Who are Heroes?


Not everybody who fights in combat is a hero — and not every every hero in a war fights.

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How Being Wrongfully Accused Helped Me Become a Better Man


Wrongful accusation was a nightmare, but I still chase my dreams

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Unhealthy Beards? Denouncing Facial Hair in History


Does the latest buzz about beards and cleanliness signal an end to the long, divisive history about men’s facial hair?

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How Men Learn to Act Like Men


If your idea of how to be a man leaves you feeling like something’s missing, you are not alone.

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Dirtbag or Die


Dirtbag culture is a conscientious objection to the so-called American Dream of “Work your ass off, pay taxes, and then die.”

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Have You Seen a Man’s Heart?

see heart

Have you glimpsed the depth of emotion and feeling that most men hide?

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I Need to Be Right (Like Many Men I Know)


There’s a difference between being right and doing the right thing.

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The Quiet but True Heroism of a Strong Role Model That Is You


Superheroes are iconic. But there’s another kind of heroism that’s far less talked about.

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The Modern World and Male Invisibility


Too many men only skim the surface when they talk to each other, robbing each other of humanity.

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Why We Climb


Climbing gives us the opportunity to prove we can do something extraordinary and push ourselves to our limits.

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Reflections from a Masculinity Panel, March 2015


Abdul Staten sat on a panel about how the idea of masculinity is hindering adolescent boys from blossoming into their authentic, non-violent, non-misogynistic, non-abusive selves.

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BB Guns, Gangs, and Other Teenage Rites of Passage

boy with bb gun

Scott Laudati on the marks left by the need to belong, and the greater need to be true to self.

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What it Takes to See a Man’s Feelings

My name is Nobody

If you want us to open up, you need to be stronger than we are.

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Why Aren’t My Friends, well… Friends Anymore?!


Lately, my friends have been slacking. They have not been on top of their friend game at all.

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What We [Must] Do For Love


Patriarchy, and its oppressive influence on our lives, prevents men from loving truly.

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My Body is Weird. Yes, I Said That.


When he first wrote this, it was banned by a social media site. Ryan Bell doesn’t understand, since he was just saying what a lot of men are thinking.

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