About Thaddeus Howze

Thaddeus Howze was a New York native and found his way to the West Coast as a consequence of his military service. He's a California-based technology executive and author whose non-fiction and online journalism has appeared in publications such as The Enemy, Black Enterprise Online, Urban Times, the Good Men Project, and Astronaut.com. Thaddeus Howze has published two books, Hayward's Reach (2011) and Broken Glass (2013). He maintains a nonfiction blog on science and technology at A Matter of Scale (bit.ly/matterofscale). He writes speculative fiction at hubcityblues.com.

Why Did DC and Marvel Change The Ethnicity Of Their Characters?

Examples of such changes include the comic Green Lantern, John Stewart and the recent change to Johnny Storm with Michael B. Jordan in 20th Century Fox’s latest release in Fantastic Four (2015).

The Incredible Whiteness of Technology

Why do Blacks often leave tech companies once they break the glass ceiling? How about “it’s raining glass…

The Walking Dead: No More

Not one more minute will I devote to watching Black men portrayed as weak, spineless and ineffective.

Who is Jessica Jones?

Seriously. A valid question.

Staying Alive in “Post-Racial America”

Thaddeus Howze shouldn’t have to share these 10 tips on how to stay alive as a man of color.

Invasion of the Data Snatchers: The Net Draws Tighter

In H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds, the author theorized about a vast and cool intelligence that watched mankind’s every move. Sound familiar? Thaddeus Howze explains how that is happening today.

Rap Video Uses Real Footage To Show What Happens When You Call The Cops

Thaddeus Howze knows what it’s like to eat pavement, have his glasses cracked, and made to bleed because he “fit the description”, so this video strikes him to his core.

How to Hate Child Immigrants Without Even Trying

“We had humanity. We had concern for our fellows. We would never leave a man behind. It just wasn’t done…Doesn’t look like it any more, does it?” Thaddeus Howze, on the humanitarian crisis at the border.

The USA is Still Number One—In All the Wrong Ways

Thaddeus Howze looks at whether the USA is still #1. (Hint: Not even close.)

Where Has Demonizing Sex Led Us?

Thaddeus Howze insists that our Puritanical zeal has created a society that is obsessed with sex while still shaming people about it.

The Time You Have (In Jellybeans)

Here is your life on jelly beans: This is a video to help you get a perspective about how you live your life.

What Inspires You? This Should.

Watch this video for eight minutes and then go out and change the world, somewhere.

The Forge: A Movie Made from Pain for People in Pain

A video by Eric Raymond Lim for his sister Tanya Lim who committed suicide touches Thaddeus Howze deeply. And he hopes it will touch others.

Callsign: Hatred

Think it’s not about race? Thaddeus Howze explains what life is like for a Black man in the USA.

Uniformed Code of Military Injustice

UCMJ – Unjustly Coddling Military Jerks

He’s Just a Little Boy

Thaddeus Howze reminds us that our sons are not put on this earth to help us accomplish the things we wanted for ourselves.