How to Be a Man 101

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Are you sure you’re a man? ___ This isn’t intended as an insult, though it could be considered as such. This is a thought-provoking concept most men don’t consider in our lives. We don’t go into the deeper thought of what being a man is, or even if “man” is a vocation or a science. […]

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A Man’s Guide to Overcoming Your Past and Growing Your Intimacy


5 tips for tapping into your desire for more connection.

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What A Family Vacation Reminded Me About Enjoying Life

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Sometimes it is the very simple things that reminds us of important things we are missing in life.

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The Secret to Men Who Stretch Boundaries

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Embed from Getty Images What’s the secret ingredient that helps men who stretch boundaries stay balanced and focused? — I had an interesting exchange with a friend the other day.  I described my strong proclivity for seeing what’s Over There. As in, I see there’s a bend in the road ahead and I wonder what’s […]

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New Meaning to Man’s Best Friend

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Hardworking dog on a lawn mower confused by silly human’s interest.

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Suicide Isn’t Just an Older Man’s Problem

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Suicide is increasing among young people.

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Because Everyone Else is Doing It?

Because Everybody Else is Doing It

The one question you need to live a better life.

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Sports Fandom and Domestic Violence: A Drug Problem of a Different Nature


If sport is the opiate of the masses, then we have a major drug problem, argues British sports fan and Good Men Project contributor Stephen Graham.

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9 Foreplay Tips for Romancing the Right Way


Romancing the spouse is about more than foreplay in the bedroom.

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It’s Okay to Hate Kids Music

For too many years, during long car rides with my kids, we’d listen to the carefully-curated iPod playlist I created way back when they were little. The musical hit list – a manically cheerful, possibly seizure-inducing sonic soup of Dan Zanes, Jessica Harper, John Lithgow, Laurie Berkner, and others – had been the soundtrack of […]

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The Reason You Can’t Wait to See Her Doesn’t Start With Her Beauty


It is easy to get caught up in our checklist of “needs” for a relationship, but it is much deeper than that.

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Three Ways to Kill Routine and Revive Your Romance


Here is a sure-fire way to get out of the rut of relationship routine and stay out for good…

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Oregon Reminds Us it’s Good to be White in America

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Jody Allard on the terrors of being anything but white in America.

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Are You Using Every Minute? Never Waste A Moment


“There is never enough time, unless you’re serving it.” – Malcolm Forbes

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Life: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Not everything is as good, or bad, as it seems on the surface. As I walked into the old, rickety restaurant, the scent of a mildewed, damp odor hit my nostrils. I thought, “There is no way I am going to stay and eat here.” The problem? It was praised as one of the greatest […]

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Denzel Washington Told Me the Truth, the White Out, ’45 Years’ and ‘Carol’

Actor Denzel Washington is among the early arrivals for the inauguration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009.  (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Looking at this year’s Oscar ballot, Jesse Kornbluth is reminded of the time he interviewed Denzel Washington.

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