Why the Heck Should Facial Hair Interest us?

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To what extent are beards a symbol of masculinity and what key attributes of masculinity do they represent?

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“The Mask You Live In” Challenges Everyday Ideas of Masculinity. Screening + Panel Discussion

the mask you live in

Sundance Film Festival Documentary film “The Mask You Live In” probes toxic masculinity in America

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7 Traits of Exceptional Men


What combination of traits set some men apart and affords them an outstanding lifestyle?

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Chasing Down the ‘Real Man’

becoming a real man

Quentin Lucas found himself in the military, facing court martial, before he could begin to see what a ‘real man’ might be.

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The Man I Am: 5 Unexpected Things The Military Taught Me (and 5 Contradictions)


Military life taught me more about being a man than I expected.

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Men, Have You Grieved for Women Yet?

women with faces covered

Is grief appropriate? Is it healing? Jonathan Delavan shares his emotional epiphany on a sensitive issue.

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Why Aren’t You Dancing?


Come dancing. An invitation you cannot refuse.

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Man’s Dilemma: How Do I Know if I Measure Up?

manhood iniatiation

Boys and men need these rites of passage to build their confidence and self-awareness.

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Am I A Good Man? 5 Questions I Ask Myself. Let’s Be Honest.

5 Questions Image

Author Jay Cradeur poses questions he asks himself and which every man might ask himself to stay true to his masculine path.

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Why Do We Prefer Sons?

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Did they think I was so disappointed in having a daughter I wouldn’t want another one? That I would be upset if I didn’t have a son, but my wife would be fine with it?

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Bravo Zulu Soldier

Soldier Tire

A soldier changes a tire for a stranger. It makes news. Why?

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Why is America the Home of Male Bashing?

little boy with teddy bear

Papa Bear is a bumbling fool. And TV dads are lovable losers who sometimes save the day. Only in America.

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What Makes European Men So European?

Ron on the phone

Western Europe seems to have a different definition of masculinity, one we can learn a a lot from.

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The Man With Two Left Feet


It can be hard to dance with only two left feet.

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Tender and Tough: The Impossible Task We Give Our Men

father and son

Here I was championing the softer side of boys every day, but in real life I was communicating a desire for the exact opposite.

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Five Things Men Do (Without Realizing It) That Show Their Masculinity


Beth Pugh believes the heart of a man is the manliest muscle of all.

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