Why Men Have a Strong Emotional Stake in Rape Prevention

Seeing is Believing

Ashley Warner, a survivor of rape, is concerned how this act of violence affects men, families, marriage and society.

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Don’t Waste Your Favorite Song on Your First Wedding


Do you really never want to be able to use that song again? Al DeLuise didn’t think so, either.

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Why Don’t We Trust The Ones We Love?


Our loved ones’ opinions should matter the most to us. So why don’t we trust them? Doug Zeigler takes a deeper look.

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25 Ways to Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship


Alexis Meads has a quick tip sheet that can get you back on track. Tonight.

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Trauma, Gunfire and Blood: Through It All A Marriage Abides


One of the implicit desires in life is to be fully understood by the people we love and who love us back. Where this desire is part of the human experience, the beauty of marriage lies in exploring this desire together.

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Marriage Advice You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Man being mad at his girlfriend in their living

Relationship advice rarely includes men in the conversation. Bring your questions to GMP writers and readers. Get advice that respects men.

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How My Wife And I Survived 6 Hours Alone In a Room

Walking Towards The Light

With nothing but time on his hands and an empty room, Steven Lake looks at his wife, and creates magic.

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9 Real-Life Photos of Real-Life Guys Proposing

doornbos proposal

All you need is love.

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I’m Married, I’m Married Not


When marriage becomes political. William Lucas Walker’s Spilled Milk column.

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What Would You Do? Dream Job or Dream Love?

dream love

That moment when you meet “The One”…. just as your professional life is taking off in the opposite direction.

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When Your Partner is Depressed: 5 Truths


Heather Gray offers insight on how to be supportive without giving yourself away.

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My Wife Told Me She Wants to Cheat: Here’s How I Feel

Elloa and Nige 2012

When Elloa Atkinson confessed to the internet that she wanted to cheat on her husband, the internet went crazy. Here is her husband Nige’s side of the story.

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How Does A Good Man Balance Work, Life, And Technology?

The Big Disconnect

Steven Lake examines the pressures of a multi-tasking world and how we can fight back to save our relationships.

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3 Steps for Busy People to Create Success in Love

busy couples

“It was found that the men who ranked highest in terms of warm relationships averaged an annual earning of $114,000 more than those who appeared to have the least warm relationships during their highest earning years.”

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We’re On the Brink. Can My Marriage Be Saved?

save marriage

Dr. Samantha Rodman guides you away from the edge with 8 questions to consider and 6 strategies that can heal.

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Tempted to Cheat? Stop and Read This First!


Practical advice for when you feel attraction building for someone who isn’t your partner.

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