On Existential Manhood


Is manhood something we have or something we put on? Jeremy Brunger looks at how we show people who we are.

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Why I’m Terrified to Try Something New


I’m terrified. I’m a professional performer, but in 90 minutes I’ll be sitting down to my first ever singing lesson. Here are a few of the reasons why I’m scared.

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Modern Men and Masculinity

modern masc-man

How do you define masculinity? When you think of a “real man” what comes to mind?

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The New York Beard Tax and Other Strange Beard Facts!

beard trim

Alun Withey combs through facial hair history to tidy up our beard knowledge

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Bat Away The Tears


The acceptable face of crying.

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The Importance of Community in a Man’s Life

circle of men

Community may just change men’s lives like they never imagined!

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How Online Sexual Stimulation Can Lead to In Real Life Sexual Dysfunction

red doll

6 surprising things you need to know about men and pornography.

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The Body Image Monster Didn’t Win Today

body image dillan

Dillan DiGiovanni talks about the days when the body image monster doesn’t win.

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I Was 19-Years-Old When I Realized I Was Going Bald


A 20-something’s journey into manhood.

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How My Poor Eyesight Wreaked Havoc on My Masculinity

eyesight photo by sterlic

At 23-years old, Christopher Dale found out he had gaping holes in his field of vision. The effect was alienating and emasculating.

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To Beard Or Not To Beard

guys with beards

Trends come and go, but let’s face it, love ‘em or hate ‘em, beards are here to stay.

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The Masculine Vulnerability Paradox


What “vulnerability” really is, and why it has nothing to do with “weakness”

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A Short, Surprising Insight About Gender and Creativity

Man Meets Woman by Yang Liu

It’s called psychological androgyny—“creative individuals are more likely to have not only the strengths of their own gender but those of the other one too.”

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Real Men and Self-Perception


Amber Colyer shares her observations of a man’s need for validation and how this affects how men view themselves.

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Can the Tears of Men Help Heal the World?


Holding in grief is not just emotionally dangerous for men, it also affects physical health and is definite detriment of society

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Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone But Were Afraid to Ask

weight lifter

Finding the level of testosterone that is “just right for me” should be your goal.

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