Being In A Relationship – Dancing On Daggers

Warning: Knives cut

The muse strikes and Steven Lake examines the razor-sharp challenges of being in a relationship.

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11 Truths about Honesty and the Selfish Reasons to Practice It

couple talking

Telling the truth may be just what you need to strengthen your relationship.

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When a Marriage Ends, Asking ‘Why?’ is the Worst Thing to Do

dont ask why

You’re not really trying to learn anything. You’re looking for a reason to beat yourself up.

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5 Ways Parenting Can Destroy a Healthy Marriage

Five Ways by Aaron Brinker

Mike Berry shares his game-changing strategies for exhausted parents.

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50 Reasons You Should Act More Like a Happily Divorced Guy

A good-looking man getting a back massage lying down

Steve Horsmon explains why your unhappy wife secretly notices happily divorced guys.

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My Wife Becomes A Mirror And I See Myself

Masculine self-love

Steven Lake sees himself through his wife’s eyes, and it’s not a pretty picture — it’s hysterical.

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Myths and Truths – The Letter I Wish I Had Received the Day Before My Wedding


John Henderson writes a letter to his former self, to be delivered before he says, “I do.”

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The Secret to Staying in Love – Love Yourself First

love sexy

  Sarah Anaiyah Chamberlain believes  you deserve unconditional love. ___ Let’s speak for a moment about love. What is love to you? Think about it hard for a moment before we discuss what love is.  If you research the word “love” you will find countless descriptions of what it is. The most significant one I’ve found […]

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Why Life-Long Relationships Mean Letting Our Partners Off the Hook

couple arguing

Conflict is right and natural, but we can all have relationships where conflict is faced and resolved as soon as it comes up.

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How His Divorce Prep Damn Near Saved His Marriage

How His Divorce Prep Damn Near photo

Tony said he never saw it coming, but his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Jenna, was starting to chase him again.

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How to Let Go When It’s Unhappily Ever After

leaving toxic relationship

It’s a bad relationship but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to leave.

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5 Ways to Communicate Mindfully


It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

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5 Things I Wish My Father Told Me About Marriage

Marriage prep never happened

Trying to avoid his father’s mistakes, Steven Lake shares what would have made a difference in his understanding of relationships if . . .

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He Said – She Said

he said she said

When it comes to a battle of the facts, you might be surprised who comes out on top.

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A Husband Opens Up About His Wife’s Bipolar Disorder


Her future was in their dealing with the illness together.

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I Won the Case but Lost My Marriage

lawyer in courtroom

The very talents and behaviors that made him successful in his career killed the relationship he valued most. So he quit.

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