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Doyin is a father, husband, blogger, and author dedicated to creating and celebrating a world of great fathers. He operates the popular blog Daddy Doin' Work and you can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter

How Social Media Improves Fatherhood

Social media isn’t always pretty, but Doyin Richards thinks it helped to move the conversation forward about what it means to be a dad.

Why Ashton Kutcher’s Changing Station Rant Is A Good Thing

Doyin Richards explains why Ashton Kutcher’s complaint about a lack of changing stations in men’s restrooms is a big deal

5 Things I Suck At Now That I’m A Dad

Doyin Richards explains why the struggle is real in a lot of areas other than fatherhood.

Tale Of The Tape: Babies vs. Toddlers

Is the baby stage or the toddler stage more difficult to manage? Doyin Richards shares his opinions on the topic.

Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words Or Dollars?

After his 4-year old daughter created an amazing painting at preschool, Doyin Richards learned a valuable lesson about fatherhood and staying in the moment.

Counter or Floor? Where Do I Put the Changing Pad?


Jacob Smithers chats about the absence of baby changing pads in public facilities for dads.

No Love For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and Doyin Richards discusses how the holiday changes once you become a parent.

Dads With Daughters: Know Your Princesses


Doyin Richards may not like princesses, but he understands the importance of knowing who they are.

The Viral Photo: One Year Later


One year ago today, Doyin Richards’s life changed forever when he posted an article for The Good Men Project. Here’s how he hopes his viral photo experience impacts fatherhood in 2015 and beyond.

10 Essential Life Lessons From A Fallen Father


Wade McDowell may have lost the battle for his life, but everyone can learn essential lessons from him to be the best parents and people possible.

What Ferguson Should’ve Taught Us About Critical Thinking

Police In Riot Gear

As a black man and father, Doyin Richards urges people to think critically before discussing the unrest in Ferguson and other hot-button topics.

From Losing A Baby To Gaining Perspective

Doyin Richards didn’t know how badly he wanted to be a dad until the opportunity was almost taken away from him.

7 New Parenting Shows That Need To Be On TV

Tired of what’s on television? Doyin Richards shares ideas for seven parenting shows that should be on TV right now.

The Quickest Way To A Kid’s Heart

Doyin Richards explains how cooking can be one of the best ways parents can bond with their children.

I Hate Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Doyin Richards shares how he believes bullying can be stopped once and for all.

Message To Governor Jerry Brown: Dads Aren’t Happy With You


Doyin Richards has some strong words for California Governor Jerry Brown who recently vetoed the Potty Parity For Parents Act.