Beware of the Boa Constripper


“Daddy, this park should come with a warning.”
“What kind of a warning?”—I asked, puzzled.
“Beware of the boa constripper.”

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The Matthew McConaughey Automotive Disorder


Men like to talk to themselves while driving. We have proof, thanks to the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials.

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The Seven Myths of Male Communication


Sean Swaby admits that his wife wonders if he is deaf. Men aren’t deaf, we are just trying to stay on top of the weather patterns inside of us.

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My Dad Taught Me About Storytelling


John Trybulec’s father gets the last laugh about a 100-year-old trunk and its journey across the ocean.

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The Very Last and Definitive Word on “DadBod”


Good Men Project columnist Jeremy McKeen sat down with God and Mrs. God at their Maine home to ask about several topics, but mainly about the pressing matter of body issues, body shaming, and the meaning of life. — JM: Thank you for having me. You have a lovely home. GOD: It’s no Mt. Olympus […]

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There’s Nothing Like a Mother’s Love


Shaping children into adults isn’t easy. It takes a loving heart, a clear head, a steady hand, and endless patience. And an arsenal of quotes.

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Everything You Need to Know About Relationship Chemistry

Everything You Need by Universitete Oslo

Does your relationship have all the right elements for a lasting bond? Look no further than this video for the answers.

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Feeling Like a Bad Dad: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 56


Sometimes, you just feel a bad parent. But that doesn’t mean its true.

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Why We Should Fear the Future


You think life is crazy now? Rick Rosner points out how much more crazy we have to look forward to.

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One Way to Know Your Boy Is Home for Spring Break

GMP RefrigeratedSpringBreak by J Clement Wall

There’s one area of the house where signs of a college boy’s return home are unmistakable.

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My Husband’s Love Affair … With Tech

My Husbands Love by Dan Zen

Ina Chadwick and her husband click … and click, and click, and click, as his obsession with tech has taken control of their home.

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The Guy’s Guide to Surviving Wedding Planning

just married t shirt

How to get through the wedding planning phase without losing your mind.

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Just When You Thought We Were Done With That Dress …

GMP Stupid Internet Dress by Judy Clement Wall

Want to know what color that dress was? Here’s your answer.

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Why Not Men in Skirts?

men in skirts

Greg White may not have the cojones to wear a skirt, but he’s certainly free to think about it.

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Is the Internet Turning People into Delusional Narcissists?


Ira Israel wonders if the Internet is one huge High School popularity contest gone awry.

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10 Articles of (Silly) Clothing Every Man Should Own


Aaron Traister thinks BuzzFeed’s list of things men shouldn’t wear is ridiculous, and shares his own list of stuff guys over 30 should own.

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