Do You Have a Backbone?


An interview with David H. Wagner for The Testosterone Project.

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How Men Make New Friends (We’re Making it Harder than it Has to Be)

two men friends

Men are taught to pretend they’re self-sufficient. But every guy needs friends he can depend on.

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Why a Best Friend is Hard for a Good Man to Find


As our culture and society have denormalized authentic male friendships, more men are finding themselves lonely and depressed. It’s time to showcase masculinity as depending on and helping others, rather than a man alone.

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How I Made My Dad Cry


Seeing tears on his father’s face was incentive enough to get John Trybulec to pass Accounnting 101.

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Did You Cry When He Left?

Snake Bloomstrand Did You Cry

Snake Bloomstrand, on rituals that make a boy into a man.

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Three Words to the Most Important Man in My Life


Sebastian Harris learns to say I love you to another man.

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Gay Men, Straight Men, and Modeling Masculinity


Standards for masculinity are slowly changing. Who will be the new models for modern manhood?

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What Makes Testosterone Levels Drop?

The Testosterone Project Duckface

An interview with Dr. Harry Fisch for The Testosterone Project.

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The Testosterone Project. Welcome.

The Testosterone Project. It Begins

The Testosterone Project explores the evolution of masculinity in modern society through a series of interviews with leading thinkers on the topic.

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I am a Man: Soft, Strong, Graceful, and Brave


To discover the unique man he is, Christopher Grohs had to dissolve the notion of the archetypal 1950s American man.

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Where Do Men Go When They Are Afraid?

If men are supposed to be fearless, what do we do when we’re afraid?

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Men, Stop Letting the World Define You

boy mimicing dad

With all the conflicting signals about what a man is supposed to be, here’s a refreshing idea. Whatever he wants.

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Reflections On Being Raised By A Father


…who didn’t know his Father

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The Lost World Of Male Desire

man desiring world

Why do we fear male desire? It has achieved so much in the past, yet now it is a thing of shame.

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Are You Overcoming Fear or is Fear Overcoming You?

overcoming fear

Maybe it is time to go do something that scares you.

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To the Boys Who Want To Dance


Despite the TV shows, music videos, and endless youtube channels, boys are still getting teased for dancing.

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