What it’s Like to be Cheated On by Someone You Love More Than Anything


Paul Hudson laments the loss of love.

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They Tried to Take My Voice, I Took It Back


As a male survivor of sexual assault, Tim Mousseau followed a pattern of staying silent—until he took back his own voice.

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3 Embarrassing Ways We Lose Our Dignity When We Have Kids


SO much piss and sh*t.

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5 Simple Steps to Making More Successful Decisions

5 Simple Steps by Martin Fisch

Fear wreaks havoc on decision-making. Steve Spring shows us how to push through.

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Leave it to the Pros: 5 Reasons to Never Let Friends Play Matchmaker


I don’t just mean you should hire an exclusive matchmaking service because, while that may be ideal, it is not realistic for everyone’s budget.

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Science Says There Are 5 Legit Reasons Men Have Trouble With Apologies


Is your man apology-phobic? It turns out … it might just be a gender thing. ______ By Coach Todd Reed for YourTango Your man messed up, and you’re waiting for an apology so the two of you can kiss, make up, and move on. Well, love … don’t hold your breath. Studies confirm what women have long known […]

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Sacred Archetypes for Modern Masculinity: The Lover

Lover, archetype, intimacy

The Lover is the experience of intimacy with another human being who can hurt us at a very deep level.

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When You Need To Protect Your Children From The Other Parent


If you feel your child is in danger at the hands of the other parent, you need to speak up.

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The Education Of Hip Hop

The Education Of Hip Hop

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men about the pros and cons with the state of hip hop

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This is Fun: AskMen Honors 99 Awesome Women – Are Your Favorites on the List?

laverne cox 99 awesome women

Instead of their standard 99 Most Desirable Women, AskMen collected a list of 99 awesome women.

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No, Praise Won’t Make Your Kid A Narcissist, But This Just Might!


Parents, you have the idea of “praise” ALL wrong. Here’s why …

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For Anti-Sex Work Writers, Sex Sells


Put a picture of sex workers on your article, tell everyone how disgusting it is, and watch the punters click.

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Five Fatherhood Truths You Probably Never Knew


Five things you didn’t know about being a father in the modern world.

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Why You Need To Be Selfish Now So You Can Be Selfless in the Long Run


Being selfish now doesn’t make you a selfish human being. Paul Hudson tells us how.

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A Man and a Woman Answer Each Other’s 10 Tough Love Questions


Nothing — and we mean NOTHING — is off-limits!

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