Changing the Community Together


American Moroccan cross-cultural communication and teamwork for a better tomorrow

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Netanyahu’s Speeches a Travesty


Hypermasculine bravado as political weapon

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Who is the boy inside the man holding the gun?

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“Not all White People”


I have a very modest goal for me and my white colleagues.

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Violence Against Women is Also Terrorism

missing women copy

Neil Hill wants to know what can be classified as ‘terror’.

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Conjuring Hope in a Storm


Living in New England in mid-winter, it’s necessary to learn to conjure up a sense of hope, even with the snow piling up outside the window.

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Adopting the Principles of the Ascetic for March


The world tells us to feel complete by getting more. What if the truth is actually the opposite?

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We Are “Carefully Taught” to Hate


Nobody is born with hate in their heart.

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What Does It Really Mean To Follow Jesus?


Four out of five Americans claim to be Christians…but what does that really mean?

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Letter to a “Fatherless” Daughter


Every Father wants to be in his daughter’s life.

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Should Women Cover Up To Avoid Stares From Men?


A young Muslim-American singer-songwriter, Omnia Hegazy uses her music to speak out about women’s rights within her Muslim community and beyond.

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Negotiating for Cessation of Persecution of LGBT People in Iran


It’s no secret, the LGBT community faces adversity world-wide. Not the least of which places, Iran.

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So, a Jewish Man Walked Around Paris for 10 hours


…and all he got was this lousy treatment.

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Wake up Call: The First Five Minutes of the Asian Tsunami


On the 26th December 2004, Sam DeSilva was caught in the Asian Tsunami on Koh Phi Phi island, Thailand.

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Changing Masculinity: Three Subtle Mistakes


How good intentions can have bad results.

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What the Romans Can Teach us About Immigration and Integration


The ancient Romans extended many of the same rights to immigrants and ethnic minorities as they did to the elite. And their empire lasted 500 years.

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