Hey Mom, Your Fifteen Year-Old Boy Might be Acting Like an Internet Predator


If you’re waiting until your kids are teens before you talk about gender, sexuality, and personal privacy rights, you are starting too late.

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10 Habits to Achieve Emotional Maturity


Emotional maturity is not just a goal, it’s a practice of life.

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Dreams Can Come True


Rachel Bledsoe pens a letter of advice to her baby son on how to face our world

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When You Follow Your Path of Heart, This Happens

magic happens when you follow heart photo by bryan reeves

Bryan Reeves has learned firsthand that when you consistently follow your heart, life opens up for you in ways you can hardly imagine.

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Lessons from a Broken Heart

Heartbroken robot

The silver lining for men of having our hearts broken.

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The Cat Who Stole a Cop’s Heart and Taught Him About Love

Einstein the cat

John Patrick Weiss is allergic to cats. But when you’re in love with a beautiful woman, you’re willing to make sacrifices.

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This Is Why Being a Nice Guy Just Isn’t Enough


Here’s what you need to know to avoid the unintentional sexism that can come with gender socialization.

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How to Balance Your Present and Future Self

Balancing by Wellcast

Are you having trouble delaying gratification? Wellcast offers strategies so you can have your fun and focus on your goals, too.

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Living Inside the Storm

Living Inside by JLB

A woman opens a window on life with a bipolar partner.

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4 Lessons in Anxiety Management that Will Change Your Life


Trevor Ellestad reveals his secrets to overcoming staggering fear and challenging introversion.

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Dear Dad: The One With The Big Lie and The Fried Brain (With a Side of Bacon and Hashbrowns).


Dear Dad takes on some past times from college.

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So Many Questions. Just One Answer.

dating questions answered

Do you call? Do you text? How soon is too soon? The dating question doesn’t matter. Heather Gray’s answer is the same.

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Seeing Through the Mist

Seeing Through the Mist by Thomas Fiffer

For Thomas Fiffer, a misty morning drive brings back memories of heartbreak and summons a vision for the future.

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2 Keys That Guarantee Your Success (and Failure) in Life


A conversation with NYTimes bestselling author Jon Acuff reveals two overlooked keys to success that ultimately help or hurt you.

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5 Ways Resilient People Get Over Failure


No. They don’t just suck it up. They use failure to create something better.

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Expert Offers Solutions For Children’s Nightmares


Are your kids’ nightmares keeping you up at night?

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