Does Size Matter? We Hope Not

EDIT: It has been brought to our attention that this map, which has been all over the internet recently, is either highly flawed or entirely fictitious. Since some of the data appears to have come from a company hawking penis extenders, and some appears to be coming from this dubious web page, we encourage you not to draw any conclusions from the map.

The only thing we’re left wondering is “Why does this page continue to get viewed so much?”

Click the map to get a full-size version of the world, colored according to the average penis size of every country.

Finally, we’ve found something that Finland isn’t good at.

The five most well-endowed nations are:

The United States ranks somewhere in the lower-middle of the world penis-size rankings. The average American man has a penis length of 5.1 inches. South Korea is the most poorly endowed nation, coming in at 3.9 inches. Cambodia, Thailand, India, and Burma round out the bottom five.


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Ryan O'Hanlon is the managing editor of the Good Men Project. He used to play soccer and go to college. He's still trying to get over it. You can follow him on Twitter @rwohan.


  1. im white , only 14 , with 8 1/3rd inches

    • What country are you from? Yeah, there is also the fact that many Americans are from various countries. So the question would be, what country/nationality do your parents come from? Also, what about genetic dominant and recessive genes? Like baldness, is cock size inherited more from one’s Mom or Dad or is it an even blend? I think it’s from the Dad’s side: Mine is quite large but my Dad’s brother’s son’s (my cousin’s) is HUGE (I know this from hands on experience!). His cousin on his Mom’s side was a big guy and I feel certain his was very large. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a few more ways to tell a dude’s dick size w/o seeing it and I’ve confirmed it later (wink wink). My vote is a blend of both parents. Dude, over 8 at 14 yrs old?!! DAMN. How tall is your family and how tall are you now? When did you start puberty? There needs to be a study. I volunteer to help!

  2. Black Iris says:

    Why does the map get so much attention? Maybe for the same reason your sponsor are advertising a free male enhancement coupon – at a website that asks if you’re having trouble satisfying your partner.

  3. Fascinating… and I’m Colombian, so this is awesome

    and it’s funny, I’ve got the smallest hands and feet, but a good penis size…

    height and hand/foot size got nothing to do with penis size…

    check this out:

    Can you tell the size of somebody’s penis by the size of their hands or feet?

  4. Anonymous Male says:

    Let’s assume for the moment that the map information is completely accurate. What difference does this information really make? Is this actually very useful information?

    I doubt there would be a sudden surge in the tourism industry to Sudan or Congo. I would expect that Ecuadorian, Colombian, and Venezuelan rivalry might increase a bit, but that’s already pretty high in many cases. I could see if you are casting for porn films you could plan international recruitment more knowledgeably. Aside from that, I’m not sure how this map is much of a mindblower. Even _IF_ it’s true.

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  6. Indian king says:

    WOW. Im from Canada and I am Indian, and Im packing at 8.1 inches and Im 17…. there must be a correlation between poverty and dick size Im guessing…

  7. Mrs Patrick Campbell says:

    We are certainly grateful that our husband – a handsome, well built Latino of 40 – has a solid 9 inches by 6 inches on the tape measure with humungous very low hanging man-balls!

  8. YES. Size does matter to women. For years – centuries – women have pretended “it’s quality – not quantity.” Here’s the truth. Women like both, but size can make a difference.



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