study (if it actually existed) would be outdated & scientifically invalid. Most importantly, there are no sources or references listed for the data of the majority of Asian nations on the map, as there are no sources listed for the vast majority of the averages of the nations on the map.. What kind of doctor or scientist would do that & expect anyone to lend any credibility to his data? lol That world penis size map is a SHAM.

  21. Sandra Dusseldorf says:

    FYI, the Andromedical company is a separate entity from the Andromedical Study. Prestigious physicans from the 15 nations included in the study submitted the data for the Andromedical Study. It even states this in the introduction to the Andromedical Study. Dr Gomez de Diego, who conducted the study & collected the data is an andrologist from Spain. Andrology is a sub-specialty of urology. Yes, he’s a licensed urologist. As for that penis extender product that the company is promoting, it’s actually used post-surgically for men who undergo penis enlargement. No, I don’t agree that the product is effective unless you undergo surgery first. But the company is a separate entity from the physicians who submitted the data for the Andromedical Study.

    • you are incorrect says:

      The japanese average above the american average? Lol puleeze THAT is complete dreck and you know it.Don’t insult our intelligence with YOUR crackpot data as well.BTW and i am a japanese woman i should know.Dr Gomez’ data is incorrect

  22. Sandra Dusseldorf says:

    You have that twisted around, Mister. The Andromedical Study was published in 2001. It supercedes that fraudulent penis size map. Prestigous physicians submitted the data for the Andromedical Study, unlike that fraudulent map. It even states this in the introduction to the Andromedical Study.We know for sure that the idiot that created & posted that fraudulent map on the internet is not a doctor or scientist. If he was, he would know that penis surveys are not scientifically valid in the least, and he would not have mixed scientific data with non-scientific data from penis surveys. lol Actually it’s common sense. You can’t trust men to accurately self-report their penis size. Men lie & exaggerate about their penis size all the time. Go to the target map for the fraudulent penis size map, & check the sources yourself. There are only sources or references listed for 34 nations on the entire map. In fact, the only averages that check out are those submitted by prestigious physicians from Germany, USA, India, & South Korea for the ANDROMEDICAL STUDY. We can even tell you the medical journal that the American Study=12.9cm is published in. It’s the American Journal of Urology, and the Japanese average according to the Japanese Journal of Urology is 13.28cm. If you look at the sources that he lists on that map, they’re incomplete & extremely suspicious. This idiot that created this fraudulent world penis size map didn’t even find it necessary to list the sources for the vast majority of nations on the map. lol He’s not a doctor or a scientist. That penis size map is a sham, and it was created by a racist moron. That map is dubious, not the data for the 2001 Andromedical Study. lol

  23. David Glick says:

    You need to see the introduction & preface to the Andromedical Study to find out more about it. They explain everything. How the penises were measured, etc. That so called web page that you refer to as “dubious” is just the page with the data listed for the 15 nations included in the 2001 Andromedical Study. In the introduction to the Andromedical Study, they even tell you that the data was submitted by prestigious physicians from the 15 nations. On the other hand, on that fraudulent target map, there are no sources or references listed for the vast majority of nations on the map, and it contains fraudulent data, legitimate scientific data for a few of the nations, and nonscientific data from penis surveys, which are NOT scientifically valid in the least. That world penis size map was created by a racist moron, who obviously is not a doctor or scientist. LOL All you have to do is go to the target map & check the sources, then click on the link. Much of that data is contrived & fraudulent. That’s why they fail to list sources for the vast majority of nations on the map.

  24. David Glick says:

    You’re absolutely wrong. The web page to which you refer as “dubious” is actually legitimate. That is the data of the 2001 Andromedical Study, submitted by PRESTIGIOUS physicians from those 15 nations. The study was headed by a reputable European urologist, Dr Gomez de Diego of Spain who collected the data. The DUBIOUS webpage is the the target map for that fraudulent world penis size map, which only lists sources for 34 nations. The American Study=12.9cm is published in the American Journal of Urology as well. That’s the official journal of the American Urological Assn. That web page that you refer to as “dubious” are the results of the Andromedical Study. That world penis size map is fraudulent. A doctor or scientist did NOT create that map. LOL

  25. This give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Red China”


  27. David Hun says:

    That map is fraudulent. Only a handful of nations have actual scientific studies like those in the Andromedical Study. If you check the sources of the data on the target map, they don’t even list the sources of the data. That’s because every country in the world does not have a penis size study, and most only have penis surveys, which aren’t scientifically valid. Also there’s blatant errors in the data listed. Ie. The accurate average for the Japanese is 13.28cm according to the Japanese Journal of Sexology. That’s Japan’s only legitimate scientific study. The Andromedical Study is the ONLY scientifically based study of international comparative penis size that exists.

