Your Marriage vs IKEA’s Big Idea — How to Survive

shopping at ikea

Can your relationship pass the IKEA experience test?

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Will An Emotional Affair Undermine Your Relationship?


7 subtle signals you need to look for.

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On Finding Your Soulmate at Seventy-Something

Soulmate in 70s

“If you meet us sometime, ask us about how we handle our differences, about how we can tell each other things we’ve never told another person. Ask us about sex in our 70s and we’ll have you blushing.”

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Moving From the Honeymoon Stage to Mature Love

From the Honeymoon by Quinn Dombrowski

Couples therapist Quentin Hafner knows how to transform the passionate flame of those early days into the warming fire of mature love. Here’s how it’s done.

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The Abandoned Table: Changing Places After a Death in the Family

Abandoned table

After the loss, where do you sit? How do you fill the empty space?

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Warning: 10 Changes To Think About – From Single To A Committed Relationship

We affect one another

Steven Lake explores changes you need to think about if you want be in a committed relationship. It’s only as hard as you make it.

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What You Can Do When Life (and Love) Go Against Your Plan

when love doesn't go plan

Six months ago, Nate Bagley was engaged. Now he’s single and sitting in his basement. But he thinks he’s figuring it all out.

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The Real Reason Marriages Fail


How to keep yours alive and well.

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Silence is Violence

silence is violence

John Pavlovitz explains how the silent treatment adds worse insult than injury to a person. It adds invisibility.

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People Who Say Millenials Can’t Handle Marriage are Full of It


There’s an article floating around the internet called ‘5 Reasons We Can’t Handle Marriage Anymore’. James Michael Sama debunks it completely.

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How To Keep Your Marriage Alive When Having A Bromance

Brothers all the way

“No we’re not gay! Yes I love him. No, not the same way I love you.” Ever had this conversation? Welcome to Bromance Land.

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Marriage is not for the Lazy: 12 Things Marriage Is and 12 Things It Isn’t

stay married

Marriage is not rocket science. The principles it’s based on are really pretty simple. Kindness. Respect. Loyalty. That kind of thing.

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How to Find (and Keep) the Love of Your Life


8 things you may not know

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A Guy Won A Free Vacation, But Couldn’t Take His Wife, So He Made A Hilariously Miserable Photo Album

sad photo album

Kevin Blandford clearly had a terrible time.

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What Should Your Vows Have Been?

wedding vows

Most of the promises we make don’t reflect real-life love beyond the ceremony. If you could re-write your vows, what would they be?

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A Simple Shift to Make Your Marriage Better

A Simple Shift by David Goehring

Quentin Hafner suggests celebrating your spouse with as much enthusiasm as you celebrate your kids.

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