I Don’t Love My Wife

darrell Jamison

Derrell Jamison explains why he doesn’t love his wife, at least not the way he’s “supposed” to.

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Real Love is a Marathon

real love with a rose

From new love to lasting love, relationships go through five phases.

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Why Couples Need to Buy Stock in Monkey Business

silly1 - Edited

In the midst of levity and release, play reinforces teamwork.

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The Michelangelo Marriage Manual


How modern science and ancient wisdom combine to offer new hope for couples

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How to Make Your Wife Feel Like the Luckiest Woman in The World!

How to Make by Tela Chhe

Mike Berry understands how to make the woman you’re married to feel special.

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Me, Myself and I: 9 Years Divorced, 9 Perspectives


Chris Armstrong takes a few different perspectives on his ended marriage.

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10 Everyday Relationship Issues That Aren’t Worth Freaking Out About

10 relationship issues

You can feel bored, wish they’d change, or wonder if you’ve made the right choice and still be in the right relationship.

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If We Love Each Other, How Come We’re Not Married?

The marriage proposal

Why does Steven Lake want to get married after many years of happy cohabiting? Will marriage spoil a good thing?

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In Good Times And In Bad. Which Matters More?

flickr_kissing couple

Sue Nador learns that being there for her partner only in bad times just doesn’t cut it.

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Is Your Relationship Being Hurt By Ghosts of Relationships Past?

ghosts of relationships past

In order for us to be truly present for our partners, we need to come clean about our heart’s history.

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Men Aren’t Stupid and Women Aren’t Crazy

Men aren't stupid

If we want men to stop playing the “crazy” card and expect women to stop implying that men are stupid, we have to relinquish the power we’ve held in our respective gender roles.

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7 Secrets Of A Successful Relationship

Pay attention to your partner

Looking over his relationships, Steven Lake distills the elements that encourage lasting success. And it isn’t alcohol.

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Dear Eva Mendes, I’m a Goddess in Sweatpants and So Are You

This is truly as fancy as I got for five straight years.

Joanna Schroeder know she’s lucky to have a husband who loves her – in sweatpants or an evening gown – and she thinks other women should stop assuming the worst of men.

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How You Can Prevent The Affair from Happening


Recognizing the 10 common betrayals in your marriage.

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5 Communication No-No’s and What You Can Do To Make It Right

married communication

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin looks at the ways that communication can break down in marriage and how they can be fixed.

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If Your Partner Has An Extramarital Fantasy, Do You Want to Know?

Extramarital fantasies

Sharing sexual fantasies about other people can fuel the erotic relationship you have with your partner.

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