Where Are The Black Male Teachers?

Where Are The Black Male Teachers

Dr. Vibe and a panel discuss the negative effects of not having enough black male teachers in public school classrooms.

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A Lesson in Figure Skating and Black Men

Adam Dyer Squaw Valley

Adam Dyer knows full well what it’s like to be a black guy obsessed with figure skating.

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Why Black Men Should Thank Openly Gay All-American Michael Sam

Michael Sam

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion with a group of black men about All-American Michael Sam announcing that he is gay.

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The Hollywood Hustle: What Do You Think of the Images of Black Men In Movies and Television? – Part 1

The Hollywood Hustle: What Do You Think Of The Images Of Black Men In Movies And On Television?

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion with a group of black men on how black men are portrayed in movies.

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Is The Absent Black Father A Myth?

Is The Absent Black Father A Myth

Dr. Vibe talks with Professor Roberta Coles, author of the book “The Best Kept Secret: Single Black Fathers,” about the state of black fatherhood.

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Can You Be Black AND Canadian?

Can You Be Black And Canadian?

Black Canadian historian and university lecturer Dr. Christopher Stuart Taylor talks to Dr. Vibe about the challenges that many Black Canadians face with their identity.

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The Black Male: An Endangered Species?

The Black Male – An Endangered Species

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men, “What’s the future of the Black male?”

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The Trials and Triumphs of a Joyful Black Man in America

Photo by Viajar24h

The media-generated perception: being black is synonymous with being poor, uneducated, unmotivated and a burden on society. Michael Taylor is having none of that.

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That Study Saying Nearly Half of Black Males Get Arrested by Age 23? It’s Wrong


There are serious flaws in the method by which the researchers reached their conclusions, and that makes all their data suspect.

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9 Things I Want to Say (But Don’t) to Your Curious Yet Racially-Charged Microaggressions Against Me & My Children


Grace Biskie knows you’re just curious, but for the sake of her sons, please keep your curiosity to yourself.

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If You Don’t See Race, You’re Not Paying Attention

slave memorial martinique

Jarune Uwujaren explains that by claiming to not see race, you’re actually dismissing the experiences of people who face racism every day.

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Are You Okay With a Black Santa?

black santa billboard

Danny explores whether the “Can Santa Be a Black Man?” bulletin board was inherently racist.

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What Can America Learn From Nelson Mandela? (Video)

South Africa Mandela

Dr. Vibe and his allies discuss the legacy of Nelson Mandela, and what possible lessons Americans could learn from him.

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On Race: Madiba Got It Right – Why Can’t We?

Mandela hands

Tim Hart knows his generation has left the young people of America with a big mess in the battle to end racism. But he’s willing to join the fight if you are.

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Poetry in Motion: A Story of Hardship and Hope in Crow Country, Montana

TeePees Crow Reservation

David Dean tells the tale of an immense struggle hidden and neglected throughout time and of a game that turned out to be so much more.

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Slow Motion: Skylarks, Prison and Social Progress


“What just happened?” The court-appointed lawyer repeated Jackie Summers words, then replied tersely. “You got f***ed.”

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