How Violence Against Women Hurts Men


Jacob Anderson-Minshall talks about feeling like a predator, an enemy, simply by being a man. This has to change.

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Too Much, Too Young

too soon too young

Jack Jones shares a painful insight into the unintended consequences of poor parenting, neglect in child development, abuse, dysfunctional families and the absence of community.

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My Battle With a Bashful Bladder

bashful bladder

Mark Sherman recounts his struggle with finding relief in public places.

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What My Attractive Plagiarist Taught Me About Apologies


James Fell describes a bout with a pretty plagiarizer.

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The Joy of Having One Year Left to Live

One Year Left to Live

There are some things worse than death and they can be overcome simply by thinking about… death.

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As a White Man, I Just Want to Say I Am Truly Sorry For Your Loss


James Maynard believes we need to be addressing the insidious violence that exists within our own community.

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Minimalism is the end of Organizing


Organizing is only necessary when you have too many things to easily find what you’re looking for.

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12 Week ‘Be a Better Man’ Challenge. Week 1: Why?

Be a better man

Over the next 12 weeks Michael Ellis will be sharing steps you can take to lay the foundation for sustainable change.

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Are Those Around You Quietly Annoyed with You?

Annoyed Man

A reminder about actions we probably already know are not our best form.

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What We Teach Our Kids When We Take Selfies

Avara Arden crop

Joanna Schroeder explains how the selfies parents take today can affect their child’s future (in a good way!).

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Do You Tend to Leave Before the Grand Finale?

Grand Finale IrfaanPhotography:Flickr

We might be missing out on the surprises of life if we leave before the grand finale.

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Be Like Water – Responding to Life’s Challenges

water drops

You might expect that Bruce Lee would tell us to take on adversity with sheer force, but this wisdom he learned from his mentor taught him a better way to be strong.

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Why You Might Want to Embrace Your Depression

Embrace depression

There’s been a lot of talk this week about getting help and support. Please do that but maybe also take a moment and consider how this depression may have something unexpected to offer.

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For the Ladies: Why He Won’t Call You


Hint: It has to to with technology.

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Navigating Our Stories – When Hiding Our Past Only Hurts Our Present

message in a bottle

He came back from an alcoholic’s thirty year “climb to the bottom.” But the real courage is in learning to tell the tale so that he can help others.

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