No, You Shouldn’t Expect Unconditional Love From Your Spouse


Your dog may love you unconditionally, but grown human adults aren’t our pets.

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The Dragon Called “Politics” and the Scabbard of Sincerity


Vaughn Granier on how to transform a workplace full of the negative politics into one with positive.

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The Danger Facing American Muslims Is Bigger Than The Chapel Hill Shooting


Craig Stephen Hicks didn’t act alone.

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Meeting My Birth Mother For The First Time

9690721262_51d17381d8_z (1)

The next stop on Tom Andriola’s search: meet his birth mom.

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This is Why You Shouldn’t Flirt With Colleagues…

Don't flirt at work

This video is super funny, but it does bring up some important points.

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Having Tea With The Things That Scare Me Most


When Billy Flood was a little boy, the video for “Thriller” scared him to the core. Today he’s facing fears that are bigger and much more vast.

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3 Reasons Why It’s Okay That You’re Vulnerable When it Comes to Love


Risk taking, in the most positive sense, can bring us new beginnings, great adventures and provide memories that will last us a few lifetimes over.

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Play Hard, Work Hard: The Animal Guide to the Good Life

work hard play hard

Is having fun professionally productive?

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5 Harsh Realities I WISH I’d Taught My Son About Police


I raised my son to trust police. I should’ve also taught him how to protect himself from them.

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Philly Pizza Shop Offers Pay-It-Forward Pizza Program To Help The Homeless


A pizza shop in Philadelphia lets customers pre-purchase a slice of pizza that will be given to a person who cannot afford to buy their own.

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Fear and Loathing: Setbacks in Recovery from Depression

stairs- augusto gomes

Shawn Henfling shares the crushing emotional burden and fear that come with every setback in his recovery from depression.

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Is “Emotionally Gay” A Thing?

two men talking_mrvans7

Is there really such a thing as “hetero-normative,” or does that exist solely in the minds of those conditioned to believe so? Where do you exist on the spectrum of human sexuality?

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A Worldly Asceticism

worldl ascetism

Are your diet choices about health and nutrition?

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Can Medical Marijuana Curb the Heroin Epidemic?


Formerly demonized and later legislated as a Schedule 1 substance, marijuana could diminish the damage wrought by harder drugs, like heroin.

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Transportation During a Grid-Down Disaster


When the power goes out, you better know what to do.

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