Who is Leading Who in Your Marriage?

who is leading who in your marriage photo

The most important leadership skill in your marriage may not be what you think.

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How to Manage Conflict in a New Age of Masculinity

men and conflict

To feel closer in your relationships, stop avoiding conflict. Here are the rules of engagement.

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4 Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her

Love wife

How can you love your wife more?

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Tired Of A Sexless Marriage? Here’s One Way To Change It Instantly

Plan the work and work the plan.

Are you serious? I have to plan for sex! Kyle Benson tells us why this is important . . . if you want your relationship to succeed.

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My Wonderful Wife and My Quest to Win Husband of the Year

Husband of the Year

7 factors behind one man’s successful marriage.

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Seven Guidelines to Keep the Business of Your Marriage Going Strong

couple talking

Let’s face it. Your marriage may be the biggest business you ever run.

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7 Things Wives Tell Me in Marriage Counseling (That Husbands Should Know)

man coming on to woman

Sometimes it’s easier to speak your mind to a professional, but guys still need to know what their wives are thinking.

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21 Things Unhappy Husbands Never Say Until it’s Too Late

21 Things Unhappy Husbands photo

What would happen if you fearlessly declared everything you’ve always wanted in your relationship?

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The Sky’s the Limit – How Supporting My Husband’s Dream Showed Me How High We’d Already Flown

husband cockpit

I heard, “We’re going down!” In silence I whispered a prayer for the people I love.

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The Story Of Us: The Difference Between Happy & Unhappy Couples

Belief and paradox in perception

What story are you co-creating with your loved one? Kyle Benson shows us how we distort reality with our thoughts.

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How a Husband Avoided the ‘Friend Zone’ Just in the Nick of Time

avoiding the friend zone

Being your wife’s best friend is fantastic…unless it’s the wrong kind of friend.

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The 15 Minutes That Can Save Your Relationship

man looking at cell phone

Sure the quality of the time you spend together matters, but this might be even more important.

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10 Brutal Signs Your Marriage Cannot Be Saved

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.18.03 PM

Sound familiar? Then It’s probably time to GO.

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My Partner and I Didn’t Have Equal Sex Drives (but We Have a Great Sex Life Now)

couple hugging in the kitchen

3 Keys to really “syncing-up” and having a strong foundation of joy even inside of stressful situations.

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A Workshop Elicits Strong Emotions And Questions Of Manhood And Masculinity

Reality and emotions

Simon Goland continues his journey of emotional reclamation while questioning societal missives about how a man should express himself.

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My Marriage Follows Traditional Gender Roles, and I’m Cool with It

man and woman in the kitchen

Sometimes men like to mow and women like to cook—it’s not anti-equality to choose the roles you prefer.

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