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Poll: Why is Our Society Obsessed with Modern Men and Manliness?

Men Boxing

Clearly, our society is currently obsessed with modern men and manliness, why?

Lucky Bloke: Global Safe Sex Crusaders

Lucky Boke

Lucky Bloke is seriously committed to saving lives – learn more at luckybloke.com

Poll: Who Will Win The Presidential Election?

AP Photo Obama - Romney

Romney or Obama?

Gentlemen: Submit Your Photo For a Chance to Win a Year’s Supply of Dove Men + Care

Groom on Wedding Day

Grooms, send us your photos!

Keep It Civil: 10 Ways to Tactfully End a Relationship

Sad Man

Nicole Johnson offers ten ways to end a relationship with class and composure.

Poll: Would You Date Yourself?

Man Looking in Mirror

Would you date YOU?

Poll: Men, Are You Afraid of Growing Old?

Happy Old Man

Do men worry about aging the same way that women do?

Shocking News Out of Mississippi: Church Refuses to Marry Black Couple

Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson AP Photo

There has never been a black wedding at the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, MS. Pastor Stan Weatherford had a chance to change history, but he failed.

NYC Grocery Store Launches “Man Aisle”

Man In Supermarket

What would you stock in your “man aisle”?

Poll: If Your Loved One Was The Victim of a Horrific Crime, Would You Want The Perpetrator to Receive The Death Penalty?

AP Photo - Lethal Injection

If the unimaginable occurred, would you support the death penalty?

Actor Christian Bale Visits Aurora Shooting Victims

Christian Bale AP Photo

Nicole Johnson always thought Christian Bale was an outstanding actor, but after watching this CNN video, she thinks Christian is a class act.

How You Can Help Victims of The Aurora Theater Shooting

Hope Rises Relief Fund

After one of the deadliest shootings in United States history, Americans are doing what we do best in the wake of a tragedy: giving to those in need and believing in the goodness of others.

Gentlemen: Submit Your Idea for a Chance to Win 100K


“One man. One idea. One hundred grand.” – That’s the theme behind the Ketel One / GQ contest designed for true gentlemen with an entrepreneurial drive.

Ketel One and GQ Issue “A Gentleman’s Call”

Carlos Ponce ~  Ketel One - GQ, A Gentleman's Call Campaign

Are you a true gentleman? Are you an altruistic entrepreneur? Would you like to win $100,000?

Man Hands Out Money on His 65th Birthday

Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 9.23.14 AM

Nicole Johnson is inspired by Doug Eaton, who spent his birthday handing out 5 dollar bills to passersby.

Men, Are You Taking Care of Your Skin?


With summer upon us, Nicole Johnson is concerned about the largest organ on your body.