Can a Man Stop Being an ‘Eclectic Gypsy’?


Sometimes, it’s worth it just to put the brakes on a traveling road show and call one place home.

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An Anthem for Our Generation

An Anthem by Lauren Hammond

Courtney Dercqu may be a 20-something, but she’s wise beyond her years.

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5 Ways to Grow From a Traumatic Experience


Allegra Jordan on forgiveness, reflection, and self-compassion.

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Sometimes Love is Walking Away

Sometimes Love by Adrian Scottow

Elisabeth Corey teaches her daughter how to draw healthy boundaries.

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It’s All Getting Personal

personal writers

Ken Goldstein had finally made peace with becoming an author. Then he discovered he had to build a platform.

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The Ups and Downs of Late-Blooming Manhood


Coming into manhood ten years late means missing out on a few things.

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When You Lose a Good Man: 5 Lessons for Daily Living


You know when you’re on the phone with your favorite person in the whole world and you can tell they are getting tired, but you aren’t ready to hang up yet? That’s how it feels to be teetering on the edge of losing someone you love. It’s excruciating. In the three weeks between his cancer […]

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A Meditation on Independence

A Meditation by Atilla Kefeli

Louise Thayer looks back on her life choices to understand what it means to be free.

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That Day I Just Wanted to Rent The Boxcar Children

dad and sons watching tv

For this Dad, his colleague’s low-key life looks tempting, until he thinks about missing his “Dadderdays.”

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Parenting, Mental Illness and Losing Myself


Parenting is hard enough without the added difficulty of a mental illness.

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How to Say No and Not Feel Guilty


You’ve been trained to make “yes” your default — but you can change that without drowning in guilt.

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6 Steps to Becoming an Outgoing Introvert


Johnny Pharr had been an introvert all his life, until he discovered the secrets to being an outrovert.

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Midlife: Welcome to Your Independence Day!


Sean Swaby says Independence Day isn’t a date on the calendar. It’s an amazing, adventurous time of life.

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1,000 Days of Freedom: How I Stopped Drinking and Started Living

1000 Days by Bubby

Three years ago Terry Lancaster decided to take a break from drinking. It was supposed to be temporary, but he’s never looked back.

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How Your Favorite Weapon Disarms You

People having an argument

There is one defense that feels good in the moment, but is actually robbing you of your personal power.

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How I Found My Village, One Friend at a Time

How I Found by Morgana

A single mom’s reflections on building a support system.

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