The Masculine Search For Freedom And Why It Matters

masculine search for freedom photo by Jesus Solana

Ignorance of the masculine and feminine archetypal energies at play in our intimate relationships, whether straight or gay, can cost us everything.

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The Male Peer Culture of Aggression

culture of aggression  fotologic:Flickr

A culture of aggression exists and men can stand up and say “That’s NOT cool!”

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5 Things Men Should Know About Their Bodies [video]


Everyone has questions. Here are a few you might want answered.

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The “Men in Heels” are Back!

men in heels ariana grande

Any who says that high heels are for sissies hasn’t seen these guys in action!

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Male Pole Dancer as Metaphor for Masculinity

pole dance

Do male pole dancers point a metaphorical finger in the direction of mature masculinity?

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I Love You, Man: 5 Tips For Stepping Into Modern Masculinity

modern men photo vernieman

Dan Mahle grew up not being able to say “I love you” because he thought the words were too emotional. Thankfully, times have changed.

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What’s Blood Got to Do With It?

Credit: Justin Levesque

Co-founder of FOLX, Justin Levesque, discusses using arts to create inclusiveness at the crossroads of illness, masculinity, and identity.

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Men, 3 Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

emottional intelligence mrbill78636:Flickr

Healthy emotional intelligence in relationships can be a difficult challenge for men. Here are some ways to help!

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Me & T, 5 Years Later

Pre-t, 5 Years on T

Watch 5 years in the life on one young transguy, as his voice and pictures tell the story of how he’s grown not just as a man, but as a person.

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Why I Practice Conscious Masculinity


Michael Burnstein is here to discover and tell his story, and support you on your journey toward the Conscious Masculine.

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Freaks, Geeks, Outcasts, Cultural Appropriation, and Boys Like Me


When one group takes on the characteristics and mannerisms of another, is it cultural appropriation, admiration, or an attempt to identify with someone beyond themselves?

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How I Turned My Love Life Around in 1 Easy Step

How I turned my love life round  Alan Cleaver:Flickr

As a single man my love life is AWESOME! How about yours?

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‘Love You Mate’—On Guys and Non-Sexual Intimacy

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 7.17.42 PM

Dameyon Bonson was a little bummed out after reading what Joanna Schroeder wrote about being bummed out after watching BuzzFeed’s funny new gender-swapping video about how BFFs behave.

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No One Ever Taught Me How to Be a Man

no one taught me how photo by Alan Cleaver

Until I neared my 40th birthday, I never realized what not having healthy masculine role models was costing me and the women I loved.

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What Do Beer, Football, and Star Wars Have in Common?

beer football starwars top

Football season is here, which means beer season is here. And it’s always Star Wars season. So what’s missing?

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Why Men Resist Critiques of Masculinity, and How That Can Change


Alex Bove explains why most men react negatively to the criticism of masculinity.

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