When Karma Leaves a Number 2: How My Wife Became a Poop Doula


Of all the obstacles in parenting life, fear of pooping (and the mess that follows) can be a messy burden for this dad.

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3 Reasons I Never Make Time for My Kids


I set aside time for almost every person in my life. Here is why I no longer do it for my children.

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Father Knows Best: What 21st Century Men Can Learn From 1950s TV

Father Knows Best

Elliott Katz believes if dads ‘go back in time’ with their family dynamic, they will have a better future with their kids.

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Dad Cartoon of the Week

gmp rainy summer trailer

Little boy in the burbs feels somewhat invested in the weather conditions

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How Has the Word ‘Love’ Changed Now That You’re a Father? Let’s Ask Dad

Let's Ask Dad

In our “Let’s Ask Dad” video series, these men consider the new meanings of love—and all its incarnations and depths— now that they’re fathers.

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Dude Dad Death Metal Lullaby: Mom vs. Dad

Dude dad death metal lullaby

This week, Dude Dad Vlogger Taylor Calmus takes on his wife for the funniest lullaby duet/challenge we’ve ever seen.

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My Daughter Is Obsessed With the Father She Doesn’t Have


I adopted my daughter myself, as a single mother. But lately, the comments about her “Daddy” keep on coming …

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Are Your Children More Like You or More Like Their Mom? Let’s Ask Dad

lets ask dad 3

Genetics, behavior, and personality—which traits do we get from mom over dad, and vice versa? The Good Men Project video series “Let’s Ask Dad” climbs the family trait tree.

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Just Stop Obsessing About All of Your Sons Choices


Our sons will need a lot of guidance on many issues as they grow up. Choosing candy based on gender is not one of them.

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40 and Free: Reclaiming Life and Loving the Ride

birthday  fun run by UNC-CFC-USFK on Flickr

A newly-divorced dad of four reinvents himself and quickly learns what matters most.

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Your Deaf Kids and the Dinner Table

dinner table

For hearing parents of deaf children, who have not learned to sign.

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Becoming the man I have Missed Since my dad Died

father and two daughters by Tony Alter on Flickr

The void he felt since his father died was filled in an unexpected way.

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How Fathers Can Affect Their Daughters’ Take on the World

jay dale

Jayneen Sanders shares the 10 things her husband as a feminist father has given to their daughters as they have grown into adult women.

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The Best Definition of a Father to Millennials

definition of a father to millennials

As a millennial, this is how I would define a great father.

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A Lesson on Equality From Our Toddler


A toddler sets a store clerk straight on the meaning of Daddy.

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Attack of The Stay-At-Home-Dad

stay at home dad

Christopher Powers is a proud SAHD. He tells us about his journey here.

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