Caged Birds and Cosmic Bonds


It is time for you to bond with the cosmos and not with a cage.

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Why You Sometimes Fight Even MORE When You Try Working on Communication

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 7.52.06 PM

THIS is what you must repair FIRST to heal your relationship.

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He Stops to Appreciate the Pink


A blush of magnificent pink is spreading from every corner of the Dehesa.

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The Essence of Change

The Essence of Change

Ryan Hall begins his column on being your best self.

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Tired Of A Sexless Marriage? Here’s One Way To Change It Instantly

Plan the work and work the plan.

Are you serious? I have to plan for sex! Kyle Benson tells us why this is important . . . if you want your relationship to succeed.

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Why Abusive Relationships Feel So Good


They know how to exploit your guilt and insecurities, and if you keep letting them communicate with you, they will keep breaking you.

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How to Play in Senior Basketball Tournaments Around the World

basketball hoop

On this episode of the Starve the Doubts podcast, Jim Sweeney discusses Senior Basketball and the importance of collaboration in business.

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How a Man Ended His Destructive Porn Addiction.


Breaking an addiction to porn can be for more than moral or religious reasons. It can greatly improve your mental health.

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You Can Wow Her with Sexy, Masculine Respect

couple in love

Coupled with mutual physical attraction, respect is the sexiest display of masculinity you can show her!

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Why I Finally Stopped Setting Long-Term Goals (And What I Started Doing Instead)

stop setting long-term goals and focus instead on who you want to be

Which is more important, destination or direction?

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1 Of The 10 Best Historical Novels. A Sicilian ‘Gone With The Wind’

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.18.24 PM

Jesse Kornbluth reviews a classic love story with a Sicilian twist.

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When Fitness Almost Destroyed Our Health

running couple

We are still trying to recover from chasing an unrealistic ideal of health.

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Why Self-Sufficiency is Not the Answer

don't be alone

Darla Johnson shows you why it’s not good to be alone, and what to do about it.

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How to Tinder Smarter

man taking selfie

A dozen common profile mistakes you’re probably making if you’re a man looking for a mate.

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English Males vs. American Males

american man vs english man

Having lived in the United States for a few months I feel confident enough to consider popularly held perceptions of its males to those of England.

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Transgender Bathroom Argument is Actually Complete Bigotry


Rationalizing hate is not the same thing as being right.

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