‘Sorry’ Really Can Be The Hardest Word

apology 2

Love does mean having to say you’re sorry. Here are 4 ways to untie your tongue and begin reconnecting.

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Groom Surprises Bride With Wedding Dance

groom surprise dance

Sure, it’s about the marriage and not the wedding. However when a marriage starts with this kind of surprise, you know they’re starting off right.

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This Ain’t Your Father’s Marriage

father's marriage

The Good Men Project invites you to submit a post and join a changing conversation about men, marriage, and commitment.

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Kissy, Kissy, Bang, Bang: The Importance of Kissing in a Long-term Relationship

Kissing is a barometer to the quality of your relationship.

Steven Lake echoes Charles Dickens who said, “Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”

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Marriage Isn’t a Sport. Stop Keeping Score.

keeping score

Relationships find themselves in a time-out as soon as someone brings out the scorecard.

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3 Superhero Moves That Will Save Your Relationship


If you’re sitting around waiting for your partner to change, you’re giving away your power.

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Why Receiving Appreciation Can Be So Hard For Men

appreciation 2

When men hear “good job”, they’re brought into the light. That can be the most vulnerable place to be.

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It’s All in How You Respond


“Often we are OK with impartial feedback, but the real challenge for me in my marriage was learning to be OK with—and respond positively to—feedback from my wife.”

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7 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated: The Obvious and Not so Obvious.

Share Your Knowledge

Steven Lake reminds of us of the ways we can appreciate our partner, even when the world conspires to make us lose sight of what we have.

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When Partners Say They’re Leaving, Don’t Ignore Them.

Don't ignore them

Heather Gray helps you find the middle ground between ignoring your partner’s pain and shouldering the blame.

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The One, Undeniable Thing That Men Want In Bed and How to Give It to Them

into it

Hint: Asking what men really want is the wrong question.

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How far will she go? Can your wife be your best friend and should she be?

Can We Be Friends

Steven Lake examines the crazy idea that your wife could be your best fiend . . . I mean friend.

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5 Warning Signs That Depression is Affecting Your Relationship


Depression doesn’t kill relationships. It’s the unchecked symptoms that do irreparable damage to your important connections.

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How to Love When You’re the Next Love

in love

Lisa Arends’ second husband didn’t do the work for her but he did help her heal. Here’s how.

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How To Listen So That Men Will Keep Talking

how to listen

Bryce Mathern has six strategies for being present when a man is opening up.

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My Father, My Self: It’s Complicated

Receiving the ball

My Father Changed, But My Memories Are Not So Easily Shed.

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