Call For Submissions: Working In Care

not my autism

Andrew Lawes is attempting to force change in the Care industry by speaking out about the culture of abuse and silence, and he wants to break stigma surrounding learning disabilities. He needs your help.

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Three Ways to Prevent Small Personal Mistakes From Triggering Your Depression


When you’re suffering from depression, you’re your own worst bully, and when you make a mistake—no matter how small—you drop the hammer on yourself.

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20 Ways to Choose Happiness

choose happiness

“Unhappiness occurs when we obsess about the past or worry about the future. Peace and serenity are found in the present moment.”

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5 Tips for Teens to Quiet Negative Self-Talk About Your Body

5 Tips for Teens by Wellcast

Teens tear themselves apart over how they look. Wellcast offers five sensible tips to lose the self-criticism and build self-esteem.

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Five Lessons I Learned From a Grandfather I Never Knew

My grandfather, Donald Winston.

This is a story about finding an old photo of a family member you never knew, and what happens you start to trace their life.

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The Biggest Problem with Long Distance- And How to Overcome It

Long Distance

Where Tim Mousseau failed at long distance, his brother and sister-in-law succeeded. The difference all came down to one simple trick.

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Someone You’re Close With Has Depression … So What Should You Do About It?


Danny Baker has some solid advice for helping a loved one struggling with depression.

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Managing Stress Through Mindfulness and an Accurate Sense of Self Worth


So there are about a million articles out there about mindfulness and how fantastic it is. This isn’t one of them.

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How to Know When It’s Time for Life Insurance

life insurance

It’s time to stop simply thinking about life insurance and start taking action to acquire the coverage you need. But first, you need to gather information to make an informed decision.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: 12 Ways Men Show Their Love


Just because a guy doesn’t say what he feels out loud doesn’t mean the love isn’t there. James Michael Sama on how to see it.

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Download This: My Troubled Love Affair with Buying Music

record collection

Jon Magidsohn considers how we get music today and what’s changed since we treasured record collections and copied cassette tapes.

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Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On With It


How do you get over the worst break up of your life? James Rigdon has been there.

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You Are Not Entitled to be Happy

beach joy

If you think that happiness is something that you are entitled to, or something the world just owes you, then you are absolutely kidding yourself.

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Am I So Different?

Am I So Different by Peter Molnar

Nearly everyone experiences some degree of trauma in their lives. Elisabeth Corey asks if sexual abuse survivors are really so totally different from everyone else?

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How Long Have I Felt Alone?

How Long Have I Felt Alone by Boris SV

Sexual abuse survivor David Pittman’s constant search for connection left him feeling more and more alone, until he finally got help.

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‘You are Mortal. You are Just a Man. You are Mortal.’

You are mortal

In a world built to keep us safe, there is power in remembering how fragile we really are.

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