How to Tell If Your Child Is Bullying Others (And What to Do About It)


Most parents don’t want to believe that their child is capable of wrong — especially bullying others. But the truth is, this denial is only making the problem worse. Here are some helpful tips on how to begin the process of facing the reality of bullying.

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Dear Mental Illness Sufferers: Saying Something Flippant About Mental Illness Doesn’t Make Someone an A**hole

speak up

Danny Baker would like to remind you that mental illness is minimally spoken about, so a lot of people haven’t been educated about it—and as a result, a lot of people don’t understand it.

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4 Hidden Nuggets for Success That Dads Can Uncover for Their Daughters


The advice from a father to a daughter can never be underestimated in its importance. Tim Jordan, M.D. shows us how to give messages of success.

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What My Wife Taught Me About Street Harassment

street harassment poster

Damon Young is surprised and disappointed at many men’s reactions to the Hollaback! video. Haven’t they listened when women have told them about being afraid?

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The Damaged Wheel and My Broken Heart


Raymond Jennings’ overwhelming urges to fix his girlfriend’s possessions seemed healthy at first. But there were broken things he couldn’t seem to fix.

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Reclaiming our Curiosity


As children, we were often warned against being too curious. As adults, it is time we reclaim the beauty of this trait.

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4 Myths That Keep You From Living Fully and Fearlessly


“It’s not just about constantly praising ourselves, talking ourselves up and telling ourselves how awesome we are. It’s about loving the REAL us.”

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The Secret to Success? Pick Your Pile of Bullsh**


Mark Radcliffe reminds you that no matter what career or life path you choose, there’s gonna be a lot of BS. So pick the BS you like the best.

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Is Suicide Selfish?

alone alone

Danny Baker reminds us that many people with depression are convinced that no-one would care if they killed themselves.

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The Isolation of Depression: How to Reach the Ones You Love?


Shawn Henfling describes the isolation of depression and what you can do to help the people you love.

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Men: Dispelling the Mystery

man mask

Tamara Star pulls back the curtain and peers behind the male facade.

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10 Things Happy People Understand

happy people

“They give activities and people their full attention. They understand that showing up and being present is a major part of being alive.”

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Undistracted Reading


Leo Babauta has some tips to help you read what you want, when you want without all the distractions.

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3 Questions Every Successful Relationship Needs Answered


In a forgotten box of old notes, Tor Constantino finds gold: The 3 questions each of us need answered in every relationship we have.

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Men and the Fine Art of Surrender


Surrendering to “what is” can be one of the most courageous acts a human being can choose to do –here’s why…

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Beginners Cologne Guide For Men


William Mize on how to keep the guys smelling fresh.

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