Family Boundaries


The key to emotional health when families gather

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Loving White People Won’t Fix Racism

gmp unlearn racism

There’s a new prescription for healing racism. It boils down to this:
Let Black people do the work.

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Men’s Violence Against Women


7 attitudes that have to change

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Trigger Warning: Real Life


When traumatic news events trigger past trauma for the PTSD survivor.

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Prejudice and Bias


The difficult life of being Asian in the Western Universe

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Dumping Sexist, Heterosexist, & Cissexist Language into Historical Archives


Many words and phrases in the USA promote oppression based on sex, sexuality, and gender identity and expression.

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Astounded by the Lack of Compassion for Men in Prison: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

dead man walking photo by meesh

The Good Men Project Evangelist Conference Call covers the cultural narrative about prison, and why the discussion is so important.

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Kids Read Mean Tweets

Kids Read by Canadian Safe School Network

Cyberbullying is real, and these kids show how words have the power to hurt deeply.

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From the Ground Up: Build a Better World on the Fundamentals of Inclusion and Disability


Erin Kelly explores The United Nations’ recent proposal to include the disabled in their plans for evacuation, recovery and relief during natural disasters.

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Healing And Repatriation For The Incarcerated


A day dedicated to men should be celebrated by all men.

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The First Man in a Co-ed Sexual Abuse Group


When Steve and Olive met, it wasn’t love and first sight and definitely wasn’t true romance either

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Mass Incarceration and the Modern Challenge of Raising Good Men


“For the people, by the people,” but we need the people!

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Big Toy Company Says Dolls Will Never be Mainstream for Boys


This mom plans to enlighten them.

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The Power of Retaking our Stories


Healing through Truth-telling

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Florida Proposes “Stand Outside My Loo” Law

man woman bathroom

Why don’t we become gender inclusive and get with the times?

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Men Are Victims Too: Recognizing and Dealing With Abuse


Abuse comes in many forms. Especially abuse that men often don’t recognize.

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