‘Farewell, Mr. Bunting’ Skewers Iconic Scene from Dead Poets Society

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It’s okay to laugh. Just don’t stand on the desk and salute.

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When America Was Almost Vespucia


America was named after Amerigo Vespucci… but almost after his last name, rather than his first one.

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Chances Are Your LinkedIn Profile is Meaningless


Matthew Williams believes that most LinkedIN profiles are full of rubbish.

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It’s Retro, It’s Camp, It’s “Child of the Seventies” Episode 1


Check out this wild LGBT friendly webseries!

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The Most Anticipated SNL Sketch Ever


Moments after Sarah Palin took the stage to endorse Donald Trump, admit it, we all were thinking the same thing. When is Tina Fey going to do this on SNL? Here it is.

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What’s Funnier Than a Guy on a Buffalo?


We don’t just eat masculine stereotypes for breakfast around here. We have a good laugh at them, too.

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Arab in Alabama


An Arab-American’s Take on Peace, Freedom, Sweet Tea and living in the South.

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The Comedy in White Supremacy


Matthew Rozsa returns (one last time) to the subject of Internet racists.

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Why do Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas?

Chinese food

Matthew Rozsa attempts to find out why Jews love eating Chinese food on Christmas.

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Voldemort and the Destruction of Christmas


Merry Voldemas and Happy Red Cups to you. Thank God for the Red Cups, because they may just save the world… one sip at a time.

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Beware of the Boa Constripper


“Daddy, this park should come with a warning.”
“What kind of a warning?”—I asked, puzzled.
“Beware of the boa constripper.”

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The Matthew McConaughey Automotive Disorder


Men like to talk to themselves while driving. We have proof, thanks to the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials.

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The Seven Myths of Male Communication


Sean Swaby admits that his wife wonders if he is deaf. Men aren’t deaf, we are just trying to stay on top of the weather patterns inside of us.

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My Dad Taught Me About Storytelling


John Trybulec’s father gets the last laugh about a 100-year-old trunk and its journey across the ocean.

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The Very Last and Definitive Word on “DadBod”


Good Men Project columnist Jeremy McKeen sat down with God and Mrs. God at their Maine home to ask about several topics, but mainly about the pressing matter of body issues, body shaming, and the meaning of life. — JM: Thank you for having me. You have a lovely home. GOD: It’s no Mt. Olympus […]

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There’s Nothing Like a Mother’s Love


Shaping children into adults isn’t easy. It takes a loving heart, a clear head, a steady hand, and endless patience. And an arsenal of quotes.

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