Let Me Be Frank: The Pride of a Stay-at-Home-Dad

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Are stay-at-home-dads as rare as unicorns? Not for Frank—and a lot of dads these days.

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Father and Daughter Pancake Sunday

dad fathers day pancakes

A perfect Sunday morning.

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One Dad’s Lucky Streak — He Got Cancer Twice


What? Lucky to get testicular cancer? Kevin A. Hall takes us along through the pain and perspectives of surviving cancer not just once but twice.

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I Thought I Could Love My Son Through His Trauma, But It Wasn’t Enough!

I Thought I Could by Rolands Lakis

Foster parent Mike Berry reminds us that sometimes raising children requires more than love.

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Dad Cartoon of the Week

gmp size diet trailer

When the broadening of perspectives isn’t always a good thing.

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Learning To Let My Daughters Learn The Hard Way

learning to let them learn

In an effort to raise capable kids, it seems like I’m the one that needs to learn the most.

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20 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Man and Father

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Thomas Hocknell dispenses hard-won wisdom gained on the path of manhood.

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How Does a Dad Talk to a Four-Year-Old About Sex?

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“You did WHAT to mommy?”

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Teach Your Kids the Health Benefits of Friendship


Connecting with others is really good for our mind and our body.

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New Dads Should Be Able to Take Paternity Leave–Here’s How


New dads need to know what their rights are and how to talk to employers about parental leave.

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Warriors: On Family

Warriors On Family

Honor is reserved for what you give

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You Can’t Do Your Kid’s Pushups

diarydad flexing and a wham

DiaryDad learned a lesson about strength, but first he had to do a lot of push-ups. I want to tread into the realm of teaching kids to be strong. I am a father of two young boys who I want to grow up to be strong men. I want my boys to be emotionally, mentally, […]

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7 Ways Dads and Moms Can Guide Kids Through Tragic News Events

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The news can be downright graphic and unbearable—even for adults. How can parents run interference?

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Six Truths to Speak Over Your Kids

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Go to war for your kids, not against them.

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Finding Dad By Losing Him


  L.M. Dalton found her dad when he passed away. ___ The pale blue box containing my father’s ashes sits on the credenza in front of my TV. It contains only half of them, actually. My sister has the rest. “I’ll take his brains and heart,” I told her when we were given the divided […]

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A Letter From My Forgotten Father


I didn’t want to be your grandfather, but somehow I turned out to be just like him. ___ To my always son, You’re reading this because I am not there right now. It isn’t fair. I know it isn’t. I didn’t want to be your grandfather, but somehow I turned out to be just like […]

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