Mo of Darkness


For Most of his life, Moseph Conrad had a pretty rad Mo! Check out today’s Mo Bro update and see how our Mo Bros are mo’ing along through Movember!

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The Broken Brain Podcast: Halloween & Fear

freddy (1)

Can PSYCHO-therapists survive “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and reveal to you it’s deeper meanings?

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Travelling without Moving


Perhaps the greatest journey of our lifetime takes place while we are standing still. No passport, no airports, no queues – and very often in the blink of an eye.

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He Lost Two Limbs to a Shark, But Paul de Gelder Is Still Swimming

A Great white shark just below surface near Neptune Islands SA.

“I tried all those things you see on Shark Week,” says Paul de Gelder, describing his attempt to fight off a shark while diving. “But nothing worked.”

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Playing Your Trump Card to Win


Three men discover the key to sustained weight loss and improved health. — The first time we met Tony, a successful entrepreneur, he looked fearful, sad and desperate. Tony, a handsome Italian in his early fifties, had recently buried his wife. “I want to get healthy and stay healthy.” Shortly after his wife’s death, Tony […]

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A Father of Five Whose Life Was Gone Too Soon


Dante Parker was 37 years old when his life ended. Brandon Greene reflects on how their their radically different lives could still have the same fate.

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Understanding Manhood

Understanding Manhood by Beverly Goodwin

Raoul Wieland reviews Michael Kimmel’s ‘Manhood in America’ and explores the evolving and expanding definition of masculinity.

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A Hero Is Created in a Split-Second—But Only With the Wisdom of a Lifetime

miracle on hudson flight 1549 crash

Captain Chelsey Sullenberger is Breaking Barriers: From the United States Air Force to the Miracle on the Hudson to Making our Future Safer.

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With Fitness, Half the Battle is Showing Up


James Fell didn’t want to run in the cold rain, but he forced himself out of his car and was glad he did.

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