Meeting Her Valentine’s Day Expectations

Valentine's Day

Sami Jankins explains why Valentine’s Day shouldn’t mean extra stress.

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I Said He Could Lose My Number. Can I Take it Back?

lose my number

Advice for managing the radio silence that sometimes comes after you say what you need.

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My Journey Into Panic – 5 Lessons Learned from 6 Years with Anxiety Disorder

anxious man

Anxiety attacks effect more people than you realize, and as hard as it is to believe, you shouldn’t let them scare you.

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I Have 1,413 Facebook Friends. So Why Do I Feel So Alone?


Moving past the fear of rejection and embracing the risk of being vulnerable.

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Gifts are Like Hooks

Gifts are like hooks

There is someone in your life that deserves to be thanked and it’s time to do something about it.

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Building Blocks to Becoming a Better Man: Part 4–Vision

Vision by Hartwig HKD

To build anything—especially a better version of yourself—you need big picture vision.

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I was Raised in East Hollywood, and I’m Okay with That

Kat Secaida photo At Every Dark Moment in My Life...

One youth’s honest explanation of his relationship with where he is from.

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Another Day in Prison Paradise


Incarcerated men have an escape in dreams of degrees.

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Emotional Abuse is a Behavior Not a Personality Trait

man staring out the window

And 5 other things you need to remember about being in a relationship with an abuser.

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6 Steps to Creating the Life You Want

stepping up

A bold invitation to let go of the pain you’re tolerating in your life and go after the pleasure you could be experiencing.

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It’s Okay to be Superstitious, but it’s Better to Think Positive

black cat

On his podcast, Chris Forte discuss superstitions, luck, and the power of positive thinking.

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6 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Happy


There are no cookie cutter strategies for every person, but if you are struggling, this is a perfect place to start.

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5 Reasons Friendships Get Better As We Get Older


Our friendships change over time, but can get better and deeper as we get older.

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Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl: Life Is Not a Spectator Sport. Play More. Watch Less.

Super Bowl by Pete Sekesan

Terry Lancaster has some life-changing advice to offer, just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

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Why I’m not Afraid to Admit I Love my Man Friends

man friends

Your friends have more to do with who you are today than you realize.

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You Think It’s Love But You Might Just Be Afraid to Be Alone

fear being alone

This is what goes wrong when people rush love.

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