My Manic Ex-Love’s Obituary


When we love, we can often stumble into loss. Nathan Graziano shares with us the story of one of his first loves, leaving us to reel in the heartbreaking reality that is loving someone with depression.

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12 Week ‘Be a Better Man’ Challenge. Week 6 – Fess Up

Michael Ellis Fess Up

Michael Ellis provides a way to spring clean your life with the 12-week series: The Be a Better Man Challenge. Over 12 weeks it’ll prepare you to be, do and have more of what you want. Today’s video is about how to “Fess Up.”

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A Midlife Awakening: When What’s Worked in the Past Doesn’t Work in the Present


Upon reaching 50, the phrase ‘midlife crisis’ seems to fit some men’s lives. Joe Rutland offers an alternative viewpoint.

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Why Waste Time Arguing Over Who is Right? [Video]


Couples get so caught up in who is right that they lose sight of what really matters.

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How I Started Walking the Endless Path

Walking the path

His mother’s death, his doctor’s warning, and a desire to connect with, and share, the Gentleman Traditions of his heritage, put him on a path of using his writing to have a conversation with the world.

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Friend Zone is Not Just for Guys

stereotypes wonderferret:Flickr

For Gen X’ers, anyone who deviates from the gender norms of the past could be in line for the friend zone.

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5 Lessons As You Go From Dog To Sprog

dog to sprog

A puppy helps train The Dadventurer for his coming baby.

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Why I Write – To Create Fiction that Tells it Like it Really Is

Romantic Triptic

Subverting heterosexual narratives, challenging the black and white of good and evil, and turning worn out hero myths on their heads; all in a day’s escape for this novelist.

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Don’t Pick Her Up. Pique Her Interest.

pique interest

Is your conversation starter doing you a disservice?

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Would You Date Yourself?


It’s not as much about knowing to how be in a relationship as it is about knowing how to be with yourself.

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Drowning in A Sea of Noise


In the sea of noise that we’re surrounded by, what will you do to make your words count?

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Knowing What Matters to You Instead of Living by Default

Knowing What Matters by Matthew Townsend

Faced with a sudden, life-threatening condition, Steve Spring reevaluated his priorities and has some tips on reevaluating yours.

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Did I Just Bump Off Bambi’s Mom? Oh My.


The Burbman takes a moment to muse and say “oh deer” over Bambi, and the things that get bumpers in the night.

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Uncovering the 10 Culprits Robbing Your Happiness


Want happiness to be something that stays with you for the long-term? Then protect it like you would any other valuable. Thai Nguyen tells you how.

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Unholy Confession, Chapter Two: The Plagiarist Writer

advocate of action

Last week, Andrew Lawes revealed his darkest secret. His Unholy Confession continues with the tale of the Plagiarist Writer …

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The Secret To Being a Good Dater

good dater

It’s Friday night, and you’re meeting a semi-blind date for coffee at 6PM. Semi-blind, meaning you’ve seen their Tinder pictures and have been texting all week, but haven’t yet met them in person. What is your mindset as you head out to meet this new person?

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