The New Cold War is Coming and it is Good

Putin and Castro Alejandro Ernesto:AP

A recent tongue slip by Raul Castro indicates the road ahead to a New Cold War.

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Gays, Giants, NFL, and the Hiring of David Tyree


The personal views of David Tyree DO matter when his duties include education and development.

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Dr Vibe Puts Marc Hudson in the Director’s Chair

Marc Hudson

Marc Hudson, the director of 100 conversations, talks about about men, fatherhood, divorce, and custody.

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The Warrior Poet and the Apprentice


Erin Kelly reflects on her unexpected arrival at The Good Men Project, and how Cameron Conaway changed her life with one e-mail.

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Can We Redefine Marriage?

Hans_Holbein_d._J._-_Henry_VIII_and_the_Barber_Surgeons_-_wikimedia commons

Do we live in a theocracy? Changes in society should guide the way we redefine marriage.

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In the Director’s Chair of Forced Into Silence

In the directors chair of forced into silence legends2k:Flickr

Dr. Vibe helps us get to know La Shawn Pagán and the journey of making Forced Into Silence.

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Why Do Superheroes Need Alter Egos?

Why Do Superheroes by Adam Bailey

On the occasion of Batman’s 75th birthday, Thomas Fiffer explores the duality that defines superheroes.

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What If They Gave a War and Nobody Came?


Warren Blumenfeld asserts that it’s the leaders of Israel and Palestine who perpetuate the conflict, while the majority of the general populace desires true and lasting peace.

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The Golden Loop in The Golden Circle

Golden loop in golden circle  matthewthecoolguy:Flickr

Erin Kelly examines how author Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” model for success and leadership can be applied to individuals with disabilities.

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Public School is Not a Very Queer Place

Public School i Not a Very Queer Place  striatic:Flickr

It is well time for the public school system to integrate LGBT studies into the curriculum.

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I Am a Proud Socialist and Maybe You are Too

proud socialist matryosha:Flickr

Socialism has a bad reputation, but this proud socialist wants all the things you do to.

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A Man Who Inspires His Students to Change the World

Can Middle School Students Change the World? Feed My Starving Children (FMSC):Flickr

Madison Avenue marketers pay heed, Jim Guerci teaches his students to reverse engineer advertising that could change the world.

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Forced Into Silence Viewer Participation

forced into silence viewer participation Derek Bridges:Flickr

La Shawn Pagán has another serious question she wants you to consider about Forced Into Silence.

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The U.S.A.’s Official Racial Immigration Policy

US border brookebinkowski:Flickr

Current immigration protests in the U.S.A. reflect a long history of official racial immigration policy.

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Is the U.S.A. Hooked on McMissions?

McMission  Mike Licht,

The Standard American Diet of McMission style work propagates neo-imperial patterns. How can it change?

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Who Stole Our Football?

Who Stole Our Footbal iMorpheus:Flickr

Football was a global community sport, now it has become a corporate global commodity.

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