I Eat My Pain

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In Jackie Summers’ experience, people are always telling you to “just get over it” when it comes to emotional pain. They rarely, as Jackie does here, tell you how.

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Not Just Physically Do I Begin to Shatter

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Vince Cousino Anila rides his bike, trying to escape the shadow of the abusive father he won’t become.

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Why Pain Is a Wonderful Thing

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Don’t kill the messenger: pain is also the source of compassion.

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A Response to “A Manifesto for Conscious Men”

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Sometimes it hurts being a man in modern western society.

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Men, Mentoring, and Macho Mythology

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Ken Solin believes that between rage and silence lies emotional health, and suggests that those men who have figured it out mentor those who have not.

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We thought pain would be as difficult for men to talk about as were topics like race, and pornography and honesty, and rape and sexual violence, and gender. As it turns out, men want to talk about pain.

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Pain Makes Me Feel Unmanly


For Yago Colás, the anticipation of pain is often worse than the pain itself.

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The Pain of Indescribable Pain


Elijah Oberman can’t find a way to describe his pain, but it feels good in a confusing way.

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I Love Pain


Tom Matlack’s obsession with pain is just a way to drown out his psychic angst.

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My Life as a Hermit Crab


After a tragic childhood, P.M. Leonard built up a shell, but he’s finding a way to see the light again.

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The Many Faces of Pain

photo by dendroica

A new memoir by a trauma surgeon sheds light on the different ways we can all suffer.

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Pain Is a Gift, Recognize It


We should cherish our pain, Seth Mullins writes, as it’s a primal expression of our true selves.

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No Gain in the Pain: Self-Injury, Endurance Sports, and Male Narcissism


Hugo Schwyzer tells about his experiences in and out of the pain of Self injury, Endurance Sports, and Male Narcissism.

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The Fear of Tears


Rick Belden isn’t scared of the feeling of pain. He’s just scared he’ll actually have to express it.

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500 Million Years of Pain

photo by artotemsco

Michael White, a victim of repetitive strain injury, needs to type slowly as he tells us the scientific and evolutionary side of pain.

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What Is a Man?


Judah Oudshoorn looks to verse for an answer.

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