The Cleverness of Pete Holmes and Realistic Mario Bros.

The Pete Holmes Show, Realistic Mario, Mario Brothers

These animated clips harken back to a simpler time–a 16 bit time. But the magical world has suddenly become very real for Mario & Luigi.

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Revenge of the Anchovies [Video]


The dark shapes in the water aren’t shadows. They are fish. Lots of fish.

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How Does a Christian Man Respond When Told His Battle Against the R*dskins Name Is Un-Christian?

Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington team. AP Photo

What happens when you ask a religious man to defend changing Washington’s racist team name? You get schooled in the most respectful, compassionate way possible.

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5 Ways For Your Child To Creatively Avoid The Summer Slide

5 Ways to Creatively Avoid Summer Slide

Unfortunately, one thing that awaits many students, especially inner-city students, once they begin their summer vacation is something that educators refer to as “summer slide”.

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What’s Awesome About This Guy In Britney Spears Videos


Dillan DiGiovanni thinks this guy who replaced himself in Britney Spears videos is really awesome!

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What’s Your Favourite WTF(!) Cover Song?


Sometimes–when the alchemy is just right–an artist you would NEVER expect can take an old classic and turn it into something utterly sublime.

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Grooms Aren’t the Only Ones Who Surprise Brides


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Human Rights Ignored in Prisons Around the World

Human Rights ignored in World Prisons Wikimedia Commons

Men make up the vast majority of the global prison population and for many their human rights are violated under the name of “policy.”

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How Giant Pumpkins Rescued Me


When documentary filmmaker, Daria Matza, lost her mom to cancer, it was a subculture of giant pumpkin growers that brought her renewed hope.

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The Importance of Appearances: Man Dresses as Homeless Man to Prove Nobody Would Help Him (Video)


It’s no secret that people become desensitized to homelessness and poverty, but one social experiment shows just how easy it can be to block out those in need.

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Death Penalty Report Cites Value of Taping Interrogations


A report advocating death penalty reforms finds that false confessions in capital cases can be limited by recording the questioning of suspects.

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Find La Dolce Vita in Second Act

chairs by David Hart

Sometimes it takes jumping off a cliff to discover the courage to change one’s life.

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My Tearful Response to the “Dear Fatty” Post

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 1.04.31 PM

When the “Dear Fatty” post hit the internet, it received an overwhelmingly positive response; Theresa Byrne reflects on how this stranger’s post touched some of her deepest fears.

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Hard Evidence: Can Dropping Out of University be Positive?

albert mason stevens-ms-flickr

Studies conducted in the UK do not find any differences between university dropouts and non-dropouts in terms of their employment chances and likelihood to be working in a managerial position.

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100 Words on Love: He Was Like a Trance


Sometimes, our greatest love stories don’t actually last.

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Hard Evidence: Are We Beating Cancer?

kill cancer-samantha celera-flickr

Research has already helped save nearly 520,000 lives since the 1980s, and over the next 20 years mortality rates are projected to fall by 17%.

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