Mixed Results in Studies Investigating LGBT Equality


Equality can only be achieved by breaking all of the many spokes in the wheel of oppression.

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My Chronic Illness Doesn’t Define Me


Sami Jankins explains why a diagnosis doesn’t have to alter your outlook on life and what you can seek to achieve.

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You’ve Got Hate Mail

mail box red flag

How Islamophobia takes root online

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Poor People Will Kill You

homeless man and child

How a poor-man mindset leads to not only material poverty, but to crimes against yourself and others.

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My Label as a Man Doesn’t Define Me


Christopher M. Anderson feels his identity as a man runs deeper than society’s definition of manhood.

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5 Things ‘Time’ Did Not Consider When It Considered Banning the Word ‘Feminist’

5 Things Time by Greeblie

This year, the word “feminist” appeared—briefly—on “Time” magazine’s list of words for banning. Carly Puch wonders, “What were they thinking?”

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Alan Turing Helped Save the World


…and they persecuted him.

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Man for Man

man for man

How we can do more to help ourselves on International Men’s Day and into the future

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What Happens When a Male TV Anchor Wears the Same Suit for a Year?

What Happens When by Girt Nation

Karl Stefanovic, anchor of “The Today Show” in Australia, shows us just how little it matters to everyone what male media figures wear.

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God, Guns, & Capitalism: A Recipe of Insanity

guns god capitalism

When is enough, enough?!

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The Untold Stories of New York’s Homeless

The Untold Stories of NYs Homeless

Jonathan Hedvat’s video interviews for Storied.tv share the stories and words of New York City’s homeless community.

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Strength in Numbers


Penn State, The Peaceful Hearts Foundation and the importance of community.

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The Power of Empathy

power of empathy

Empathy and sympathy are vastly different. A clear empathic way to help those who are down with depression can make our communities stronger.

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My Addiction Doesn’t Define Me


Patrick Sallee’s road to sobriety was long and winding, but he’s a better man for traveling it.

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The Abuse of Women is Not Hilarious

fight sexism

Getting rid of Dapper Laughs and Julien Blanc is not enough if laddism continues to flourish.

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Nice Boys and Nice Language


The words that dare not be uttered.

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