The Grace, Power, Beauty, and Strength of Masculinity


How many ways can we show what it’s like to be a man?

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Tales of the Henpecked Husband


The image of the henpecked husband is nothing new, and neither is its effect on masculinity.

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What Happens to Men When Women Give Birth

birth assessment tool imgur Dh7vxo0 588x350

Yep, the old stereotype is alive and well.

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Learning How To Be A Man, From Mom

Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams did not have an absent father, but he learned to be the man that he is from his mother.

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Of Good Men and Beards

via Twitter

Savas Abadsidis talks to men about the way growing – or not growing – a beard defines manhood in their lives.

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Man on Fire: The Shame and Pain of Depression

man-on-fire-photo-rennett stowe

Depression is a hard topic for anyone to talk about, but Christopher Green finds it especially difficult among men.

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A Man Among Fallen Trees


The first time that he destroyed a tree, Colin Vandenberg felt masculine, and powerful…and sad.

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The Male Shooter Epidemic


James Lorello asks us to consider creating authentic relationships with young men to curb violence.

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The Cars That Made Me a Man


From mountainside picnics to curbside views of conflict to getting to know the girl of his dreams—cars have always shaped Graham Phoenix’s memories. And you can tweet your favorite car moment for a chance at a luxury gift pack giveaway worth $570 from Enterprise Exotic Collection. #Sponsored #EnterpriseExotics

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Do Heels Make Less Of A Man?

heels copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks it takes a strong man to dance like this in stiletto heels.

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Making Progress, One Man At a Time

Have you seen this shirt?

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks the “Feminist Father” wearing this shirt is evidence of progress and worthy of the attention he’s getting.

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Should Men Feel All The Feelings?

feelings copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks men shouldn’t avoid difficult feelings when they come up.

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Good Boy

Michael Ellis on Being a Good Boy

Michael Ellis talks about how counter-productive the well-intentioned the phrase ‘be a good boy’ can be.

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Isn’t this man lip syncing to Celine Dion hilarious?

man copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks this man lip syncing to Celine Dion is pretty funny and a little bit sad.

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JLo Threatening Jimmy Fallon for Wearing Tight Pants Isn’t Funny

J Lo and Jimmy Fallon

If we want men to be less aggressive, we need to stop acting like violence against men is funny. Do you agree?

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Men In The Mirror


Joel Schwartzberg counters the stereotypes of what makes a “real man” by compiling a list of the top 25 things men should do in their life.

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