Too Proud to Apologize to My Own Daughter

Dad and daughter

Sam Radford wants to be the kind of Dad who is big enough and humble enough to own up to the times he feels he’s not the Dad his daughter deserves. That means he has to never hide away from saying sorry.

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How to Hack OKCupid


Even if you’re not a mathematical genius, you can still hack your own OKCupid to help you find love faster and easier. Dr. NerdLove explains how.

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Warning: I Indulge in Age and Gender Inappropriate Behavior

Bubbles photo by bharaT

JJ Vincent on the joy-inducing freedom of letting go of what others define as inappropriate.

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On Being a Prepper: Disaster Preparedness and Moral Standards

Coast Guard Rescue

Capt. William E. Simpson, well-known ‘prepper’, gives some examples of how the best prepared in an emergency situation or disaster have training, experience, and moral courage.

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Fire in Cholon


An American soldier in Saigon receives an unexpected lesson in courage.

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Iris: The Story of a Polio Mother


The story of a boy from Hardscrabble, Illinois, and his courageous mother.

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Letters From the Boy

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 11.22.10 PM

Rob Brown gives voice to a little boy who didn’t survive his abusive childhood. (Trigger Warning)

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Fear in America


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Matt fears for his daughter’s future, in America and outside of America, in private and in public, and in the aftermath from the recent school shooting.

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Simulated Assault: My Life as a Self-Defense Instructor

IMPACT '11 Photoshoot-46

Meron Langsner plays the perpetrator in reversals of attempted assault.

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Pissing My Pants: Betraying My Manliness at the Sight of Needles


Jamie Reidy’s fear of needles is getting better, but he’s still taking it a step at a time.

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Fear and Love in the Time of AIDS

7504729292_84abc6c16b_b (1)

Donald D’Haene’s date with fear taught him the real meaning of love.

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A Practical Guide to Bravery


Carl Pettit offers a taxonomy of bravery for the rest of us to emulate.

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A Modern Day Hero’s Journey Is What Today’s Boy Needs to Become a Man

rite of passage

The entire reason we have such a thing as a quarter life crisis, and later a mid-life crisis, is because boys and young men lack meaningful rite-of-passage experiences.

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Eating the Elephant


I find it hard to say whether I have mild or severe cerebral palsy, because my condition affects my entire life.

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Love in the Time of Lymphoma


When Daniel Haack was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 22, he started using a different line at bars: “Hey, my name’s Daniel, and I have cancer.”

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The Sniper


More fiction from Richard Aubrey.

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