3 Ways Men Can Combat Sexual Assault Right Now

Women Deserve Better  divinenephron:Flickr

Do you want to combat sexual assault? These easy and fun ideas are great for men (and everyone else.)

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Smiling with Fear

mal WorldBank:Flickr

If you comment on or share this article by poet Cameron Conaway you will help save a life. If that sounds too simple… read on.

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Linking Anti-Jewish Oppression and Heterosexism

Linking Anti-Jewish Oppression and Heterosexism Panayiotis Filippou:Flickr

Oppression against any group causes most people to lose. The system of oppression must be dismantled.

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Degrees of Child Abuse?

Degrees of Child Abuse?Degrees of Child Abuse? Artotem:Flickr

One way to help survivors heal? Stop quantifying abuse.

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Ferguson, MO & Beyond Heroes, Holidays, Food & Festivals


How do we move beyond a narrow focus on race and justice in the USA?

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Just Because You’re Black Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be a Victim

kimanzi 3

Kimanzi Constable’s mother told him to never play the “victim card.” She said that if he wanted something badly enough, it didn’t matter what color his skin was — he could make it happen.

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Reflections on a Pre-Stonewall Queer Life

National_March_on_Washington_for_Lesbian_and_Gay_Rights_Button Wikimedia Commons

A personal journey through the changes in Queer life from 1951-2014.

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If I Was a Black Man I’d Be Raising Hell Too

if i was a black man photo by elvert barnes

The fact that our leaders still meet black anger with riot shields and stun grenades is a clear sign that we don’t yet know how to fully care for each other.

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How We All Pay the Price for Homophobia

Homophobia SarahDeer:Flickr

A loss of sight causes Warren Blumenfeld to gain new insight into homophobia, and the length of its effects.

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What Do ALS and Ferguson Have in Common? The ‘Reverse the Hate’ Challenge

What Do ALS and by Orlando Jones

“Sleepy Hollow” star Orlando Jones co-opts the Ice Bucket Challenge to reverse the hate resulting from Ferguson.

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On Democracy

On democracy Ken Zirkel:Flickr

Does responsible leadership require a responsible electorate in a democracy?

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Dear Pope Francis, We Need to Talk About Gender

Pope Francis AP Photo:Andrew Medichini

When Pope Francis visits the USA in 2015, Warren Blumenfeld wants him to be ready to explore sex, gender, and family.

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Reusing Pain


Author and survivor Cecil Murphey is reusing pain to help others.

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A Day in #Ferguson – History Happens Here

Cameras in Ferguson

St. Louis native, and professional photographer, Joshua Nezam, spent a day on the streets of Ferguson to capture the moments that are impacting the entire world.

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Code Blue Handicap Parking Sign


Erin Kelly takes a look at the path of action in New York’s changes to the handicap parking sign.

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#LastWords: A Tribute to Men Killed by Police


Shirin-Banou Barghi created this series of graphics dedicated to the victims to those killed by police officers.

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