Inspiration Unpacked: Sometimes You Just Have to be the Dude

big lebowski

Dudeism might be a “religion” but the whole point is to know how to kick back let yourself be a “dude” instead of worrying about how to be a man.

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How did the Ancient Athenians Raise their Sons?


There can be much to learn from our cultural and philosophical forefathers in ancient Greece, even when it comes to how to raise our own sons.

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Labels are for Soup Cans and Designer Brands Not Men


If we wish to achieve progress in gender equality, we need to work together and calling each other names won’t work.

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9 Things Fatherhood Has Taught Me About Being a Man


“They don’t want the ‘pretend you have it all together’ version of me, they simply want me. To be present. To be engaged. To be there. To be real.”

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Inspiration Unpacked: You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Dad at the park

Together we stand. And laugh. And love. And learn. And sometimes break down and cry. Together.

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Tinder Robot Reveals Men Are Not as Terrible as You Might Think

Tinder experiment

How do guys really act when rejected?

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Rome’s Forgotten Empress : The Strange Reign of Emporer Elagabalus


History has its share of powerful men who flouted tradition. Elagabalus went further than most.

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Things Men are Tired of Hearing About Their Bodies [video]


Just because we aren’t talking about it doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking it.

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Manliness: The Question


Questioning masculinity.

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What is the Paradox of a Real Man?

father and son

Real men are not simple creatures, but a wonderful, beautiful, amazing paradox.

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What Your Opinion of Sarah Palin Says About You

Sarah Palin

This week Five Bad Surfers take on male perceptions of women in the media.

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Why the Long Beard? #lumbersexual


Jon Koidis works with male-focused brands, and that’s why this is NOT your typical article on the lumbersexual phenomenon.

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Why Do These Things Make Men Uncomfortable?


How do you react to these experiences? You don’t have to answer. Just think about it.

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Nice Guys Finish First

nice guys

Proof that nice guys actually finish first!

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Why Date a Man Who Dances?


A man who dances is no ordinary man.

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Beard haters in the 1860s!

beard haters

‘Rhythmical Essays on the Beard Question’

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