Parenting In An Echo Chamber

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The stakes get higher when your toddler starts repeating your every. single. word.

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Confessions Of A Neat Freak Dad

cleaning up with dad

Children are slobs by nature, so what do you do when your dad-nature is the opposite?

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Sorry Guys, But Ashley Madison Isn’t the Only Site With Fake Profiles

fake profiles dating sites ashley madison

Do online dating sites REALLY want you to find love? Charles Orlando explains why not.

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Can a Man Fall in Love with A Life Saver?

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What separates a good friend from a great one? Aditya Singhal shows us.

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The Tinder 20 or Go Fish?

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The “dating sky” isn’t falling because of Tinder. Good men can be found in the most unexpected places—and Alison Tedford is determined to find the one who looks at her like she might have hung the moon.

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Jason Isbell: “Something More Than Free”

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Jesse Kornbluth, on opening up to country—and also to a stunning young artist with powerful songs.

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8 Reasons Why Dating a Man in the Military Has Made Our Bond Stronger


Military relationships work out when you try hard to make it happen. It takes patience, tears and frustration, but in the end, it is a joyful ride.

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When You’re Worried About What You’re Not Doing, Practice These Four Steps to Attain Inner Peace


We can be dissatisfied with this moment, or practice being satisfied. The secret to serenity is remaining mindful to your present truth.

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Don’t Stress, Impress: 6 Quirky Date Ideas to Replace Old Traditions


Rehashing the same, forgettable date ideas? Help is here in this small, surprising dating bucket list.

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No One is Pro-Abortion (And Few Are Fully Pro-Life)

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3. The Pro-Life Position Feels Disingenuous to Many People.

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Why Online Dating Hasn’t Ruined Our Chances at Finding Love


The supply of potential partners in online dating means our choices don’t have to come from a place of fear.

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Sports Explained: Air Hockey


On those hot summer days, you need a game that keeps you cool and requires as little physical activity as possible. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sports Explained: Air Hockey.

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restaurant rush

Steve Jaeger with a behind-the-scenes look at a restaurant, Friday night, 7 pm.

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How Do You Mark the Change of the Season?

change-of-season 2

From flower to seed as spring ends and summer begins on the day of the Solstice.

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I Watched My Daughter’s Birth on FaceTime

Photo courtesy of the author

Jamie Kaler was the guy on the plane who didn’t want to shut off his phone… but that’s because he was watching his wife give birth via FaceTime.

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