If You Don’t See Race, You’re Not Paying Attention

slave memorial martinique

Jarune Uwujaren explains that by claiming to not see race, you’re actually dismissing the experiences of people who face racism every day.

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Are You Okay With a Black Santa?

black santa billboard

Danny explores whether the “Can Santa Be a Black Man?” bulletin board was inherently racist.

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What Can America Learn From Nelson Mandela? (Video)

South Africa Mandela

Dr. Vibe and his allies discuss the legacy of Nelson Mandela, and what possible lessons Americans could learn from him.

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On Race: Madiba Got It Right – Why Can’t We?

Mandela hands

Tim Hart knows his generation has left the young people of America with a big mess in the battle to end racism. But he’s willing to join the fight if you are.

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Poetry in Motion: A Story of Hardship and Hope in Crow Country, Montana

TeePees Crow Reservation

David Dean tells the tale of an immense struggle hidden and neglected throughout time and of a game that turned out to be so much more.

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Slow Motion: Skylarks, Prison and Social Progress


“What just happened?” The court-appointed lawyer repeated Jackie Summers words, then replied tersely. “You got f***ed.”

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Sometimes the Right Things Go Viral – Racism, The GAP and Standing up For What’s Right

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 9.08.54 AM

What do you do when you see graffiti that symbolizes a too-common form of hate? If you’re Arsalan Iftikhar, you take a photo of it, and make it go viral.

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What Happens When White Fathers Leave Their Black Daughters?

photo by pinksherbert

Bea Hinton grew up hoping her white father would show up on the doorstep and whisk her away into a happy white family, the kind she sees on TV. That never happened. Here’s what did.

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Trayvon, George, You and Me and Our American Problem

power concedes nothing without a demand

Ariel Chesler wonders “Why does it take death and tragedy for us to have these conversations about race in this country?”

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The Most Racist Thing That Ever Happened


Jackie Summers has identified the most troubling thing about racism these days: no one ever admits to being racist.

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“When Is It OK to Call Someone Black?”

t-shirt by Steve Locke

“We must devise strategies to keep naming, interpreting, and confronting racism”. Beth Balliro answers a question sent to Steve Locke.

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The Proper Way To Be Black

drinking fountain2

Apparently, there is an appropriate way to be a black man in 2013. Christian Coleman wants to discuss why it is that he doesn’t give a damn.

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What My White Neighbor Taught Me in Memphis: On Race, Crime, and Community

photo emmandevin

Dr. Darron Smith wants to change the way we equate being black and male with crime.

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Danny Brown’s Availability

Danny Brown, black men's bodies, hypermasculinization, male victims of sexual assault

White women assuming sexual power over black men is not a new story, says Robert Reece, of news that Danny Brown received unwanted oral sex on stage.

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Does Black Life Matter More When Raised by White Parents?

children race, biracial families, white parents black sons, black boys, media images of black men, racial stereotypes, racism

Chad Goller-Sojourner knows the value of at least one white privilege.

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Is American Hyphenated?

soldiers, drinking stories, partying, racism, Australian culture, Army culture, war, Vietnam War, national pride, identity, American identity, hyphenated Americans, Italian-Americans, immigration

An Aussie soldier challenges his Yank counterpart to drop the hyphen from his American identity.

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