  28. As lovely as I’m sure the Congo is I still wouldn’t want to be born there. It might be something they could put on travel brochures. Matbe something like “Come to the Congo, home of the large penis”.

  29. Still not sure I’d want to be born in the Congo. I think I’m gonna survive with what I’ve got. I can always try pulling on it more often to see if that helps.

  30. It’s nice to see that the good man project examines such important topics.

  31. I wonder what people in Sudan eat? LOL

  32. Henry Vandenburgh says:

    The basic driver of penis size is the contrast between social situations that favor r versus k mating strategies. In circumstances (such as in the tropics) where monogamy is less likely, penises are larger so that sperm can be deposited more deeply and the shovel-shaped glans can evacuate competitive semen. In northern climates where monogamy is socially selected because of the relative harshness on the environment, penis size can be smaller, because there is less chance of competition at the level of mating.

  33. …looks like Elle and Ana have a toucoln tunnel syndrome…lol The map is bunk,measure everyone or fail……

  34. what about the filipinos? no figure about us?

  35. FYI i’m a female and a man’s height does not affect their penis size (I know from experience) there’s been times when i’m about to hook up with a 6’0 guy and have been disappointed by their below average 5in dong and there’s been times when a 5’7 guy surprises me by havin a 7 in …you just never know until u see it haha

    • short = :D says:

      I’ve found it to be inversely proportionate, with Caucasian men anyway…short guys = BIG and tall guys are usually averageish. Fat guys are always tiny tho 😉

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      Hmm… sounds like you’re quite the informed cock whore. Keyword: whore.

  36. keepinitreal says:

    people often incorrectly cite a Korean study that measured flaccid stretched penises, not erect ones.

    “2.2 Measurements

    The flaccid penile length was measured in a warm quiet room. The penile length was defined as the distance from the pubo-penile skin junction atthe dorsum to the tip of the glans. The suprapubic fat thickness was defined as the thickness of the fad-pad when the examiner firmly compressed up to the pubis symphysis at the pubo-penile junction. The stretched length was measured after maximum penile stretching at the first attempt. A rigid ruler was used, except for the penile circumference, to avoid measurement error due to penile curvature. The mid-shaft circumference was measured with a tape.”

    I’m not saying Koreans have monster dongs, but the 9.6 cm figure thrown around is not accurate due to the measurement method. In reality, I suspect they have the same size as the Japan/China numbers from the region.

  37. Poorly sourced and race essentialist. Well done, whoever thought this should get published. Associating the site with this kind of sub-drunken, quasi-racist dribble is *exactly* the message you want to get across, I’m sure.

    • Henry Vandenburgh says:

      Sorry, “essentialism” is a fairly empty term. Part of the post-modernist lexicon– and PM is actually anti-intellectual, in spite of the impenetrable rhetoric. This page is basically in fun, I think, but there are racial differences, including ones that make certain people faster sprinters, etc. Penis size can differ racially, although there is tremendous genetic variation is Africa (as compared to other places) so one might expect greater range as well. I’m somewhat persuaded by r-k differences. Racism is discussing unattractive and untrue characteristics by race. The current fashion of saying citing any physical as racist robs the term of meaning.

  38. And equally small, the vaginas. Look for us at number one in the small vagina study. Cambodia!

  39. bignotbest says:

    this is retarded, im from vancouver canada and just cause were away from the u.s. by a few miles our penis’s somehow are bigger? i wish !

    • its different in canada cuz in usa theres alot more men from asian and india countries and that obviously brings down the average penis size for us americans

  40. Carolina bruni says:

    I believe this is the map that women where looking for.
    From my experience, men from Guayaquil, Ecuador have the biggest penis.
    I’ve dated only one Guayaquileño and was enough to get me marry to him.

  41. The truth is that 7 inches is still pretty small.. don’t you think so ladies???

  42. I cannot help but notice that the guys with the smallest dicks own most of the world and it’s weapons/resources (at least for the moment).

    The guys with the biggest peckers are still waiting to find out about toilet paper and indoor plumbing.

    A cumbersome wang will make you complacent, lack the motivation for world domination, and far less innovative on the whole.

    My cock is so short, I drip pee on my balls.

    Baby dicks – FTW!

  43. And I thought American’s were the biggest wankers!

  44. Mrs Patrick Campbell says:

    So the Congo is the only place in the world with average (over 7 inches hard) length meat?

