77 Quotes That Will Help You Live Your Life on Purpose

77 Quotes by Thomas Fiffer

Taking charge of your life means being intentional. Steve Spring shares the quotes that help him stay focused.

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16 Ways You May Already Be An Old Man

Paul Townsend bi gmp 588 350

It happened when you weren’t looking.

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What Kind of Dad Are You?


Parenting is leadership. Jason Kiesau asks you to look at how your social style to find out how you can become a better leader parent.

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Courage to Quit: How I’m Outgrowing Pornography and Waking Up to My True Self


Dan Mahle on why he’s closing this chapter in his life.

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His Future is Uncertain. Where Does That Leave Us?

uncertain future

They’ve dated for 8 months but his plate is full. DearJames helps her out.

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‘Time Was All We Ever Fought About': Managing Time as a Man

family time

Hank McKinsey, on managing time for yourself and your family.

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From Journalist to Storyteller

From Journalist by Alan Weir

Jerry Waxler’s interview with Carla Odell chronicles her transformation from a reporter to a writer of memoirs—for hire.

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Make Your Own Way: The First Step To Finding Your Calling


For Dan Cumberland, a breakfast in Chicago turned into a life-changing experience.

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The 5 Stages of Parental Spring Break Grief

spring break stress horizontal

Spring Break, the cruelest prank the public schools system ever played on the average working American parent.

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Breaking Through Our Desperation By Singing Our Song


Tim Lineaweaver shares his views on how to replace the desperation of an unfulfilled life with joy.

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4 Things Fathers of Girls Can Do to Raise Confident Women

4 Things by David Steltz

Ty Phillips is raising his girls to be confident, independent women, because who they are and who they become isn’t up to him.

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Love And The Drunk Dial


Al DeLuise on why we sometimes find ourselves picking up the phone after one to many drinks.

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The Link Between Shame and Revenge: A Story

ace revenge

In this story, Tom Mallouk shares his insight about revenge, and how he comes out better for it.

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How 2 Fake Buddha Quotes Inspire Me to Love Myself

Laughing Buddha

The source isn’t really important, it’s the inspiration to love that matters.

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Has the Love Letter Become a Lost Art?

love letters

Love letters can woo a heart, and maybe bring world peace. Jacqueline Stone shares some examples.

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Out of the Race


When you share your name with a person of greatness, it makes you ponder your own abilities.

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