My Husband’s Love Affair … With Tech

My Husbands Love by Dan Zen

Ina Chadwick and her husband click … and click, and click, and click, as his obsession with tech has taken control of their home.

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The Guy’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Planning

just married t shirt

How to get through the wedding planning phase without losing your mind.

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Just When You Thought We Were Done With That Dress …

GMP Stupid Internet Dress by Judy Clement Wall

Want to know what color that dress was? Here’s your answer.

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Why Not Men in Skirts?

men in skirts

Greg White may not have the cojones to wear a skirt, but he’s certainly free to think about it.

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Is the Internet Turning People into Delusional Narcissists?


Ira Israel wonders if the Internet is one huge High School popularity contest gone awry.

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10 Articles of (Silly) Clothing Every Man Should Own


Aaron Traister thinks BuzzFeed’s list of things men shouldn’t wear is ridiculous, and shares his own list of stuff guys over 30 should own.

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Once Upon a Vasectomy …


Tor Constantino marks the anniversary of his vasectomy with a pithy poem in the tradition of Dr. Seuss—to be clear, Dr. Seuss did NOT perform the vasectomy.

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A Dad’s Guide to the 10 Worst Halloween Treats


Tor Constantino offers this guide as a public service to all men who get stuck eating the misfit Halloween candy their kids don’t want—life’s too short to eat bad candy.

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12 Sexy Halloween Costumes For Men That Are Completely Ridiculous

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 6.49.46 PM

Guys – are you feeling left out of the “ridiculously silly and impractical” Halloween costume market? Never fear.

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10 Phrases a Dad Does Not Want to Hear


Tor Constantino shares some of the future phrases he dreads hearing from his kids.

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Giant Men, Kittens. Kittens, Giant Men. [video]

giant men tiny kittens

Men meet kittens. Men hold kittens. Kittens charm the socks off men.

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Bacon Flavored Lube Could Change Your Sex Life!


Maybe you need some new flavor in the bedroom, or a little more sizzle? Something to get your love life smokin’?

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As a Woman With Lots of Guy Friends, I Can Vouch for the Truth of this Video

guy girl friends

Funny, sweet video about the value of guys and girls being friends.

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Stupid New Parents – Part 2

birth class

As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals more about how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

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Stupid New Parents – Part 1

birth class

As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

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Dangling Testicle Signals Doom for the Universe


While Ben Shaberman is not a big believer in signs, this recent one got this attention.

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