The Modern World and Male Invisibility


Too many men only skim the surface when they talk to each other, robbing each other of humanity.

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Why We Climb


Climbing gives us the opportunity to prove we can do something extraordinary and push ourselves to our limits.

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Reflections from a Masculinity Panel, March 2015


Abdul Staten sat on a panel about how the idea of masculinity is hindering adolescent boys from blossoming into their authentic, non-violent, non-misogynistic, non-abusive selves.

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BB Guns, Gangs, and Other Teenage Rites of Passage

boy with bb gun

Scott Laudati on the marks left by the need to belong, and the greater need to be true to self.

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What it Takes to See a Man’s Feelings

My name is Nobody

If you want us to open up, you need to be stronger than we are.

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Why Aren’t My Friends, well… Friends Anymore?!


Lately, my friends have been slacking. They have not been on top of their friend game at all.

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What We [Must] Do For Love


Patriarchy, and its oppressive influence on our lives, prevents men from loving truly.

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My Body is Weird. Yes, I Said That.


When he first wrote this, it was banned by a social media site. Ryan Bell doesn’t understand, since he was just saying what a lot of men are thinking.

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How to become a Fully Functional #DeliciouslyDisabled Flirt!


Andrew Morrison-Gurza reminds us that flirting is about how we feel, not what we can do.

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Your Brain on Pornography


Why are more and more guys quitting the habit?

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Will Forte Sings An Ode To His Beard On ‘Fallon’

Will Forte singing

Because cutting your beard is a bit depressing. Especially when your mother wants the hair.

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Attention: Men of Generation X 


Mid-30’s or a little older? We need you!

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Beyondblue Report: Masculinity Stereotypes Key in Men’s Mental Health


Chances are, every single one of us, at least once in our lives has been told, told another, or heard the phrases ‘man up’, ‘stop being a pussy’ or ‘don’t be such a girl’.

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Men’s Standards of Beauty from Around the World

men_beauty pop

The look of “the ideal man” is changing. Is this a good thing?

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There’s a New Trend in Town and We Need You to Write About It

boy and lipstick

Getty Images gives us a Visual Trends webinar called #GenderBlend2015 and we want YOU to give us your views.

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Let’s Talk About Men


How and why do we need to talk about men? Jason Kiesau asked Men & Masculinities expert Dr. Michael Kimmel for his insight.

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