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  1. I’ve never been with a man who wasn’t “the perfect size”. Were they all the same size? Probably not, but I never asked them to measure. They all had penises the size of the penis that was about to have sex with me, which was what made it perfect.

  2. I agree with lovesickrobot – with only a few exceptions, every man I’ve allowed into my panties has been “just right” in his own way. (Exceptions include one unfortunate soul with diagnosed micropenis syndrome, and his polar opposite, who was what I later deemed “practical joke big” – as in, as big as one of those practical joke dongs used at bachelorette parties. AKA Mr. Ouch.)

    I’ve always been of the belief that “What good is a Cadillac if you don’t know how to drive it?” Penis size is only one of the variables that make up a lover – and to be honest, it really isn’t even in the top ten. Personally speaking, I cannot have an orgasm through “normal” intercourse, so although I do enjoy being, er, filled, as it were, it truly does not matter what size your package is, but rather, what skills you bring along with the equipment. An imaginative, thoughtful lover with an “average” package is much more appreciated than a bumbling fool who’s hung like a tree trunk.

    tl;dr: Cock is nice, but a connection is much better.

  3. That’s real sweet of you to say ladies. It really is. Women have been trained to say this all their lives. I really believe they think the sky will open up and they’ll be struck with lightning if they sat the truth. I guess nearly 5 million of them by Playgirl Magizene every month to read the articles. I think there’s a 9″ minumum to get your pic in there. Listen, I’ve had friends in my liftime who were”hung”, and they never wanted for femails to be with. In fact , they’d do one girl and I guess she would brag to her friends about the “serious man meat” she had last night. Next thing you know, her girl friends are stalking down my pals to “try them on for size”. It happened to every one of them. My one pal had a list of what you would today refer to as “hookup buddies”. One was a 4′ 11″ gymnast who he called “pinwheel” ( I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how she earned that nickname). These women would drop whatever they were doing if he called. Even if it ment ditching there boyfriends (or husbands). listen, if you have enough nerve to find out what women really think about size, get a group of them togeather, get the blender out and start making margeritas or mudslides or something along those lines. Then , when they’re feeling no pain discreetly insert the issue of penis size into the conversation and watch where the conversation goes.Just raelize one thing. They’ll probably all describe their boyfriends & husband’s package. Sometimes in great detail. So make sure any of the guys in earshot don’t get to embarrased. Anyway, it will really open your eyes.

    • Women are cock-crazy adulterers incapable of honesty unless hammered, according to Bobbit. One would need a micopenis to penetrate the depths of that insight.

  4. Some of the best comments on the interwebs…

  5. Sandra Kelly says:

    We do not need a large penis to enjoy ourselves. Most women do not orgasm during intercourse no matter what size our lover’s penis is.
    Just because we do not reach orgasm during intercourse doesn’t mean we are not enjoying ourselves. Give me an attentive average size lover over a well hung guy who thinks having a big penis is all that is required to please a woman. Someone mentioned Playgirl earlier and I would say that it is true a large penis is nice to look at but the reality of having sex with them is totally different.

  6. In hopes of someone being able to answer this question. Why is a guy I’m just texting/talking to now is absolutely obscessed with the size of his penis? He has nothing to worry about it in that department and I do mean nothing. Honestly its getting on my nerves shut up about it already. He’s asked me didn’t you like the pic I sent you? (when I ask him not too..leave something to imagination) Did you look at it today and think of me? When I told him I did not he asked me why? Someone please tell me what am I missing here?

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