This Is How It’s Like Having Sleep Paralysis

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“Don’t you want to see?” they ask playfully, like it’s a game, like you’re their toy, like you’re already dead.

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We Should Be Handing Out MORE Participation Trophies, Not Less

participation trophies are good

Craig Yoshihara reminds us that participation trophies are a part of adult life, too. Ever thought about your salary?

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A Man’s View: How Important is Sex in a Relationship?

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When sex is no longer a priority is there an underlying relationship problem? Kenedy Singer open up and wonders: How important is sex in a relationship?

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How to Pick Up Women in Your Social Circle

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Harris O’Malley on playing it cool and taking it slow when meeting new women in your social scene.

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Dear John: ‘Isn’t Intimacy All About Sharing the Truth of Ourselves With Another Person?’

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Dear John takes on authenticity, bad exes, and emotional intimacy.

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My First Doctor’s Visit in Fifteen Years

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Why don’t men go to the doctor?

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How Not to Do it All


Simplify. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t try to have the most perfect life you can create. Instead, make your days count.

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Try Saying YES to Your Kids… It Could Change Everything

boy on trampoline

Torsten Klaus knows how easy it is to just answer “No!” every time his kids ask for something… but what if he switched it up?

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Respect Isn’t a Zero-Sum Game


Respecting other people is both free…and priceless.

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3 Tips for Negotiating Special Events With Your Ex and Kids

divorced dads birthday party kids

Holidays and special events can be tough for divorced families. These three tips will simply and reduce drama.

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Your Girlfriend Has Guy Friends: Cause for Concern?

women guy friends

Jamie Rea dispels the myth that women in relationships shouldn’t hang out with other guys.

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The Ways the Spanish Men Won My Heart That You Can Use Too

Beautiful Man

Five Trends or Behaviours I Would Love to see North American Men Adopt

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My Kid Loves Guns, and I Don’t

DiaryDad and Merit badge

“The older I get, the more, I find myself faced with the task of trying to understand the terrible things that people do with guns.”

DiaryDad tries to find balance with his son’s love of guns.

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Yes, Men’s Studies. You Got a Problem with That?

anatomy exam by quinn dombrowski flickr 4273768718_53b0d6f56a_z

Dr. Andrew Smiler argues that Men’s Studies is necessary and the logical complement to Women’s and LGBTQ Studies.  A few weeks ago, the New York Times pondered “A Master’s Degree in…Masculinity?” The headline itself suggests the NYT is not convinced this is a good idea. Placing the article, written by Jessica Bennett, in the Fashion […]

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Parenting In An Echo Chamber

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The stakes get higher when your toddler starts repeating your every. single. word.

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Confessions Of A Neat Freak Dad

cleaning up with dad

Children are slobs by nature, so what do you do when your dad-nature is the opposite?

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