Why You Will Probably Get Back Together With Your Ex, Even If You Shouldn’t


The dating game these days is rough. And it’s no wonder that many people go back to dating their ex’s, even after bad breakups. Here’s why so many people opt for the familiar.

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Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off During Sex

sexy couple

A recent post on suggests these are the top 5 things that turn men off during sex and suggestions on how to deal with them.

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He Was A Good Man: How Do You Want to be Remembered?


I’ve never really cared about my legacy, and then I read the obituary of a crazy racist.

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The One: 10 Traits Your Ideal Soul Mate Should Have


Self explanatory title. Ten things that ‘The One’ should have, according to a bright young writer.

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5 Acronyms Entrepreneurs can’t Afford to Forget

Entrepreneurs Solve Problems

Keep these five acronyms in mind when doing business and you’ll be sure to stay in business.

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Watching Pharrell Cry Made Me Cry

pharrell crying

Dillan DiGiovanni shares the impact of watching an extremely successful man cry.

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The Torture Of Loving A Person Who Doesn’t Love You Back


We’ve all fallen for someone who didn’t love us. But, can we change someone’s mind and convince them to fall for us? This writer says ‘yes’.

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To The Woman Who Let Her Daughters Play With Me


A strange man talking to two little girls isn’t necessarily something to be afraid of.

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Alone and Confused: A Part of My Childhood

shiodome boy-Tom Godber-Flickr

Vinnie Wong grew up without a father, but it wasn’t util he became an adult himself that he realized the affect it had on his entire life.

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Life Lessons From a Man On a Kiddie Bike

Life Lessons from a Guy on a Kiddie Bike

Steven Shewach examines his ego when a confrontation with a guy riding a kiddie bike shows him he still has work to do on his personal development.

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6 Ways To Recover From The End Of A Toxic Relationship


Breakups are hard. Breakups from bad relationships are harder. Here’s how to move on from a toxic, draining relationship.

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What I Should’ve Known Before Marriage

dishes-attila malarik-flickr

Clint Edwards has a message for his younger self concerning the realities of married life.

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Weakness Isn’t an Option

weakness brandon photo Brian Snelson

In some places, weakness is not an option. Brandon Greene shares how he learned to use the tools learned to navigate other places.

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Getting Ready for Death

Grim Reaper photo by Anthony Quintano

Why Steve Harper, a perfectly healthy guy, decided to have his will done.

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Why Being Loved Is Not The Same As Being Understood


Yes, you may be in love with someone, but do you know them? Do you understand them? A writer asks the question.

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Bringing Your Relationship Back to Life With Resurrection Weekends

resurrection weekend

We’ve all heard of date nights, but Sue Nador and her husband came up with an even better idea for keeping the home fires burning.

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