If Women Can’t Serve Lunch at a UN Summit on Nuclear Security, What Does That Say About Men?

Netherlands Nuclear Summit

With so much changing so quickly in the world, why on earth are women still seems as “distractions” to some of the most important conversations of our time?

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Why Do Men Still Love the Film The Great Escape?

Film "The Great Escape" 1963

To mark the 70th anniversary of the mass escape from Stalag Luft III, Glen Poole examines the enduring masculine appeal of the Great Escape

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Five Differences Between a Grown Man and a Mature Man


On his journey to adulthood, Matthew Branch has sorted through what it takes to be not just grown, but also mature.

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Do I Say I Love You Too Much For a Guy?


Dillan DiGiovanni wonders if a guy can say “I love you” too much.

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Men Really Do Have Needs, Too: Understanding Them Leads to Success

Not all men want to be lone wolves.

When men’s emotional needs are met, the rest of their lives improve.

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When I Realized I’d Never Be Romeo

My writing could be my voice.

Stephen Mills’ voice is unusual, and it’s affected his life in ways he never expected.

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Bigger, Buffer, Bronzer, and Other Ways to Ruin Your Life

body builder stencil

Matt Micheli did everything he could to go beyond “fitting in”. Ten years later, he gets the bill.

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Because Men Don’t Fit Into Molds

Batman Man

Modern Equality shows what superheroes and icons would look like if they were real. Like, really real.

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Powerlifting. A great help to finding patience.

TweetC. Gibbons learned early on that patience is better than violence to failing with people.   When I was a kid, I had quite a short temper for some things. Bullies were number one on my short-fuse list. Whether they were trying to bully me, or if I saw kids picking on another kid, I […]

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Subject: I Miss You

You never know what you'll see on your computer.

Sebastiàn Molano received a message in his inbox that caused him to rethink how men express their feelings.

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How I Wish Locker Room Conversations Would Go

Changing the Way We Define Manly

Changing the way we define manly. By Oluwatosin Awofeso.

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Shy Guy

It came down to me and the bus.

Elliot Silberberg looks back at the bus trip that made a shy 12-year-old start to feel like a man.

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Unmanned: The Disavowing of Masculinity

macho photo by Lizzie279

Dr. Aqualus Gordon wonders if men are being socialized into being afraid to embrace or even admit to traditionally masculine traits—and what the implications of that will be.

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Longing for the Longhairs, or a World Where Men Are Different

Where are all the longhairs photo by robynlou8

Melissa Potter almost always fell for the guys with long hair. And she finally figured out why.

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My Photoshopped Reality

1-photoshop-Daniel Drak-GMP

Lena Dunham, Photoshop and how unrealistic beauty standards affect men too.

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Book Excerpt: “Man Up” by Jimmy West

Man Up by Jordan West

Man Up by Jordan West

Lee is a man in his mid-forties the all-to-familiar mid-life crisis, caught in an intense internal struggle over whether to leave his ill wife and two kids, or leave.

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