10 Essentials


Leo Babauta on consumerism — and how you really don’t need it to be happy.

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Why Casual Hookups Take More Emotional Energy Than Relationships


It may often seem like the easier option – but Alexia LaFata tells us why casual might sometimes be the harder.

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Trauma, Gunfire and Blood: Through It All A Marriage Abides


One of the implicit desires in life is to be fully understood by the people we love and who love us back. Where this desire is part of the human experience, the beauty of marriage lies in exploring this desire together.

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DIY: Two Quick Tips for Common Kitchen Appliance Problems


Don’t panic and call a repair person – fix these common problems quickly and easily yourself!

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Patience: A Dad’s Confession

Patience by Larry Hagner

Good Dad Project Larry Hagner admits that, as a dad, he struggles every day with patience.

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7 Things Today’s Kids Won’t Understand


Modern technology is changing lives. This dad looked at his young son and realized there will be things he will not experience and will not understand

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Nine Months Into Ebola Crisis it’s Sad We’re Taking More Notice Because of ‘Threat’ to West


The world is awake to Ebola but causes of the crisis as well as symptoms must be addressed.

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When Hooking Up with Her is All About Impressing the Other Guys

oscar rohena spring break 28437241870_47af1bc049_z

Andrew Smiler explores the ways that hookups get used to strengthen male-male friendships and argues they’re all wrong.

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What Happened When Two Modern Dads Met For Dinner

restrnt 1

It was supposed to be just a dinner. Jeff Bogle found it was so much more. “We were engaged in a conversation men of previous generations rarely could and therefore rarely did have.” Here’s what happened.

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How The Media Makes Men Hate Their Bodies Too


James Fell, a fitness expert, thinks it’s time we stopped shaming people about their bodies.

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5 Ways to Be Less Racist

Boston Herald

Recent news stories that show us exactly what NOT to do if we’re trying to be less racist.

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5 Things A Full-Time Single Dad Deals With

father and son

Jason Kendrick gained 100% custody of his son the day he was born, and he shares some thoughts about his journey in fatherhood.

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I Know Retailers Are Excited, But Are They Suffering From — Premature Toyification?


This Dad blogger usually hunkers down for the holiday season onslaught of toy promotion enthusiasm, but this year the retailers shocked him with early aggressiveness. He responds in kind.

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Being the Progressive Dad or Protecting Daddy’s Little Girl


Shawn Henfling asks how does a dad navigate the dangerous waters of the Teen World without alienating his daughter but still keeping her safe?

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The “Family-Centred Child” Model


What’s the better family model? Vaughan Granier shares.

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Moving Past the Distractions of Life

distraction (1)

Leo Babauta explains that without distractions, you’ll be able to focus. You’ll find peace. You’ll find time for doing what you love.

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