Is Vulnerable the New Macho?

vulnerable man

Ideas about masculinity and vulnerability are changing. But is it enough to save men’s lives?

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Good Lessons from a Bad Father


By being his usual, insensitive self, he showed me what kind of man not to be.

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To HAVE, You Must BE


We know what we want and what we should do. Jason Kiesau challenges us to think about what we should BE.

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Marc Maron Gets Real About Real Men


The man who got Obama into his garage for an interview answers three questions about masculinity.

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Good Men, You Let The Douche-bags Win

Male lion roaring

If you want a dating world where men are considered respectable good men need to take the lead.

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I am a Man, Looking Back on My Life, Wondering How I Got Here


Luis Pabon wonders when the shedding of his prepubescent skin occurred, and even as an older man, continues to struggle with the fit of his adult clothing.

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Advice To Men: Go Wild


Dennis Kiley and Rob Schene help men to embrace their Wild Man, the man who is compassionate and courageous, fierce and gentle, passionate and powerful.

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Why Shave if You Don’t Have to


A fresh line up on my beard brings extra confidence every time I look into the mirror.

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Men and the Resting A**hole Face: Smiley Face Not Required


Sean Swaby admits that he isn’t always happy. His confession may result in a flurry of people telling him to smile, recommendations for antidepressants or offers of food to make him feel better.

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Looking for my First Second Date as a Person with a Disability


Andrew Morrison-Gurza is past never been kissed…he’s worried about “never been missed”.

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The Man With The Big Voice

Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 11.20.33 PM

“At 5’5″ inches tall Rube was not an imposing figure, but his voice was twice his height. Strong. Deep. Memorable.”

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There is No Such Thing as a Real Man


“Real man” definitions perpetuate cookie-cutter masculinity because an “evolved” mold is still a mold. It doesn’t matter if you fit in the man box, you are still a man.

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Have You Ever Seen a Drag…King?


Watch as four women transform into guys for the first time…and get some surprises long the way.

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A Man’s Massage: Good for Body and Soul

man getting massage

L. R. Heartsong breaks down myths about men and massage and offers encouragement and a dare.

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How Shaving Can Make You Invincible


The magic of a close shave makes you feel lighter, like when you were a carefree kid.

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Scraping the Fur Off Our Faces: Shaving Reveals A Lot about Our Identity


Choosing to shave (or not) can be a symbol of starting over, rebellion, or freedom.

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