One College’s Quest to Deconstruct the Man Box


Richmond College is leading the way to obliterate the man box once and for all!

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500 Years of the Model Man


The trap of the man box could be leading to higher male suicide rates. But one thing is sure, the historical concept of masculinity is always changing.

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Is Dude the New Gentleman?

crush nemo Alaskan Dude:Flcikr

A dude is a special blend of characteristics. Do you have what it takes to achieve dudeness?

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Beards, Moustaches, and Facial Hair in History

Gandhi_Jones_whiskers (1)

Male facial grooming doesn’t just follow fashion trends. There is also history in the beard, and culture in the moustache.

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How to Defeat Failure in 60 Seconds (Video)


Failure, we all have experienced it! This video shows you how to defeat failure in 60 seconds.

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Real Men Smell like Anarchy, Not Strawberries


At what point in our development as men did we collectively decide that it was considered too feminine to smell like a flower, or a fruit, or a vegetable?

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Burning Man and a Slap in the Face

burning man

Steven Budden is just a man at Burning Man, trying to comprehend a great mystery.

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The New Man Paradigm


Shifts in traditional gender roles are allowing men more freedom to explore who and how they want to be.

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Shaving in the Trenches

straight razor Wikimedia Commons

How did soldiers maintain a shaving and grooming regime in the Great War?

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What’s Wrong With Being a Sharp Dressed Man?

sharp dressed men

Since when is it superficial to care about how you look? Maybe it’s superficial for you to criticize.

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Are Men Finding the Time to Train?

balance AntheaAtlas:Flickr

Rick Matz directly addresses finding the time for martial arts training, but his advice reaches deeper into global men’s culture.

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Real Men Don’t… Photoshop?


Do you think photoshopping on men is a problem? What about photoshopping inanimate objects?

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Masculinity Is Like My Second Skin. But What Is It Really?


Through the body we experience the social world, writes James W. Messerschmidt. Raoul Wieland asks what good an extreme self-awareness does for the male identity.

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Sensitive Men Can Save The Planet


The time has come to break the outdated, rigid male code that insists that all men should be aggressive, thick-skinned, and unemotional.

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Beards and Masculinity in History

Beard AP:File

Are beards more Popular than ever? What does the answer tell us about today’s men?

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Manhood: The Burden of Proof

Manhood Burden of Proof

How does a boy know he has become a man in a society where being a man means different things to different people?

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