What Do You Mean Real Men Don’t Drive Mini Vans?

kieth and van

So you take the less comfortable, less practical, and less economical vehicle because it’s not a minivan? Come on guys!

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Nice Guys Lead With Their Hearts


The contradictory journey of the nice guy between being who he truly is and becoming attractive.

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Dionysos Out of Exile: Embodiment, Emotion, and the Recovery of the Male Soul

Screen shot 2015-07-26 at 8.46.59 PM

David M. Odorisio on what it means to be an American “self-made man”, and how that’s repressing both body and emotion in males today.

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Call for Submissions: Scrapping the Fur off Your Face


Calling all guys who shave, we want your stories!

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The Silence of Man


Have you ever heard the inner workings of a man’s mind, or have you assumed they are just like all men?

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Rise, a Warrior


“We are all great warriors, searching for peace.”

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10 Ways to Create Meaningful Male Relationships


Men often struggle to make and keep friendships with other men. Though it may require some work, the task is not impossible.

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The Guys Weekend: Recess for Men


Pack your coolers, and go! Guys Weekends are an important time for decompression you just can’t get in regular life.

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Can a Man Be Sensitive and Strong?

can a man be sensitive and strong

Carlos Andres Gomez talks about what it took for him to walk away from stereotypical definitions of masculinity.

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I Believe in Your Victory

pensive man

To be a real man, I must be as cool McConaughey, as bad ass as Diesel, as stylish as Ford, as funny as Key and Peele, all while maintaining the sensitivity of a golden retriever.

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Why is He Always Smiling?


John Trybulec observes a man with a good heart.

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On Keeping Your Cool when Life Gets Hot and Messy


The trick to being cool is realizing that there is no trick.

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Do You Have a Backbone?


An interview with David H. Wagner for The Testosterone Project.

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How Men Make New Friends (We’re Making it Harder than it Has to Be)

two men friends

Men are taught to pretend they’re self-sufficient. But every guy needs friends he can depend on.

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Why a Best Friend is Hard for a Good Man to Find


As our culture and society have denormalized authentic male friendships, more men are finding themselves lonely and depressed. It’s time to showcase masculinity as depending on and helping others, rather than a man alone.

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How I Made My Dad Cry


Seeing tears on his father’s face was incentive enough to get John Trybulec to pass Accounnting 101.

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