Black History Month is More Than a Hashtag…

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It’s about coming together as an inspired community to transform lives, families & society.

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Police with Guns in High Schools

PT Police in school

The presence of an armed officer changes the values taught and the atmosphere at school. At such a young age, students are learning to fear the police.

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Racism is Real

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Brave New Films put together this comparison of how blacks and whites are treated differently. What do you think?

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Let’s Talk About Ageism

old man

When we allow ageist misconceptions and stereotypes to set the tone of cross-generational communication, we give prejudice a microphone.

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Standing in the Spotlight: Without Shame

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Putting an end to sexual abuse.

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Today’s Freedom Fighter, Tomorrow’s Tyrant?

wolf and sheep

We always think we’d be the hero or the good guy. But would we really?

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Where Social Justice and Environmental Activists Won’t Go

man nature

Social and environmental justice are connected and fighting for those requires being against civilization.

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What a Civil Rights Pioneer Taught Me about the Power of Shame to Motivate

rosa parks on bus

Rosa Parks made history, but she didn’t act alone. It took the choice of a powerless teen to shame the movement into action.

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What I Tell My Teenage Son to Say if He Has to Talk to the Police

young man under arrest

Because young boys are presumed to be hormone-fueled animals capable of anything in pursuit of sex — not innocent.

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My Life Starts on 2K15

My Life Starts in 2015_Girl

Kat Secaida found a place where she could be herself, and it changed her life.

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Unchecked Privilege is Like Giving Guns to Kids

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Giving ideas to fanatics is like giving guns to kids. John Faithful Hamer tells us how.

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Cost of Higher Education Contradicts its Purpose

Cost of Education

College education has become a necessity in modern America as jobs offering high enough salaries to feasibly sustain a person in our culture become less in number and extremely high in demand.

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Building a Better World: A Story of Toys, Equality, and Disability


A beloved toy company joins the fight for equality – not just for kids, but for all mankind. — Representation is vital. It’s vital to us as individuals, as a demographic and as a society. It, in all its forms, impacts and changes the face of the world with every person or group of people […]

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US Laws Protect Police, While Endangering Civilians

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Who is being protected in America? Paul Hirschfield looks at the truth of police violence in America.

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Tens of Thousands Affected by Displacement in Silicon Valley


Tens of thousands of low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and working people are being forced out of their Silicon Valley homes.

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Easy Steps to be a ‘Zero Waste Meal’ Kind of Guy


Learn the keys to a meal that doesn’t waste a thing, and help make a better world through personal action.

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