  45. this is bull**** latin man from colombia or venezuela or even brazil… mexican man have big ones?? haha latin man have small ones…maybe a notch bigger than asians…. european are the biggest

    • I disagree with you… I’m very well travelled.. and kinda experienced:-)

      • I am very well travelled, and i am originally from Colombia….. there is no way this is true.. i dont care what anybody says. Ecuadorian man of 5’1” have big d*cs is totally ridiculous….. white americans and black americans are at least 1 in bigger in average… at LEAST…. white europeans are bigger….. than all… so this is false… i’ve been with polish,german, russian and otherss and they was hung like horses.. very unlike latin man…. the smallest one i ever saw came from a brasilian ewwww

    • your hatin cuz u have a dwarf penis..dnt deny it hahah

  46. I see a pattern. The longer the penises, the less likely a man will be sent to the store to buy tampons.

  47. I think we need to measure tongue length and flexibility… you know… Even best of two.

    I’m just sayin’.

    *licks eyebrows*

  48. tape measure says:

    World Wars I & II finally make sense !
    In fact…..the Most colorful areas are the areas of the most conflict.
    If we mandate universal penis size will we end agression?

    • I can’t tell if you’re colorblind, ignorant of history or have a terrible sense of humor, but it’s one of those three and I hope it’s the first, as that’s the most excusable.

  49. Curb Your Enthusiasm = wonderful.

  50. Right then girls anyone fancy a trip to the CONGO!!

  51. only facts says:

    This proves one thing: there is an inverse correlation between penis size and global domination

  52. I’m curious to know how you got enough ‘penis measurements’ to reach an ‘average’ in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. Or even huge and relatively closed countries like China.

  53. robert howard says:

    I sort of agree with Berian that we Americans (U.S.) are very diverse. How can you lump African Americans and Chinese Americans and get any accuracy unless you measure each and every male and then do a huge average equation?
    Also, if someone began measuring me, I would quickly get longer, thus throwing off the scientific accuracy (if any) of the study.

  54. Will you next be publishing the average vagina circumference of women around the world?

    Oh wait, that would be objectifying women as sex objects.

    What a load of garbage.

    • The best come back to a woman insulting the size of a man’s cock EVER was Tom Arnold to Roseanne after they split and she publicly announced he was ‘small’:

      “Yeah, well even a 747 looks small when you’re trying to land it in the Grand Canyon”

  55. no one came around measuring my dick so this must be wrong!!!!!!

  56. I Do Not agree!! I Am in the US and on average the mens penises (out of experience) Are Over 6 inches!! I pity the Idiots that believe this!!! Penis size is only one factor in the Equation Anyhow!! It Can Be 12 inches, if you do not know how to use it…It may as well be 1 inch!!

    • Maybe you just pick well. Also, the US has a lot of people from China, Japan, Korea, and these citizens could be bringing down the average

      • Christina says:

        Asian Americans make up less than 5% of the U.S. population. How much can that “bring down” the average?

  57. I like all the greyed out countries that have more important things to worry about than their dick size.

  58. I’m going to have to agree with Han River Cruiser. I have yet to have an encounter with a Korean man smaller than 6 inches. From my experiences, Korean men are also quite…girthy…

  59. As I like to say… it’s not the size of the boat… but the motion of the ocean, that counts!

  60. Han River Cruiser says:

    From my exploits in South Korea I can tell you that I have seen many more 6-inch-plus penises than less-than-6-inchers. My up-close and personal examination of 29 Korean penises has found only 3 that were disappointingly small, but out of those 3 one man made up for it in other ways. Other very wonderful and satisfying ways. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, after all…

  61. wonder if genetic diverstiy in usa and similar places has to do with these numbers…ie the more geneticallly diverse the country the closer the numbers come out to the world average. just wondering.

  62. there’s no freaking way Bolivia could be that high on that list, have you seen how tall an average Bolivian is? Brazil under Bolivia and Venezuela? I don’t think so…

  63. I ain’t buying this. In the US at least, only certain people agree to do the studies. The worst lovers I ever had were on the larger scale, so call me unimpressed. if you don’t know how to use it, it doesn’t matter how big it is, except maybe to a woman endowed with the Grand Canyon.

    • Ah, another interesting study.

    • typhonblue says:

      If only certain people agree to the study in the US, and I assume the ones who agree are more likely to be on the large size, then wow… the US is even smaller then what’s shown.

      Interesting that Canadians are better endowed then Americans.

  64. My boyfriend is Hungarian and Mexican. I sent him this link with a smile (you will note that Hungary is the only dark green in Eastern Europe).

  65. Irishmen


  66. Koboyashi says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s all i have to say.

  67. Anonymous says:

    What if you’re a grow-er and not a show-er?

  68. Source, please?!



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