About that Drink I Ordered…


Two guys walk into a bar. One of them orders a cosmo…

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Manly With a Sissy’s Heart — The Brain Gender Quiz That Taught Me Something


Josh’s quiz results surprised him — but here’s what he came to realize about himself.

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Problems Only Guys Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand

no beard

In the Time of the Beard, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to grow one.

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A Man’s Perspective on Aging…and George Clooney


What’s with the age difference, George?

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What You Missed in Questioning Masculinity


What’s been going on in the place where we discuss questions about what masculinity is?

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Signed, the Guy Who Doesn’t Want to Smell Like Bearglove and Swagger

Thai Massage? For real?

The names keep getting wackier, and JJ Vincent wonders who this stuff is supposed to attract, anyway.

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What Makes You a Man? [video]


The answer to the question depends on who’s talking.

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Men Try Women’s Makeup for the First Time [video]

model makeup

When these guys get a half-make-over, even they’re surprised at how they respond.

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The Kind of Men We Want to Be

men-want-to-be-Maeka Alexis

Anthony Carter realized that the problems in our society can’t be fixed by looking for a scapegoat.

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The Grace, Power, Beauty, and Strength of Masculinity


How many ways can we show what it’s like to be a man?

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Tales of the Henpecked Husband


The image of the henpecked husband is nothing new, and neither is its effect on masculinity.

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What Happens to Men When Women Give Birth

birth assessment tool imgur Dh7vxo0 588x350

Yep, the old stereotype is alive and well.

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Learning How To Be A Man, From Mom

Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams did not have an absent father, but he learned to be the man that he is from his mother.

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Of Good Men and Beards

via Twitter

Savas Abadsidis talks to men about the way growing – or not growing – a beard defines manhood in their lives.

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Man on Fire: The Shame and Pain of Depression

man-on-fire-photo-rennett stowe

Depression is a hard topic for anyone to talk about, but Christopher Green finds it especially difficult among men.

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A Man Among Fallen Trees


The first time that he destroyed a tree, Colin Vandenberg felt masculine, and powerful…and sad.

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