For White Activists Devastated and Feeling Defeated by Racist Violence

AP photo black lives matter

Chris Crass has a guide for fellow white anti-racism activists who are overwhelmed by recent stories about racist violence.

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When Abused Women Speak Out, Men Listen


Not enough male victims come forward about sexual abuse and violence, so we listen to the voices of women for guidance.

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The Struggle is Real


What I am going to say here will shock some people but the want to express this has been tugging at me for a while so I had to say it.

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Action Bronson and Hip-Hop’s Problem with Misogyny


Why do we accept this kind of extreme violence towards women? And why is it so common in rap and hip hop?

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Hearing Ta-Nehisi Coates While White: a Response to David Brooks


Ryan Williams-Virden explains how denying the truth about whiteness is standing in the way of progress against racism.

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Peeling Back the Labels: My Newfound View of Men


What makes a good man? Yasmina Blackburn reflects on how perspectives can shape the views about men.

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Nipples Don’t Kill. So Why Are Violent Images OK, but Breastfeeding Isn’t?


How did we become so hypocritical that violent images are OK, but pictures of mothers breastfeeding their children are outlawed?

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“When You See Someone One Day and They Say, I’m Gonna Have a Moustache, and the Next Day POOF There it is. That is Impressive!”

MoRadio_Content_GeorgeBailey_Social_Global_FA copy

Movember Foundation Podcast: George Bailey, cricket vice-captain.

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Difficult Conversations: Raising Awareness on Campus with 1BlueString


1 in 6 men have survived childhood sexual abuse. By reaching out to them in college, 1BlueString helps them start recovery early.

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Dads Play a Crucial Role in Teaching Kids that Prejudice and Bullying Must Stop


Classroom lessons aren’t enough. It takes involvement from parents to make the lessons last.

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About the Endless Deaths of Bill Cosby


The tragedy of Bill Cosby is that he’s now a memory of what never was.

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Human Trafficking In South Africa: An Elusive Statistical Nightmare

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 5.12.26 PM

Due to the lack of reliable statistics surrounding human trafficking, there is no real scope of how large the problem really is, making it more difficult to police.

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Sandra Bland Calls out to Black Men


We need to be arm and arm with black women in courage and action when it comes to destroying the machine that destroys us.

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Attacks against Bernie Sanders Have Reached New Depths


Warren Blumenfeld says critics who equate Bernie Sanders’ politics with those of the Nazis show a deeply offensive misunderstanding of history and politics.

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How Would You Stand up to Your Abuser?


If you are a man in an abusive relationship, this woman might have a message of strength for you. “You need to find the courage to get away from anything that’s unhealthy.”

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What if Addicts Received Effective Treatment Instead of Prison Time?


The war on drugs, poor treatment programs, and the social stigma of addiction have caused an epidemic of suffering among young addicts and their families.

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