Cultivating Fearless and Hopeful Racial Justice Organizing in White Communities: Jewish Voice for Peace

march on the street

Chris Crass sits down with leaders from a group of Jewish people who work to create equality, justice, and freedom for all people of Palestine and Israel.

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Men Without Qualities: Plagiarists


Good men don’t hide from their mistakes, or sweep them under the rug. Good men face up to their mistakes and learn from them.

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Souls in a Cage: The Slow Decay of the Mentally Ill in Prison


Erin Kelly examines the recent treatment of prisoners with mental illness by the US police force.

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Passion for Change


The power of teamwork.

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State Sanctioned Murder: The Opinion of a Good Man


Shawn Henfling explores the archaic and barbaric practice of capital punishment in the United States.

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A Genderqueer Polyromantic Bisexual Teen Formerly Known as Miley Cyrus Walked Into My Office


OK OK, she wasn’t Miley Cyrus. But recently several of my teen clients who role-play online have been experimenting with gender, sexual, and romantic orientation.

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Rise Up With Mindfulness

rise up

Social media is changing our perception of and participation in society. Sam De Silva poses that social media is a vehicle of personal and social reform.

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An Appalachian Saga: The Lost Boys and Girls


Fly me back to Neverland.

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Finding Home: Forced Migration in America and Beyond


Thousands around the world are searching for refuge in light of being forced out of their homes by war, money and Mother Nature.

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America Is A Prison State — But Not For The Reason Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Think


The Jade Helm controversy illustrates the racist double standard when it comes to communities of color.

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The Hypocrisy of “Pro-Life” and the GOP


The GOP conducts itself as a party that stands for life until birth. Then, one is left to fend for oneself.

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5 Things Well-Meaning White Educators Should Consider If They Really Want To Close The Achievement Gap


You could start with the term “achievement gap” – which places the responsibility of changing the system upon students.

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Beyond the Miles: Unforeseen Costs of the Daily Commute


Brittni Brown examines the physical, mental and economic impact of driving to work.

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Cartoons of Free Speech or Hate? Redux

prophet-cartoon-contest-shooting (1)

Warren Blumenfeld’s second in a series of commentaries on the American Freedom Defense Initiative and its “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” held recently in Garland, Texas.

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Side Effects of The Man-Box


You can’t always read the rules of the man-box, but you can see their effects in some unexpected places.

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Carrying the Weight


Learning to let go to find healing

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