10 Reasons Why More Guys Should Do Yoga

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  1. My girlfriend kept bugging me to try Yoga with her and I’ll never go back.

    • Oh no! What happened?

      The first time I went to a hot yoga class, I was a hot mess. A woman asked me to join her at a yoga studio I’d never gone to before, so I didn’t know it was going to be hot yoga. It was incredibly strenuous. I was lifting weights and biking, so I was strong, but omg. I was sweating so much that I was slipping in it. I’ve never been so grossed out by my own bodily fluids in public. And this was a date. I can’t believe she saw me again after that.

      I went back to that studio several times. I loved how hard the workout was, and bringing enough towels and wearing little enough (swim trunks, or running shorts, the kind with mesh briefs built into them, are good), I could be comfortable enough.

      Yoga is hard. Its association with fluffy bunnies or women who subsist on salad is unfortunate. It takes a lot of strength to do. I’ve had incredible mental experiences in yoga classes, and not always as a result of doing something very difficult. Sometimes the best position is that of surrender.


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