Philly Pizza Shop Offers Pay-It-Forward Pizza Program To Help The Homeless


A pizza shop in Philadelphia lets customers pre-purchase a slice of pizza that will be given to a person who cannot afford to buy their own.

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Fear and Loathing: Setbacks in Recovery from Depression

stairs- augusto gomes

Shawn Henfling shares the crushing emotional burden and fear that come with every setback in his recovery from depression.

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Is “Emotionally Gay” A Thing?

two men talking_mrvans7

Is there really such a thing as “hetero-normative,” or does that exist solely in the minds of those conditioned to believe so? Where do you exist on the spectrum of human sexuality?

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A Worldly Asceticism

worldl ascetism

Are your diet choices about health and nutrition?

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Can Medical Marijuana Curb the Heroin Epidemic?


Formerly demonized and later legislated as a Schedule 1 substance, marijuana could diminish the damage wrought by harder drugs, like heroin.

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Transportation During a Grid-Down Disaster


When the power goes out, you better know what to do.

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Sex Can Be a Risky Business


Some creatures use electricity and vibrations in sex (and this can be dangerous).

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Somedays: Our Internal Struggle

Internal Struggle

A sweet, short look at our internal struggles and overcoming them for ourself and others.

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The Eyes Have it: Changing Kids’ Minds About Bad Behaviour

changing childrens behavior

Why do some children seem angry all the time, or act as if they just don’t care about the feelings of others?

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Want to Help Stop LGBT Teens From Committing Suicide? End Conversion Therapy

conversion therapy old pic

Conversion therapy isn’t health care. It’s abuse. Miri Mogilevsky on the tragic death of Leelah Alcorn, and what we need to do to save our kids.

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Jay Z Speaks About The Positive Influence of Hip-Hop On Race Relations (Video)


Jay Z says “We’re more alike than we’re different.”

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A Father’s Responsibility To Feminism


We can’t talk about men without talking about boys

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Forget New Year’s Resolutions – Here Are 3 Things You Must Do Before Midnight

dream bigger

Tamara Star has three great ideas for how to ring in the new year with less stress and more grace.

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The Real Reason Nice Guys Finish Last


You’re gonna have to do more than be nice to get the girl.

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Sports Explained: Weightlifting


Snatch It. Clean It. Jerk It. Shiney Sparks Explains.

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Top 10 Ways To Attract Her With Humor


Introducing the 10 greatest ways to win her over with your sense of humor.

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