My Tearful Response to the “Dear Fatty” Post

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When the “Dear Fatty” post hit the internet, it received an overwhelmingly positive response; Theresa Byrne reflects on how this stranger’s post touched some of her deepest fears.

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Hard Evidence: Can Dropping Out of University be Positive?

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Studies conducted in the UK do not find any differences between university dropouts and non-dropouts in terms of their employment chances and likelihood to be working in a managerial position.

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100 Words on Love: He Was Like a Trance


Sometimes, our greatest love stories don’t actually last.

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Hard Evidence: Are We Beating Cancer?

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Research has already helped save nearly 520,000 lives since the 1980s, and over the next 20 years mortality rates are projected to fall by 17%.

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What Does Your Family Look Like? [Video)

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This beautiful little film reminds us that there is no one right way to be a family.

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Raising Tiny Humans: You Don’t Know Jack

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Checking your clothes for poop-stains, never going to the bathroom in peace again—raising tiny humans is dirty work. Fouad Alaa reflects on the insanity (and joy) that is parenting.

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“Is It Desirable for Men to Have to Read Women’s Minds?”

mind reader

This comment by Karen Jones on the post A Look Inside her Mind: 5 Things Women want you to Know

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Best. Goal. Ever.

Best Goal Ever

Two boys changing the world with hope and helping us all understand what being a team is all about.

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Childhood Abuse Doesn’t Necessarily Turn You into a Psycho Killer


Tweet Jenn Rose notes that sexual abuse happens to a lot of children—one in four girls and one in six boys. So is a dark future inevitable for each? — In the media coverage of alleged “Craigslist killer” Miranda Barbour, a lot has been made of her checkered past. Whether you believe she’s a heroin-addicted […]

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Big Mac and the Redsk*ns: On Leadership and Sovereignty, Fumble and Fame

Navajo Code Talkers honored at a Redsk*ns game in November 2013 amidst calls for the team to stop using an ethnic slur for name.

TweetWhen I saw Peter MacDonald on television, still looking dapper and handsome at age 85 in a jaunty red scarf and Navajo Code Talker yellow velvet shirt standing on the sidelines of the Washington Redsk*ns game the week of Thanksgiving I was shocked, but not surprised. He was with three other Navajo Code Talkers, and […]

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Edward Snowden Speaks Via Video Feed at SXSW In Austin


Edward Snowden addressed the SXSW audience on issues of privacy and security on the net. Here’s some of the response on #SXSnowden

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Building Empathy Helps to Prevent Bullying

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Open, honest communication with your child is vital to bullying prevention

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Kevin Spacey Tears Washington To Shreds


House of Cards star riffs on Congress.

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How NOT to Motivate People to Lose Weight


James Fell takes to task authors and trainers who fat-shame and refuse to see the science behind fitness and health.

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Get Outta My Mind, Get Offa My Chest: A Gynecomastia Survivor Shares His Tale


I grew up a seemingly normal, slightly chubby boy who by age 11 had a chest resembling a partially-deflated blow-up doll’s, sagging breasts, one noticeably larger than the other…This affected the way I look at myself. Here’s my recovery and healing story.

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Dear Feminist Bloggers, Stop Telling Men How To Enjoy Their Bodies


What is wrong with a guy who wants to use a sex toy? Nothing. And how is projecting some sort of unfair stereotype of him helpful? It’s not.

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