Mr. Nice, Drug Trafficking, and How Britain Now Grows its Own Weed

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.42.40 PM

The UK’s ‘most charming’ drug smuggler.

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The Lasting Impact of Al Jazeera America


Ehab Al Shihabi looks at the legacy, and the void left behind by the closing of Al Jazeera America

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How Trans People can Change Their Voice to Suit Their Preferred Gender

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It’s a challenge for some transgender people to project the voice of their preferred gender.

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What About Prevention?

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Intervention or prevention—it’s complicated.

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Sorry But I Have to Say It: I Am Not Always Cool with ‘Bro Code’

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Embed from Getty Images Maybe we can at least find a more elegant way to proclaim our loyalty without calling women ‘hoes.’ ____ Oscar Wilde once wrote that ‘to be popular one must be a mediocrity.’ It’s a clever quip, a cheeky way of saying that to be popular is to be mainstream, i.e. not […]

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A Female Mathematician Walks Into A Bar


Guilty – I find math jokes hilarious. When they are in fact jokes about math…

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She’s Not Gone

Shes not gone

Nichole Landaverde reflects that death cannot separate us from those we love.

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Faces of Change: On History, America, and the 20 Dollar Bill

20 dollar bill

America is set to have a new face on the $20 bill, but the fight to make it happen rests largely on the shoulders of one person.

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Reckonings: Christianne Boudreau


Reckonings episode #3 Christianne Boudreau: Mother of an ISIS militant.

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Justice is Still Not Being Done in the Exploitation of Indigenous Products

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In many countries, major challenges prevent access and benefit sharing from adding up to social justice.

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Democratize The Electoral System

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We must finally and fully scrap the undemocratic Electoral College system.

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This Boyhood Bond is Greater than the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

boyhood friends

Their heritage puts them on opposite sides, yet their shared experiences help them keep their hearts and minds open.

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Our Voices Are Poetry

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Landon Ayres watches his undergraduate students reveal themselves in some of the most powerful ways.

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Sweeps in San Francisco Aim to Force the Homeless Out


Where are people with no place to go … supposed to go?

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Because Marriage Has Been Defined, Doesn’t Mean it Can’t be Redefined

men getting married

It wouldn’t be the first time our definition of marriage changed.

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Why Institutional Racism Deserves Your Discomfort

diverse men

Many white folks don’t understand the definition of institutional or systemic racism, and that’s got to change.

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