About Rannoch Donald

Rannoch Donald explores the Mind Body Connection through Movement and Mindfulness, whether it's bodyweight training, breathwork, martial arts, kettlebells or just good old play, He is the co-founder of Earth Strength, dedicated to releasing human beings back in to the wild. Find out more at SimpleStrength.com

The ABC’s of Getting Zs

Rannoch Donald is a firm believer in the benefits of sleep.

Teacher Lost 37 Pounds Eating Only McDonald’s, and Why I’m Hatin’ It

McDonald’s weight loss experiment proves yet again that eating for weight loss and eating for health are not always the same thing.

Going From Feeble to Fit Takes Far Less Than We’ve Been Conditioned to Believe

Movement maverick Rannoch Donald on how doing a little, often, becomes a lot.

Kids, Cold Water and the Art of Hormesis

In Siberia some kids start the day with a bucket of ice cold water. This isn’t as crazy as it might seem.

Holidays, Heart Attacks and Staying Alive

Health & Wellness Editor Rannoch Donald asks you to take a minute and save a life.

The Only Exercise You’ll Ever Need – Goat Push Ups

Our bodies are designed to move. In the simplest of terms, we run, push, pull, squat, lunge, twist and bend. Pretty much everything you do will be a combination of these simple patterns.

5 Books That Will Inspire Your Movement in 2014

Rannoch Donald, our Health & Wellness Editor, selects five books that will help get you moving in the new year.

What I Learned at Fight Club

Sixteen years on and Fight Club still resonates for me. Here’s why.

Dealing with the Big Black Dog: Depression

A short animation about treating depression with compassion.

Instant Muscle: Just Add Oil, Lidocaine & Alcohol

Some might call it Extreme Body Modification. I call it Dysmorphia.

Sitting Uncomfortably? Simple Moves For Pain-Free Hips.

Jarlo Llano shows us how to get happy hips.

The Soprano’s Guide to Mental Health

Guys don’t like to talk about it. We’d rather suffer in silence until it’s unbearable. We just “man up”, like good men are supposed to do. Just ask Tony.

Hedonistic Fitness, Hipster Haircuts and Logan’s Run

Ben Musholt reflects on a cult classic, “Mad Skills” and the future of fitness.

Testosterone in the 21st Century? There’s a Pill for That.

How to hot wire your T levels without breaking the bank.

Martial Arts & Rehab: What Moves Together Grooves Together

Neuroscience and martial arts in action.

Movement Maverick Rafe Kelly Goes Tree Running

Rafe Kelly shows just how the human animal can move when released into the wild.