Vulnerability And Truth: A Humble Warrior Podcast

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This week Chris and Jon talk about vulnerability. They discover instances when speaking the truth opened them up to being vulnerable.

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How To Take Your Mind Off Work Without Freaking Out

relax from your business without freaking out

Having trouble coming out of hustle mode? Here are some ways to step away and relax.

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We are not Okay Even When we say we are Great

men talking

When we lie about our feelings, are we being polite or missing an opportunity to connect?

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Let Your Love Shine, And Your Goodness Show


The most powerful rebuttal to violence and hatred is love. So let yours shine.

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4 Reasons I Dread the Last Dirty Diaper


Most milestones for our children are reasons to celebrate. There is one rapidly approaching that I don’t want to face.

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Bill O’Reilly Would Like to Welcome You to the Banana Republic of ‘America First’

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“Stark justice” demands a judge recuse himself, all because Donald Trump said his cultural heritage is a conflict? How about some “stark journalism,” for a change?

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How Men Can Lower Cancer Risk: the Facts (CDC)

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Every year, more than 300,000 men in the United States lose their lives to cancer. You can lower your cancer risk in several ways.

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‘X-Men Apocalypse’ A Terrible End to the Trilogy

x-men apocalypse, 20th century fox

X-Men Apocalypse is a failed attempt at trying to bring this powerful villain to the big screen I have mixed feelings about the X-Men movies. I really liked the first film that came out in 2000 and X2 a few years later was awesome yet X-Men 3 was a thoroughly disappointing movie. When X-Men First Class came out […]

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Contraception and Little Sisters Carrying a Big Stick

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What is the best way to protect young people, establish and preserve strong families and communities, rise from poverty, and ensure the preservation of humanity?

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Caged Birds and Cosmic Bonds


It is time for you to bond with the cosmos and not with a cage.

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Why You Sometimes Fight Even MORE When You Try Working on Communication

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THIS is what you must repair FIRST to heal your relationship.

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He Stops to Appreciate the Pink


A blush of magnificent pink is spreading from every corner of the Dehesa.

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The Essence of Change

The Essence of Change

Ryan Hall begins his column on being your best self.

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Tired Of A Sexless Marriage? Here’s One Way To Change It Instantly

Plan the work and work the plan.

Are you serious? I have to plan for sex! Kyle Benson tells us why this is important . . . if you want your relationship to succeed.

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Why Abusive Relationships Feel So Good


They know how to exploit your guilt and insecurities, and if you keep letting them communicate with you, they will keep breaking you.

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How to Play in Senior Basketball Tournaments Around the World

basketball hoop

On this episode of the Starve the Doubts podcast, Jim Sweeney discusses Senior Basketball and the importance of collaboration in business.

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