You Are a Multipotentialite

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.16.58 PM

Being good at more than one thing is not a curse, but an opportunity to fuel your life and income.

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How to Be Positive When Life is Miserable

how to be positive

You can’t control what happens to you but you can decide who you are going to be despite what is happening to you.

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“Are You Gay?”

how to respond to the question are you gay

I used to think something was wrong when people asked me, “Are you gay?” Now, I respond differently.

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How These ‘Harvard Questions’ Save 8 Hours a Week

How These by Madhan Karthikeyan

So, what about you? What you can drop, delegate or redesign?

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My Father Wanted His Memorial Service at the Tavern

man behind bar

After a lifetime of avoiding his family, she realized he made his home behind the bar.

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Help for Any Gay Men Who Feel Sex-Obsessed Yet Touch-Deprived

Man Hug by Kevin McShane

Intimacy is not the sex-crazed thing, but it isn’t the abstinence thing either… you’re allowed to be touched and have intimacy. There’s a spectrum. The challenge of realizing that spectrum is something I believe our community is uniquely capable of embracing.

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10 Things One Dad Learned From Surviving a Yard Sale


Sure, we sold $15,000 worth of stuff for $500, but I can walk around in my basement now.

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You Just Might Have Super Powers

introverted man

You may not realize how rare—or how super—these powers are. But if you have them, put them to good use.

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Call for Submissions: Do You Love Your Life, But Not Your Job?

Submission_Love your life, but not your job

You are making work work for you and we want to hear from Good Men Project.

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How to Be a BBQ Ninja

BBQ Ninja

10 Tips you need to know if you want to be a grill master

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Small Things People Use to Judge Your Personality

Small Things by Bman2011

You can influence the impression you make on others by becoming more aware of these seemingly insignificant behaviors.

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9 Ways that Being Messy can be Fun and Helpful

9 Benefits of Mess

Mess is comfortable and can sometimes be creative. But our mess can hide a few landmines.

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An Open Letter to People Who Judge Strangers

man spoon feeding wife

Never underestimate the power of your words or actions. With them you can literally destroy lives.

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Is Success Worth The Price?

man happy success

So what are you chasing? Success or happiness?

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What Roles Do You Play?


Husband. Father. Son. Friend. Colleague (or boss). Theresa Byrne looks at what it takes to succeed in the roles you play in life.

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It Happens to Men, Too


Women are the victims, and men are the aggressors. At least that’s how the story is usually told. But men can be victims too.

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